Suggested Quizzes

Based on Territorial Accessions

0U.S. Presidents Quiz0-65%4.991,520,555
1Mythical Creatures Quiz #10-63%4.89403,470
2Countries in World War II Quiz0-70%4.84335,918
3Letters of the Greek Alphabet Quiz0-62%4.90275,437
4Olympian Gods Quiz0-46%4.93246,450
5U.S. Presidents by Picture Quiz0-52%4.91204,167
6Roman Numeral Decoding Quiz0-65%4.85187,063
7British Prime Ministers Quiz0-38%4.92162,679
8British Commonwealth Countries Quiz0-59%4.91114,873
9Independence from Whom0-83%4.9988,969
10Biggest Cities in Europe, 1700 A.D.0-64%4.9637,596
11Most Populous Countries in 19000-77%4.9190,851
12Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII0-72%4.9890,250
13Figures from Greek Mythology0-60%4.8485,974
14Biggest US Cities by Decade Quiz0-53%4.9381,872
15Countries in World War I (WWI)0-71%4.8974,329
16Recently Independent Countries Quiz0-83%4.9872,440
17Countries of the Soviet Union (USSR)0-86%4.9865,201
18Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-80%4.9659,999
19Countries that Bordered the USSR0-83%4.9457,875
20Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-90%4.8854,079
21Countries of Europe After World War II0-96%4.9853,729
22Countries Settled by Vikings0-85%4.8550,886
23Biggest European Cities by Century0-47%4.9646,431
24Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-82%4.8742,658
25Countries of Europe Before World War I0-96%4.9936,311
26Biggest Spanish Empire Countries0-85%4.8534,549
27First Countries to Reach 5 Million People0-80%4.8333,078
28Countries of the Japanese Empire0-85%4.9031,735
29Countries of the World in 1938 Quiz0-88%4.9831,071
30Biggest Mongol Empire Countries0-80%4.8631,064
31Neutral European Countries of WWII0-87%4.8929,270
32Countries Bordering China Since 19140-80%4.9428,371
33Metals of Antiquity0-71%4.8224,919
34Biggest Cities once in the Spanish Empire0-56%4.8524,298
35Most Populous Modern-Day Countries in 1000 AD0-76%4.8724,158
36Most Populous Modern-Day Countries in 1 AD0-75%4.9424,005
37Most Populous Modern-Day Countries in 1800 AD0-83%4.8621,142
38Most Populous Modern-Day Countries in 1500 AD0-78%4.9220,995
39Countries in the Ottoman Empire0-83%4.8219,674
4025 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union0-48%4.9017,586
4140 Historical People that Everyone Should Know0-62%4.16555,447
42U.S. Baby Girl Names by Year Quiz0-33%4.32322,194
43U.S. Baby Boy Names by Year Quiz0-49%4.34221,751
44Communist Countries Quiz0-53%4.72210,100
45English Monarchs Quiz0-76%4.78186,203
46Presidential First Names0-73%4.59159,110
47First Names of Historical Figures0-73%4.39152,642
48Name that Historical Figure #10-60%4.65149,139
49Name that Greek Letter Quiz0-70%4.79142,148
50Name the War Quiz0-56%4.20115,392
51Biggest Nations and Empires Ever0-75%4.5878,530
52Former Countries by Capital0-66%4.4555,692
53Important Cities in European History0-60%4.5155,263
54Ancient Cities Quiz0-75%4.7850,299
55Quotes from Historical Figures #10-57%4.4349,073
57Famous Empires in History0-75%4.7247,573
58Top 10 World Cities Through History0-36%4.4345,842
59Political Movements by Country0-68%4.4341,386
61Most Populous Countries by Year0-70%4.6435,669
62Historical City to Country0-58%4.7428,645
63Countries of the Spanish Empire0-69%4.5428,642
64Time Magazine Person of the Year0-53%4.7727,753
65History of France Quiz0-70%4.5225,826
66Answers by Time Period0-57%4.5020,981
67Famous Explorers Quiz0-59%4.4818,431
68History of Russia Quiz0-75%4.4518,313
70Most Recently-Settled Countries0-55%4.7317,029
71Disasters in History0-65%4.5115,637
72History of Italy0-65%4.5314,772
73The Abraham Lincoln Presidency0-68%4.4613,842
74Shakespeare's Plays Quiz0-41%4.27168,298
75US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint0-54%4.33134,415
76Name that Historical Figure #20-55%4.32123,497
77World Leaders by Picture0-65%4.21113,189
78Name that Historical Figure #30-75%4.10104,166
79People Who Were "The" Something0-62%4.1897,659
80Famous Dictators Quiz #10-63%4.6595,191
81Words for Leaders Quiz0-58%4.5881,594
82U.S. Wars Quiz0-83%4.6574,361
83Ye Olde Professions Quiz0-57%4.6471,342
84History by Letter - B0-70%4.6166,049
85Current Events by Year, 1990-present0-83%4.4559,604
86History by Letter - C0-70%4.5758,924
87Job Titles Quiz #10-75%4.1857,408
88History by Letter - A0-59%4.4956,712
89History by Letter - E0-63%4.4353,014
90One-Name Historical Figures Quiz #10-62%4.1652,898
91Historical Blunders0-85%4.1352,746
92WWII Geography0-57%4.7352,200
93U.S. Presidential Trivia Quiz #10-50%4.5151,941
94Famous Firsts #20-59%4.0151,506
95Notable People of WWII0-66%4.5151,224
96Assassinations in History Quiz0-45%4.0650,999
