What Word am I Thinking Of #2?

We give you three clues. Guess the word that is related to each one.
Answers are a single word
For example: Swiss, Mousetrap, Macaroni = Cheese
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Last updated: December 3, 2019
First submittedAugust 28, 2013
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Rolling, Blarney, Sharon
Sour, Dud, Ade
Duster, Boa, Down
Costanza, Picard, Thai Monks
Sugar, Singapore, Chaplin
Gymnasts, Dover, Hop Scotch
Jump, Lodge, Slalom
Bridal, Meteor, Curtain
Canasta, Visa, Flash
Party, China, Cup
Flower, Wine Glass, Cell
Kitchen, Titanic, Hole
Tuxedo, Cobblepot, Antarctica
Mowgli, Rainforest, Upton Sinclair
Spangled, Wars, Super
Devil, Belle, Burden
Bill Cosby, Mr. Rogers, Christmas
Coward, Kiev, Egg
Jumping, Coffee, Kidney
Pew, Judge, Press
Level 35
Oct 3, 2013
Jumper should definitely be accepted for sweater.
Level 72
Oct 3, 2013
So have you seen Bill Cosby or Mr Rogers in a jumper? C'mon, man.
Level 62
Oct 3, 2013
Actually, yes. "Jumper" is what Brits call a sweater.
Level 63
Oct 3, 2013
Ok, except that Bill Cosby and Mr. Rogers are US shows, and neither of them would have called their sweaters jumpers. That is the same as me complaining that European football questions won't accept "soccer" as a correct answer.
Level 58
Oct 6, 2013
LOL, we certainly wouldn't wear a "sweater" (we call them jumpers) in Australia at Christmas! It certainly would be a SWEATER!
Level 75
Feb 25, 2018
These debates are tedious. I'm British and say "sweater" and "soccer", which are both British words originally. There, I've just made it even more tedious.
Level ∞
Oct 3, 2013
Jumper will work now.
Level 81
Sep 7, 2015
According to Wikipedia, a jumper is "pulled over the head". The sweaters worn by Mr. Rogers were button-up (cardigans), so "jumper" doesn't fit the hint of "Mr. Rogers".
Level 78
Jul 10, 2016
Technically a cardigan could be pulled over the head if it's buttoned up. Mr. Rogers didn't wear them that way, but I have seen them worn buttoned up. I wore a jumper to school, but it was a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse. To throw another definition into the mix, when I was a girl my father had a huge, heavy, flannel-lined denim jacket that he wore outside when working on the farm, and that was also called a jumper, but no one uses jumper in that way nowadays. Language changes with time and location. I have no problem with QM accepting jumper.
Level 83
Jul 10, 2016
Devil, Belle, Burden = WOMAN!
Level 78
Jul 10, 2016
And where is the city of Woman located? Perhaps on the Isle of Man?
Level 78
Jul 14, 2016
I love the way language evolves. What we call a slip is lingerie that would be worn UNDER the jumper.
Level 60
Jul 10, 2016
good one...one of the more difficult have come across
Level 58
Jul 10, 2016
Couldn't "court" go for the judge, pew, press one? Full court press in basketball, most courtrooms have pews for seating, etc.
Level 54
Jul 10, 2016
Whats the Kiev connection to chicken?
Level 47
Jul 11, 2016
Chicken Kiev is a chicken breast stuffed with eg. garlic butter, rolled in breadcrumbs then baked in the oven. Very nice, very nice indeed
Level 47
Jul 11, 2016
Really?? Never heard of Chicken Kiev?
Level 67
Jul 12, 2016
Singapore 'cane'? Is that a reference to their attitude to corporal punishment? A bit macabre for Jetpunk if so.
Level 77
Jan 23, 2018
I think it is more of a reference to Michael Fay.
Level 40
Nov 30, 2018
Loved this quiz! I hope there'll be a lot more of these.
Level 49
Jan 27, 2019
There's a différence between a shaven head and being bald!
Level 59
Mar 14, 2019
Bald means to lack hair (generally on the head), either wholly or partially. Isn't that what happens when you shave?
Level 74
Dec 24, 2019
I really enjoyed this - it was hard, but not ridiculously so. Thank you. Will you be creating any more?