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Answers Contain "War"

All the answers contain the letters "war". Based on the clues, guess what they are.
Quiz idea: scrapphappy155
Last updated: November 23, 2018
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Capital of Poland
War within a single country
Civil War
Movie that introduced the lightsaber
Star Wars
Tolstoy novel
War and Peace
Wizard or sorcerer
All is fair in ...
Love and War
Sun Tzu book
The Art of War
War engaged in by eager buyers
at an auction
Bidding War
"Princess Bride" advice: Never get
involved in a ____ ___ in Asia
Land War
The third Avengers movie
Infinity War
Team rope-pulling contest
Tug of War
War fought by Achilles and Hector
Trojan War
Violation of the Geneva Convention
War Crime
War symbolized by the Berlin Wall
Cold War
What P.O.W. stands for
Prisoner of War
Crusade or jihad, for example
Holy War
Original name of World War One
The Great War
Type of war marked by
"scorched Earth" tactics
Total War
level 48
Aug 13, 2013
The Portuguese man o' war isn't a jellyfish. It's a siphonophore, which means unlike a jellyfish, it's not a single organism. It's actually a colonial organism made up of many minute individual specialized organisms called zooids.
level 39
Jun 10, 2014
Nobody cares.
level 75
Sep 7, 2014
The zooids do.
level 29
Jun 23, 2017
actually, it's pretty cool
level 75
Mar 13, 2018
Nobody cares that you erroneously believe that nobody cares.
level 64
Jun 18, 2018
level ∞
Nov 23, 2018
Actually, that's fairly interesting. Unfortunately, that means the clue would have to be very long for it to fit on this quiz so I removed it.
level 24
Nov 17, 2015
30 seconds to Mar's "this is war"
level 33
Nov 1, 2016
The famous race horse, Man O' War, or his offspring, the triple crown winning, War Admiral
level 75
Mar 13, 2018
Please accept "War and Peas"
level 80
Nov 23, 2018
It accepts "peace". I loved that.
level 70
Nov 24, 2018
Give peas a chance!
level 69
Nov 24, 2018
Or War, what is it good for?
level 58
Dec 13, 2018
How do you obtain peas?
level 82
Dec 19, 2018
Peas can only be achieved through shelling.
level 67
Nov 24, 2018
The last question totally stumped me.
level 72
Nov 26, 2018
It looks you're far from the only one, though I figured it out in the end.
level 72
Nov 25, 2018
no thumb war?
level 44
Dec 13, 2018
No Wars of the Roses?
level 30
Dec 13, 2018
surprised less than half got infinity war. biggest movie of the year
level 53
Dec 14, 2018
I didn't watch it. I don't care for Marvel movies. But I still got it though
level 37
Dec 13, 2018
For WWI accept "the war to end all wars". I think that is correct.
level 59
Mar 23, 2019
That was WW2
level 55
Dec 13, 2018
Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty. Spoiler, poverty won.
level 48
Dec 14, 2018
Can maybe attrition (as in attrition warfare) be a valid answer for the last question?
level 28
Jan 28, 2019
Could religious war be accepted instead of holy war? I feel like they're basically the same thing
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