97Famous Families Quiz #10-62%4.2250,040
98Religions by Country of Origin Quiz0-66%4.2948,675
99Deaths by Date and Cause #10-69%4.3848,121
100The 20th Century0-70%4.4446,962
101Countries the United Kingdom Declared War On0-71%4.5046,778
102People in History A-Z #10-76%4.7146,009
103Countries Unconquered since 18500-57%4.3044,856
104History General Knowledge #10-55%4.4144,622
105First Name + Initial Quiz0-59%4.0944,425
106Name the Popes Quiz0-22%4.5444,193
107Ages and Eras Quiz0-63%4.2344,111
108Famous Greeks and Romans Quiz0-54%4.6044,071
109Roman to Greek God0-61%4.5043,285
110WWII A-Z #10-64%4.6042,772
111Biggest English Cities by Century0-58%4.8042,399
112History by Letter - M0-70%4.4242,210
113Deaths by Date and Cause #20-57%4.0541,672
114WWII Trivia #20-65%4.4441,185
115Losing U.S. Presidential Candidates0-41%4.4940,804
116Events in History #20-65%4.5040,109
117History by Letter - T0-65%4.4139,817
118Roman History Vocabulary0-60%4.4939,532
119History Analogies #10-85%4.6639,264
120Titled People Quiz #10-55%4.0338,497
121Famous Battles Quiz0-56%4.3338,033
12230 Historical People You Probably Don't Know0-36%4.3437,992
123Biggest Cities in History0-50%4.3037,012
124Vietnam War Countries0-77%4.5836,580
125History General Knowledge #30-55%4.4936,197
126Ancient Roman Trivia #10-68%4.7735,722
127Ancient Greek Trivia0-75%4.5335,186
128Roman Emperors0-23%4.7235,029
129Countries of the Popes0-73%4.7134,442
130Most Populous Countries in 19500-85%4.7134,435
131100 Biggest US Cities in 19000-37%4.3033,974
132Political Figures by Last Name0-62%4.4433,899
133History Analogies #30-80%4.5033,749
134Ancient Greek Words0-62%4.6033,575
135Famous Inventors0-50%4.4133,420
136Titled People Quiz #30-70%4.2332,053
137Biggest Roman Empire Countries0-86%4.7231,902
138Assassinated U.S. Presidents0-75%4.7231,521
139Famous Firsts #10-60%4.4031,491
140Biggest Cities once in the Roman Empire0-64%4.7130,994
141Important Places in U.S. History0-55%4.1130,973
142Countries of Asia in 19000-69%4.5230,915
143American Revolution Quiz0-65%4.4430,357
144History Analogies #20-80%4.4730,083
145Infamous Criminals Quiz0-50%4.2430,026
146Former Capitals Quiz0-54%4.4129,962
147The 19th Century0-75%4.4129,702
148Answers Contain Saint Quiz0-55%4.0929,452
149City Where It Happened #20-65%4.5529,373
150Famous British Knights0-65%4.1429,198
151WWII A-Z #20-64%4.4128,006
152Famous U.S. Generals0-60%4.0527,601
153The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World0-57%4.5227,468
154Biggest World Cities in 18500-55%4.4127,060
155The 16th Century0-75%4.6426,307
156Historical Couples0-75%4.0826,248
157Names for Warriors0-57%4.3726,185
158Current Events by Year, 1970-19890-75%4.4725,940
159The American Civil War0-65%4.7325,788
160Famous Seconds Quiz0-72%4.2325,708
161Legendary Deeds0-45%4.0125,293
162Female Historical Figures0-60%4.1425,265
163The 11th and 12th Century0-80%4.6625,097
16420th Century Dates Quiz0-64%4.4425,045
165Warsaw Pact Countries0-75%4.7925,014
166The 15th Century0-70%4.4324,659
167The John F. Kennedy Presidency0-78%4.5024,613
168Current Events by Year, 1930-19490-80%4.4623,427
169Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz0-52%4.7122,541
170Famous Ships Quiz0-54%4.3122,357
171Houses of British Monarchs0-54%4.4721,389
172Holy Roman Empire Countries0-87%4.6621,273
173Current Events by Year, 1950-19690-70%4.5321,139
174Countries "Ruled" by Queen Elizabeth II0-62%4.6521,122
1752014 Year in Review0-71%4.4320,667
176Countries by Independence Day Quiz0-50%4.4020,608
177Military History Vocabulary0-71%4.7420,605
178This Day in History - August0-80%4.4920,326
179This Day in History - January0-77%4.4320,104
180This Day in History - April0-83%4.4319,805
181U.S. Presidential Trivia Quiz #20-50%4.7119,738
182Cities Founded by the French in North America0-50%4.4419,164
183Nicknames in U.S. History0-70%4.3719,158
184Geography of the Roman Empire0-65%4.4418,897
185Wives of King Henry VIII0-83%4.4718,758
186Titled People Quiz #20-58%4.3418,642
187Ancient Roman Trivia #20-60%4.4118,374
188Quotes from Historical Figures #20-52%4.3518,145
189The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler0-80%4.6017,597
190Six Flags Over Texas0-83%4.6717,370
191Dark Ages History0-55%4.4117,269
192Largest Cities in Alexander's Empire0-66%4.4316,998
193Names of Historical Figures #20-56%4.2716,954
194People Who Died in Battle0-64%4.2016,938
195Geography of the British Empire0-70%4.4216,879
196Geography of the Spanish Empire0-60%4.3616,865
197This Day in History - March0-74%4.4816,817
198Soviet Union Country Quiz0-75%4.6316,694
199People Who Died Young Quiz #20-55%4.1716,621