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Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #9

We give you three movies. Name the actor who appeared in all three.
Last updated: May 11, 2017
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True Grit, Rio Bravo, The Green Berets
John Wayne
Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Blade Runner
Harrison Ford
Training Day, American Gangster, Malcolm X
Denzel Washington
Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, Dreamgirls
Eddie Murphy
Lost in Translation, The Avengers, Lucy
Scarlett Johansson
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman
Some Like it Hot, The Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop
Marilyn Monroe
Good Will Hunting, Argo, Dazed and Confused
Ben Affleck
White Men Can't Jump, Zombieland, The Hunger Games
Woody Harrelson
Walk the Line, Gladiator, Her
Joaquin Phoenix
The Fugitive, Men in Black, No Country for Old Men
Tommy Lee Jones
Sister Act, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Color Purple
Whoopi Goldberg
The Apartment, Grumpy Old Men, Glengarry Glen Ross
Jack Lemmon
The Hunt for Red October, The Edge, Glengarry Glen Ross
Alec Baldwin
The Great Escape, Bullitt, Papillon
Steve McQueen
Star Trek Into Darkness, The Imitation Game, Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch
Frida, From Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Salma Hayek
Con Air, Color Me Kubrick, RED
John Malkovich
Air Force One, Fatal Attraction, The Big Chill
Glenn Close
On Golden Pond, The Philadelphia Story, The African Queen
Katharine Hepburn
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Producers, The Lion King
Matthew Broderick
Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, The Descendants
Shailene Woodley
level 46
Nov 16, 2011
100% yay !
level 33
Nov 17, 2011
100% with :19 left. Last one I got was "Close" (bad pun but true, lol)
level 33
Apr 25, 2013
level 52
Apr 27, 2016
"Actor" is not gender-specific.
level 66
Mar 3, 2017
Exactly. A female doctor is not a "doctress". A female lawyer is not a "lawyress". A female singer is not a "singress". Etc.
level 73
May 12, 2017
Female singer is a songstress. And if they aren't gender specific, probably best to tell the Academy Awards to stop giving out "best actress" awards.
level 64
Apr 12, 2018
Yes, "songstress" is a word you hear all the time in real life.
level 64
Jun 3, 2018
Oh, and if "actor" is gender specific, you'd probably best tell the Screen Actors Guild to stop allowing women to join.
level 29
May 1, 2013
Raise your hand if you can't spell Malkovich.
level 60
May 27, 2014
Hand raised... was typing fast as the UPS man arrived in the middle of the quiz
level 63
Jun 18, 2015
I hate when that happens
level 68
Aug 24, 2014
it's The Descendants
level 74
Oct 11, 2015
level 55
Aug 27, 2014
Got them all but the last one. Shame on people for not knowing Sam Rockwell.
level 41
Jun 30, 2018
level 20
Aug 4, 2015
I spelled Malkovitch correctly but it didnt register, missed the b out of CumBerbatch tho!
level 41
Aug 16, 2015
It hasn't got a T in it probably
level 64
Apr 12, 2018
So happy that Cumberbund worked!
level 15
Apr 30, 2016
got only one, only for coming to america, i love that movie
level 47
Dec 1, 2017
I missed only Salma Hayek, Shailene Woodley, Steve McQueen, and Jack Lemmon. I'm way more celebrity-conscious than I thought I was.
level 73
Apr 12, 2018
I don't even know who Shailene Woodley is.
level 64
Apr 12, 2018
Well you wouldn't if you're not into that young-adult-fiction film adaptation craze that's been going on recently.
level 75
Apr 12, 2018
Same. I've heard the name I guess, but nothing past that.
level 64
Apr 12, 2018
You actually have "Cummerbund" as a write-in. Bless you.
level 64
Apr 12, 2018
Can you accept Benisson Clinkerpot as a type-in? I've seen it used as an alternate spelling.
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