Star Trek Trivia

Guess these answers from the universe of "Star Trek".
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Last updated: December 22, 2019
First submittedJune 11, 2015
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Alien race that aims to assimilate
The Borg
Character who is not a bricklayer
Dr. Leonard McCoy
These can be set to kill or stun
Last name of Wesley and Beverly
Quadrant of the galaxy in which
Earth is located
Villain of "Star Trek II"
Organization that Q belongs to
The Q Continuum
Animals that needed to be saved
in "Star Trek IV"
Humpback Whales
Captain of the USS Voyager
Kathryn Janeway
Place on the ship that runs
realistic simulations
Illegal blue beverage
Romulan Ale
Musical instrument played by Riker
Race with big ears that loves profit
Vulcan telepathic technique
Mind Meld
Crystals that power the warp drive
Planet that Deanna Troi comes from
Actor who played Geordi La Forge
LeVar Burton
Race that oppressed the Bajorans
Handheld sensor device
Captain Kirk's middle name
Machine that can make Earl Grey tea,
or almost anything else
Engine used for traveling at less
than warp speed
Impulse Drive
Level 74
Jun 11, 2015
OK, OK, question from a non-Trekkie who doesn't seem to get it: are there any characters at all who ARE bricklayers?
Level 72
Jun 12, 2015
It's a play on a common phrase that Bones McCoy used to say. "Dammit Jim...I'm a DOCTOR...not a (insert profession that he is NOT here)!! If you've ever seen Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey mimics that phrase right before climbing into the Miami Dolphins' pool..."Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a pool man."
Level 59
Nov 14, 2015
More specifically, there is an episode (The Devil in the Dark), in which Dr. McCoy is asked to treat an injured silicon-based life form. The doctor has to mix up a mortar-like paste to apply to the creature's wound.
Level 55
May 24, 2018

There ya go!

Level 72
Jun 12, 2015
I believe that you misspelled the villain of Star Trek II. I think it's spelled KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. There are 13 'A's if I remember correctly.
Level 88
Nov 16, 2015
But Quizmaster is generous, and accepted my spelling of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN with only 12 As as well.
Level 66
May 22, 2018
This reminds me of when I wrote Riot grrrrl instead of Riot grrrl and they specifically requested the correct spelling, so it wasn't accepted. Not on Jetpunk, another quiz.
Level 56
Jun 23, 2015
Q is a member of MI6.
Level 68
Nov 14, 2015
22/22 with almost 4 minutes remaining. Then again, the timing of this quiz was rather coincidental. Over the last couple years, I've been gradually re-watching every episode of every Star Trek series (and every movie), and I just finished last week. So I would probably have had to do some sort of Klingon shame ritual if I had missed a question on this quiz!
Level 69
Nov 16, 2015
The Kardashians....a race that annoys all of mankind
Level 58
Nov 16, 2015
Yes! Well done for accepting Kardashians!
Level 81
May 22, 2018
Level 50
Apr 3, 2016
I couldn't remember that Riker played the trombone, but I COULD remember that he couldn't properly play 'Nightbird'... I remember the weirdest things.
Level 78
May 22, 2018
I was looking for a comment from you, our resident Trekkie. I figured you would score 100%. Live long and prosper, anyway.
Level 55
May 24, 2018
I tried saxophone and trumpet first if it makes you feel any better, haha.
Level 89
Jul 27, 2017
Please accept "Cardassian" without the "S."
Level 72
Aug 26, 2018
How is that supposed to work - Cardaian? Might as well accept Cardigan then. Before you know it, the word becomes totally unrecognizable.
Level 49
Feb 23, 2018
Thrusters should also be acceptable to sub warp speed. Impukse is faster but thrusters are different
Level 67
May 22, 2018
100% I would have done much worse if you asked a few more about the original series.
Level 67
May 22, 2018
This seems like a good chance to plug my own Star Trek quizzes. They aren't for points (unless Quizmaster would like to change that... please?), but you can test your knowledge of the cast of The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space 9. Give them a try! You know you want to.
Level 76
May 22, 2018
Please accept "Reading Rainbow Guy."
Level 81
May 25, 2018
Is there something offensive about referencing the most famous role he ever played, at least pre-Star Trek? Because my comment doing that (and nothing else) was deleted.
Level 32
Feb 5, 2020
Pretty sure that on the “Enterprise” series, impulse drive was still referred to as sub-light.
Level 53
Mar 7, 2020
I don't know that 'organisation' is quite the right way to describe the Q Continuum.