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Sylvester Stallone Movies Quiz

Name these movies that starred Sylvester Stallone.
Last updated: August 14, 2014
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All-American boxer uses old fashioned training methods to defeat a cold-hearted Soviet boxer
Rocky IV
Vietnam War veteran uses a machine gun to destroy parts of a Northwestern town
First Blood
Mega-cities of the future save money by allowing cops to act as judge, jury, and executioner
Judge Dredd
To defeat a super villain, wimps of the future must unthaw a super cop
Demolition Man
Mountain man races thieves to retrieve suitcases full of $1,000 bills
Trucker enters a high stakes arm-wrestling tournament to win $100,000 and a new truck
Over the Top
Cop disregards police protocol to elimate a gang of social Darwinists
Slick Beverly Hills cop and street-wise L.A. cop are framed for murder and
must escape from prison to vindicate themselves
Tango & Cash
Group of aging mercenaries defeat Somali pirates and blow up parts of a Latin American island
The Expendables
Detective has a seemlingly frail mother who turns out to be an epic badass
Stop! Or My Mom
Will Shoot
People are stuck in a tunnel and only one man can lead them to safety
Ex-CIA operative can make special bombs that kill only the intended target, not innocent bystanders
The Specialist
Partially-deaf New Jersey cop has a showdown with corrupt New York cops
Cop Land
Cross-country auto racers compete for speed and to kill innocent pedestrians
Death Race 2000
level 78
Sep 8, 2014
I don't know as many Stallone movies as I thought I did. Not too broken up about though. :-) Most sounded really familiar, but the names just weren't memorable enough.
level 64
Sep 8, 2014
Not gonna lie - the opening sequence to "Cliffhanger" is one of the scariest EVER.
level 70
Feb 16, 2017
One of Sly's early roles: young punk in the park who "bumps into" Jack Lemmon's character in "Prisoner of Second Avenue". Lemmon quickly realizes that his wallet is missing, so having finally reached his breaking point with the City, he decides to fight back. He chases down the young Stallone, wrestles him to the ground and defiantly reclaims his wallet! He goes home and proudly recounts his exploits to his wife (Anne Bancroft), who informs him that the wallet is the wrong color, and that he actually left his wallet on his dresser that morning and left without it. Turns out, Lemmon inadvertently mugged Stallone!
level 17
Feb 5, 2018
You need to add Escape Plan
level 34
May 31, 2018
Hmm, no Nighthawks? Stallone, Billy Dee, Rugter Hauer, Lindsey Wagner (Bionic Woman :) Please add this classic.
level 24
Jun 2, 2018
level 58
Jun 17, 2018
Without even looking at the hints, I entered Rocky, Rambo, Demolition Man, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, Tango and Cash, Daylight and Cliffhanger...
level 41
Jan 9, 2019
You can see the ridiculous nature of his movie plots just by reading this.