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Tri- Vocabulary Words Quiz

Based on the definitions, guess these words that start with Tri.
Last updated: June 20, 2014
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Three-horned dinosaur
Three-sided polygon
Running, biking, and swimming
Muscles on the back of the arm
Branch of mathematics dealing with angles
A person who speaks three languages is ...
Three sided hat, popular in the 1700's
River that flows into a larger river
Three-wheeled conveyance
Extinct athropod whose fossils
are frequently found
Three siblings, born at once
Three-part movie or book series
One third of a pregnancy
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Three-legged camera stand
Painting on three hinged panels
Ancient Mediterranean galley ship
Group of three leaders
Certain horse racing bet
level 70
Nov 22, 2011
20 out of 20, with 2:25 left! Glad the nuns made us learn all those vocabulary words all those years ago!
level 66
Jun 28, 2014
Yay google ;) But seriously, no "triforce"?
level 27
Nov 27, 2011
Oh yes! Thank you Sister James Theresa.
level 21
Apr 15, 2012
Only got 12 :(
level 20
May 18, 2012
18/20. Couldn't remember trireme
level 83
Sep 10, 2012
Man, Trireme reminds me of the Civilization games from the early 90s. Need to go find an emulator to play that one again...
level 74
Apr 19, 2019
I definitely credit knowing that answer to playing various games in the Civilization series.
level 16
Oct 11, 2012
triptych = triptic. please accept both spellings
level 53
May 11, 2014
Really. No.
level 45
Dec 13, 2015
I couldn't figure out how to spell Triptych. I tried Triptyck...
level 77
Jul 25, 2014
Tributary seems to be an intruder here, it's the only one which does not begin with the prefix meaning "three". Trifecta would be equivalent to "tiercé"? It's not in my dictionary.
level 79
Jul 25, 2014
But it's not about the "meaning" of the prefix; the quiz asks for those words beginning with "tri". I doesn't even require it to be a prefix technically, although most of the answers are.
level 77
Jul 25, 2014
I didn't ask it to be removed, I just wanted to mention the fact that it is different from the others.
level 70
Aug 20, 2014
a clever tri ck
level 70
Jul 25, 2014
A "tri" category on JetPunk that doesn't include "trivia"? What the?
level 59
Feb 5, 2016
Well, perhaps somebody should make part two. :)
level 58
Jul 25, 2014
I think 'trike' should suffice for tricycle.
level 60
Dec 20, 2016
level 78
Jul 26, 2014
Tricast is also a betting term.
level 46
Jul 31, 2014
Got Trireme, thanks Civ 5 :D
level 35
Aug 31, 2014
Should have got triumvirate, but may I suggest triarchy (which I did try) also fits 'group of three leaders' just as well and is just as common?
level 45
Dec 4, 2014
Can "holy trinity" be accepted?
level 49
Apr 6, 2015
In the UK, there is no such thing as a trifecta, but there is a tricast (think they may be the same thing?)
level 13
Oct 17, 2015
:( got 9 not even the average score!
level 15
Jul 5, 2016
i thought the hat would be a trilby? :o
level 69
Dec 30, 2016
Wow, no one's caught the a(r)thropod spelling yet? People are always so quick to catch mistakes...
level 70
Jan 1, 2018
I wouldn't have got the answer, even if the spelling were correct
level 72
Nov 9, 2018
Typo is still there two years later.
level 36
Mar 31, 2017
Got Trireme from Civ 5 xD
level 61
May 10, 2017
Should had "Triforce".
level 66
Nov 5, 2018
Couldn't a triad be a group of three leaders? And aren't pitchforks and tridents different things? Pitchforks (usually four-pronged) are for hay, tridents for fish.
level 51
Dec 19, 2018
Trilobite is low tributary is high. And only got tricorn because it was on another quiz and I made a corny joke..