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U.S. Geography General Knowledge #4

Answer these random American geography questions.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: November 12, 2015
First submittedNovember 11, 2015
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What is the southernmost state capital?
Which state has the lowest population density?
What city is home to the University of Colorado?
What is the most famous building in Seattle?
Space Needle
What is the largest land animal native to the United States?
On what "strip" in Los Angeles would you find famous clubs such as
the Roxy and the Viper Room?
Sunset Strip
What bridge, between Manhattan and New Jersey, is the world's
busiest motor vehicle bridge?
George Washington
On what trail can one walk from Maine to Georgia?
Appalachian Trail
What National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming?
What U.S. territory includes the islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas?
U.S. Virgin Islands
What desert, starting with the letter M, can be found in southeast California?
Mojave Desert
What famous cracked bell can be found in Philadelphia?
Liberty Bell
Which major city has the highest percentage of African-American residents (82%)?
What small city in the Ozark mountains is famous for its musical theatres?
Branson, Missouri
What is the biggest city in California that doesn't start with "San" or "Los"?
What country is located 70 miles due east of Palm Beach, Florida?
What ocean gulf borders 5 states, including Florida and Texas?
The Gulf of Mexico
In what mountain range is California's Mt. Whitney located?
Sierra Nevada
What is the state flower of Kansas?
What interstate highway connects the cities of Boston and Seattle?
level 85
Nov 11, 2015
Consider accepting St Croix & Co without "US"?
level 73
Nov 11, 2015
Agreed. Considering the quiz is US geography, the US is implied.
level 70
Nov 11, 2015
agreed as well
level ∞
Nov 12, 2015
level 84
Nov 12, 2015
There are two national parks in northwestern Wyoming, but only one is counted as a correct answer. The quiz should accept both parks as correct answers or the clue should be modified to exclude one of the parks.
level ∞
Nov 12, 2015
Grand Teton will work now
level 84
Nov 12, 2015
Thank you for all your work, Quizmaster.
level 72
Nov 29, 2015
Quite pleased with 75%, as a Brit who's visited New York and New England only.
level 80
Oct 26, 2018
You should also be proud that you know that New York is not part of New England! Plenty of Americans don't.
level 69
Mar 2, 2016
Trying to guess the city with %82 African-American population gave me the bridge answer.
level 67
Apr 21, 2016
Kept writing Sky Needle. Nice.
level 38
Apr 21, 2016
Yay Branson is on something!:)
level 59
Apr 21, 2016
The Simpsons has forever changed Branson Missouri. "Here we are Branson Missouri! No Pal. This is Bronson Missouri." "Hey ma can I have a cookie?" "No Dice" "This ain't over"
level 63
Apr 21, 2016
Hahaha. That is one of their all-time great bits. My friends and I use "this ain't over" in the Bronson voice whenever someone says no.
level 68
Apr 24, 2016
Classic! When I drove through Branson (as quickly as possible!), I found myself wishing for the Bronson alternative.
level 49
Apr 22, 2016
*Mostly* in northwestern Wyoming. Small part of the park lies in neighboring Montana and Idaho.
level 66
Jul 1, 2016
I think some of these are a bit too lenient. "George" gave me the GW Bridge, and "Sierra" (which just means "mountains") gave me Sierra Nevada. I don't think the first words of these two should be enough (though I could see "Washington" and "Nevada" counting).
level 32
Jan 23, 2018
Please accept route 90
level 80
Oct 26, 2018
Just "90" works.