The Life of Gandhi

Guess these facts about the life of Gandhi.
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Last updated: December 11, 2019
First submittedFebruary 8, 2017
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Gandhi is often called the "father" of this country
Gandhi's first name
… but his first name is often replaced with this title meaning "great souled"
He studied law at the Inner Temple in this city
His native language
His religion
Age at which he married
He lived in this country from 1893-1914
South Africa
He was inspired by this Russian writer
Leo Tolstoy
He led a march to the sea to get this substance
He supported efforts to help this group of people that were
oppressed by the caste system
Dalits (Untouchables)
His political party
Indian National Congress
He urged the British to surrender in this war
World War II
He opposed the independence of this country in 1947
He was assassinated in this city in 1948
New Delhi
Gandhi practiced this kind of resistance
Friend of Gandhi who became the first Prime Minister of India
Jawaharlal Nehru
Actor who portrayed Gandhi in the 1982 film
Ben Kingsley
Level ∞
Feb 8, 2017
I wanted to add some Gandhi quotes but it turns out that Gandhi's most famous quotes aren't really his.
Level 71
Feb 8, 2017
I think it's Gujarati (not Gujurati)
Level ∞
Feb 8, 2017
Fixed. Thanks!
Level 75
Feb 8, 2017
Very interesting quiz!
Level 74
Feb 9, 2017
Level 64
Dec 26, 2020
Gandhi, along with a few other names you might recognize, show up on my "Famous Indians" quiz!
Level 58
Aug 5, 2017
Got all, as I should, being an Indian.

Could you accept 'Harijans' for Dalits, because that's what Gandhiji called them.

Also, it would be more accurate to say that he opposed the creation of Pakistan, as opposed to independence. He was against the partition of India.

Level 65
Dec 11, 2017
Ditto. I am not Indian but I tried Harijans as well.
Level 68
Dec 12, 2017
Yes. It would be wrong to say that he opposed the independence of Pakistan. You could rather say : "By opposing the partition of India, he opposed the creation of this country"
Level 81
Dec 11, 2017
Got everything except for the political party but I assumed it was some generic nationalist name like that and came very close to guessing it.
Level 82
Aug 2, 2018
You should watch the Ben Kingsley movie and brush up. Along with Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln, it's maybe the greatest biographical casting ever. By the way, a very young Daniel Day-Lewis briefly accosts Gandhi in South Africa.
Level 60
Dec 11, 2017
Please accept Second World War for World War II - it's the same thing
Level 58
Dec 12, 2017
A fellow Sussex person! :-)
Level 43
Dec 11, 2017
i got marrying age only because i spammed all the numbers
Level 84
Dec 11, 2017
I did the same thing
Level 45
Dec 12, 2017
Nice quiz...was amazed to know that i knew so much
Level 32
Jul 15, 2019
You should add Harijan to the untouchables for the caste. Harijan is one of the Indian words for it.
Level 49
Oct 2, 2020
Happy Gandhi Day!