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Things with Geographic Names #4

Guess the "geographic" answer that goes with each group of words.
For example: Press, Fries, Vanilla = French.
Last updated: March 31, 2014
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Carp, Elephant, Pear
Crawl, Cattle Dog, Outback
Tripel, Chocolate, Waffle
Wall, Airlift
Police Club, Drift, Rose
Cheer, Bombers, Zoo
Air Show, Commune, Bourse
Goulash, Vizsla, Horntail
Pasty, Game Hen
Purchase, Creole, Blues
Pudding, Terrier
Delta, Mud Pie, Queen
Sound, Ice Tea, Rail Road
Long Island
Cheese Steak, Cream Cheese, Experiment
Sausage, Notation, Parliament
Samoa, Express, Psycho
Harlem, Peanut, Rice
Hat, Canal
Devil, Blue Gum, Tiger
Gulf, Cat, Rug
level 74
May 23, 2014
Could someone please explain the Paris answer? What is a bourse, and how do air show and commune relate?
level 61
Jun 6, 2014
The Bourse is the stock exchange. The Paris Commune was a revolutionary government, and the Paris air show is one of the world's most famous air shows.
level 74
Jan 25, 2015
Thank you.
level 43
Oct 7, 2014
You could add a description that it is not only countries, but also cities, regions, etc.
level 71
Oct 7, 2014
Most of these aren't countries.
level 59
Oct 7, 2014
I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the generic word for Carp, Elephant, Pear is so generic it's little recognised outside North America. ____ Pears yielded no results on Tesco.com groceries. (Admittedly when I just searched for Pears it only found Pears and Conference Pears). In the UK we call them Indian elephants. Well, maybe it's just us, then.
level 73
Oct 19, 2015
I'd never heard anyone say Asian elephants before either, always Indian.
level 52
Mar 17, 2017
level 80
Oct 9, 2014
Spanish peanut? Really? Being of Spanish decent, having travelled throughout Spain and Mexico, and having eaten peanuts in the past, I would say this reference is obscure. Must be a British thing.
level 74
May 26, 2015
Spanish peanuts are a specific type of peanut, along with Valencia, Runner, and Virginia. They were developed in Spain and are small with red skins - popular for making peanut brittle. When I was a kid we used to pour packages of roasted, salted Spanish peanuts into our bottles of Pepsi for a quick lunch. That's probably a Southern thing.
level 66
Nov 1, 2016
Not a British thing, maybe US.
level 67
Oct 16, 2018
Certainly not British.
level 42
May 7, 2015
I would really like a tripel chocolate waffle now...
level 26
Jul 2, 2015
never heard of "Tasmanian Blue Gum".
level 66
Nov 1, 2016
The Tasmanian Blue Gum ( Eucalyptus globulus ) is a beautiful flowering eucalyptus tree found widely in Australia but native to Tasmania. The tallest currently known specimen in Tasmania is 90.7 m (298 ft) tall.
level 31
Dec 7, 2015
I'm a little disappointed there isn't a clue: comma, shoe, English dictionary ---- Oxford
level ∞
Mar 31, 2016
Added that one to quiz #2.
level 65
Feb 8, 2017
I think that "Nile" could be an acceptable answer for the Mississipi one. There's a Nile Delta, Cleopatra's nickname was Queen of the Nile, ad the Nile mud pies do actually exist. Another one that may accept another answer is "Polish". "British" may work for this one (although British notation is a little more ambiguous)
level 58
May 10, 2017
There's no Nile Mud Pie either.
level 58
Mar 2, 2017
Some easy, some never heard of. Interesting quiz!
level 66
Aug 26, 2018
Some of these are barrel scraping. The Elephant one doesn't work if you're British. I've never heard of any of the clues for 5th, 6th, 14th, 15th or 17th questions. The seventh one is also very generic or obscure. Great series of quizzes, but this one is far too obscure.
level 68
Oct 4, 2018
English would also be a good answer for Terrier and Pudding
level 52
Oct 17, 2018
Sausage, Notation, Parliament for Polish....sausage i can get, but parliament and notation????
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