U.S. General Knowledge #43

Answer these random questions with an American focus.
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Last updated: April 16, 2020
First submittedOctober 2, 2019
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What grocery chain has been humorously referred to as "Whole Paycheck"?
Whole Foods
What Apache leader's name is commonly yelled by people jumping out of airplanes?
What industry made J. Paul Getty and J. D. Rockefeller rich?
What red-breasted bird is called the harbinger of spring?
What breed of dog is Scooby-Doo?
Great Dane
What politican had a scandal involving a car accident on Chappaquiddick Island?
Ted Kennedy
What does the C stand for in the TV show CSI?
And what city did the original CSI take place in?
Las Vegas
What flower, associated with the state of Kansas, can grow to over 20 feet in height?
Who preceded Abraham Lincoln as President?
James Buchanan
In the poem "Casey at the Bat", what did Casey do?
Struck out
In what city did Benjamin Franklin live between 1757 and 1775?
What island in New York harbor was the first stop for 12 million immigrants from 1892-1954?
Ellis Island
Who starred in "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider"?
David Hasselhoff
What Carl Sagan television series was resurrected in 2014 with Neil deGrasse Tyson as host?
Who was the infamous co-author of the 2007 book "If I Did It"?
O.J. Simpson
What was Ross Perot's middle name?
By per-capita household income, what is the wealthiest urban area in the United States?
San Francisco
Who uses a replicator to order "Earl Grey, hot"?
Captain Picard
What three letters can represent a European terror group or a place for Americans
to save money for retirement?
Level 82
Oct 3, 2019
Oh yeah, now I remember his middle name clearly.
Level 56
Oct 3, 2019
Me too. It was hiding in plain sight...lol
Level 83
Oct 3, 2019
Ha, the Perot question! Well played.
Level 67
Oct 10, 2019
that one got me, one of only 2 that I missed
Level 73
Oct 3, 2019
I must protest that "The Hoff" is not accepted as a valid answer.
Level 77
Oct 10, 2019
Agreed! I tried it at first, just to see if it would work.
Level 59
Oct 8, 2019
Jean Luc Picard should not be the second lowest answer on this list. I demand that more people take this test and improve his standing.
Level 56
Oct 10, 2019
I respectfully disagree with this opinion lol. Good quiz, too.
Level 62
Dec 14, 2019
I knew it but couldn't spell it eek
Level 72
Oct 6, 2020
make it so!
Level 45
Oct 10, 2019
I was thinking it was a Star Trek character
Level 53
Oct 10, 2019
If San Francisco is so wealthy, why does everyone booboo in the streets there?
Level 72
Oct 6, 2020
Ahhh...the $64,000 question.
Level 67
Oct 10, 2019
Edward should be accepted for Kennedy question. Ted was his nickname.
Level 62
Dec 14, 2019
I agree because that is what I tried.
Level 57
Apr 16, 2020
Exactly, I put Edward, but no, grrrr lol
Level ∞
Apr 16, 2020
Edward Kennedy will work now. In the future, save time by typing just the last name. :)