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U.S. History Groups of Two

Guess the members of these notable groups of two from American history.
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Last updated: February 18, 2020
First submittedFebruary 3, 2016
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First people to walk on the moon
Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin
States admitted in 1959
Women to appear on $1 coins
Susan B. Anthony
First U.S. Revolution battles
Dueling ironclad ships of the
U.S. Civil War
Presidents who built their political
career in Illinois
Barack Obama
Abraham Lincoln
The Wright Brothers
Louisiana Purchase explorers
Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
Vice-Presidents of Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
Gerald R. Ford
Most famous characters created
by Mark Twain
Huckleberry Finn
Tom Sawyer
Terminal cities of the Erie Canal
Places mentioned in
"Marines' Hymn"
Halls of Montezuma
Shores of Tripoli
Nicknames of Elvis
The King of Rock & Roll
Elvis the Pelvis
Husbands of Jacqueline Bouvier
John F. Kennedy
Aristotle Onassis
First two Mormon leaders
Joseph Smith
Brigham Young
Famous husbands of
Marilyn Monroe
Joe DiMaggio
Arthur Miller
Monopolies broken up by the
U.S. government
Standard Oil
Black Supreme Court justices
Thurgood Marshall
Clarence Thomas
Biggest Native American tribes
starting with S
level 84
Feb 5, 2016
The very last answer took me forever to get. Shoshone, Snohomish, Seneca, Spokane, Shawnee, and Southern Paiute all came to mind before the right one.
level 78
May 2, 2016
I'm surprised that Seminole were ahead of Shawnee.
level 70
Jun 27, 2016
I got JFK because I honestly thought he and Monroe were married at one point. Now I feel dumb.
level 48
Oct 6, 2016
level 75
Feb 1, 2017
Imagine how Jackie felt.
level 61
Nov 13, 2017
JFK was accused for having an affair with Monroe. Nothing was actually proven but JFK did cheat on his wife at sometime.
level 47
Jun 27, 2016
Should Mark Twain be one Mark Twain's most famous characters as well? Just a random thought.
level 62
Jun 27, 2016
Character and fake name are not the same thing.
level 51
Jun 27, 2016
Fun fact, they are restoring the Monitor at the Mariner's Museum near my house, you can even walk around in a replica of the ship. Check it out if you are in Hampton Roads its a cool museum.
level 59
Jun 27, 2016
The U.S. government has broken up other monopolies, from Paramount pictures and the movie studios to Microsoft.
level 55
Jun 27, 2016
4 minutes is way too short for a person who is just casually taking this quiz
level ∞
Feb 18, 2020
Added another minute.
level 69
Jun 27, 2016
It feels wrong to put Thurgood Marshall on the same list as Clarence Thomas.
level 81
Jun 28, 2016
Why? Because your political beliefs make it uncomfortable?
level 83
Feb 20, 2020
Do you dislike Marshall or do you dislike Thomas?
level 70
Jun 27, 2016
If you take Bell for AT&T (as I agree you should), shouldn't you also take Esso for Standard Oil? Also, cut us some slack on spelling for Sacagawea. Please.
level 64
Jun 28, 2016
+1 on Esso working. That's all I could think of. Doh!
level 37
May 8, 2017
I thought Esso was the Canadian, not American version. And, don't they both fall under the umbrella of Shell Nederland?
level 83
Feb 18, 2020
I thought Esso was just a spelling variant of Exxon?
level 70
Feb 18, 2020
Esso was the name on the gas stations. Esso = S.O. (Standard Oil). After the breakup, Esso became Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and Amoco (all of which maintained the red, white and/or blue colors of Esso in their logos).
level 65
Feb 19, 2020
Esso only became Exxon in the US in the rest of the world it remained Esso, since there were no legal issues about the name there. And only in 1973 I believe, so not at the start of the break up, which was 1911. I stand corrected if I made an error.
level 64
Jun 29, 2016
"Sioux" is not a tribe. It is an anglicised referent to a group of similarly cultured tribes, the Lakota, the Dakota and the Nakota. So either the clue should reference ethnic or cultural groups, or use the next biggest actual tribe, which is probably the Shoshone based on the fact that they are the majority population of Wind River reservation, the 5th most populous reservation in the US. I worked on this reservation for the summer in 2000. Simultaneously the most beautiful and terrible place I've ever been. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sioux | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_Indian_reservations_in_the_United_States | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_River_Indian_Reservation
level 73
Oct 18, 2017
Could you add some more spellings for Sacagawea? Pretty please? It's a hard one to get right.
level 61
Oct 25, 2017
You've obviously seen the correct spelling by now. Is it still too hard to get it even after you've seen the correct spelling?
level 73
Feb 19, 2020
yes it is...just like with that stan country that begins with a k...i have taken like 100+ quizzes with that country being an answer within and i still can't spell it...i actually gave up and every time i see that it is an answer, i just type in a close spelling into google and then copy and paste the correct spelling for the answer