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The Dictator Files: Chairman Mao

Can you name these facts about the infamous Chinese dictator?
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First submittedMay 25, 2017
Last updatedJuly 30, 2019
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Mao was his family name. What was his given name?
What 9,000 kilometer journey did the Communist Army take to escape
from government forces in 1934-35?
Long March
Who was the leader of China before Mao?
Chiang Kai-shek
To what island did that leader flee?
What country did China annex in 1950?
What was the name of Mao's economic program that killed tens of
millions of people due to famine?
Great Leap Forward
What was the name of Mao's effort to destroy traditional Chinese society?
Cultural Revolution
Who was the first American President to visit communist China?
Richard Nixon
What sport was used as a diplomatic tool to improve Sino-American
relations in the 1970s?
Table Tennis
What book of Mao's quotations has been printed over a billion times?
Little Red Book
During what brief period of freedom did Mao encourage people
to openly express their opinions?
Hundred Flowers
What pop artist made a silk-screen portrait of Mao?
Andy Warhol
What green substance did Mao use instead of toothpaste (according to his doctor)?
Green Tea
In what war did Chinese forces directly fight against American forces?
Korean War
Against what country did China fight a brief war in 1962?
In what part of Beijing would you find Mao's mausoleum?
Tiananmen Square
What province was Mao from? (Hint: its capital is Changsha)
What river did Mao claim to swim across with superhuman speed at the age of 73?
Who succeeded Mao as paramount leader of China?
Deng Xiaoping
level 69
May 26, 2017
I've gotten pretty much every question right on these "dictator files" so far. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...
level 49
Sep 25, 2017
Takes one to know one, eh? (in your mind, you're ruthless)
level 81
May 31, 2017
Had an interesting discussion with some college kids about the greatest monsters in history. They were sure the list would have some religious leaders. Not even close - the all-time leaders on the list are the socialists/totalitarians who are bringing the joys of socialism/government control to their people whether they want it or not. After a significant chunk of the populace die, the remaining usually decide to fight back. Sadly not enough are brought to justice for the oceans of blood and the misery they cause.
level 69
Jun 3, 2017
Usually fight back? People didn't fight back in the USSR - it just collapsed. Most people didn't fight back in China - the same government is still in power. The same goes for Cuba and North Korea. People didn't fight back in Germany - they were beaten in a war.
level 71
Jun 19, 2017
I'm sure it's because they love their Communist paradises.
level 60
Aug 23, 2017
China is not communist anymore since Chairman Deng Xiaoping. People have not revolted because in the last few decades, China's quality of life has increased by a huge amount.
level 59
Sep 25, 2017
China is very much socially Communist. The Party is absolutely in total control of media, communications (such as internet access and looking in on your phone activity), politics, courts, military, assembly, education, population control, people's movements, and any other arena in which they decide they wish to exercise absolute control. Don't let the economic success fool you. Yes, many people are allowed freer movement and access to a better life than 40 years ago but only as the government allows. Overall, things are moving in a better direction. This is good. However, this country is very much still Communist.
level 77
Sep 25, 2017
How are you defining "monster?" If it's purely by body count do you consider the legacy these people and their followers have had in the following thousands of years? If it's not can you quantify things like the suffering endured by slaves, child brides, subjugated women, etc? The joy absent from the world due to stifled thought? I would have made your conversation more interesting and let your students know they were actually right had I been in the classroom. And I am not extolling the virtues of pseudo-Communist or totalitarian far-right fascist states like the USSR, PRC, DPRK, or Nazi Germany which, in point of fact, function(ed) very much like theocracies organized around a state religion.
level 68
Sep 25, 2017
Lol at calling the USSR, PRC, and DPRK far-right. And phrases like "pseudo-communist" make you sound like you're nineteen, fighting to establish a new Paris commune in your college town. You're better than all this, kal.
level 57
Sep 25, 2017
Agreed with amm14 100%, except for the assertion that kal is "better than this".
level 72
Jul 29, 2018
@amm14 (I believe you am) Perhaps you need to learn the meaning of "or". It's quite simple really. China is pseudo communist. Very few real communist societies exist. The Eskimo settlements before partial assimilation into white nations are a notable example. Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in the Americas, turned around and survived by adopting an ethos of everyone shares and everyone works. So yeah, the societies of almost everyone works while a few live very well and hold immense power over the workers are, in fact, pseudo communism.
level 47
Aug 7, 2019
OldSailor, I wouldn't call Hitler, Duvalier, Mussolini, Hussein, Leopold III or Assad socialist. It'd be unfair to call only socialists ruthless leaders. Granted Stalin, Mao, Ceaușescu and to an extent, Mugabe don't help my cause.
level 76
Sep 25, 2017
Why no credit for Formosa? Isn't that what the island was called at the time of the fleeing? See, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formosa_Resolution_of_1955
level 75
Oct 31, 2018
Yes, please accept Formosa cos Taiwan wasn't on the map yet.
level ∞
Jul 30, 2019
Formosa will work now
level 66
Sep 25, 2017
Strictly speaking Hua Guofeng succeeded Mao, as he wanted a loyal moderate and obscure successor somewhere between reformist Deng Xiaoping and the radical Gang of Four.
level 65
Mar 17, 2019
The answer is correct based on how the question was asked. While Hua was the president following Mao, he wasn’t powerful enough to be the Paramount Leader, leaving only Deng to achieve that “title”.
level 47
Sep 27, 2017
Mao is thought to have used black tea, not green tea.
level 38
Sep 27, 2017
i typed korea and korean for the war question c'mon...
level 72
Sep 29, 2017
wasn't taiwan called formosa back then? and hence maybe an acceptable type-in? (i didn't bother to look it up to be honest)

ah, didn't see you up there lumi
level 25
Jun 8, 2018
pretty sure it was the big wok revolution
level 71
Jul 20, 2018
Yea, a couple of inaccuracies, but I give 4/5**** Next Xi, a.k.a. Winnie the Pooh?
level ∞
Sep 21, 2019
A couple inaccuracies, yet you don't mention them?
level 62
Dec 5, 2018
Please start adding "Chang Jiang" as an acceptable alternative to "Yangtze." No one in China calls it the Yangtze.
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