World History Quiz for Dummies

Can you answer these 20 easy questions about world history?
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Last updated: May 5, 2020
First submittedMay 5, 2020
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What was the capital of the Soviet Union?
Who led the Spanish expedition to the New World in 1492?
Christopher Columbus
What religion was started by Muhammad?
In what city was the Colosseum constructed between 72 and 80 A.D.?
In terms of dates, what does B.C. stand for?
Before Christ
Who painted the the "Mona Lisa"?
Leonardo da Vinci
What cigar-chomping revolutionary was the de-facto leader of Cuba
from 1959 until 2008?
Fidel Castro
What philosopher, also known as "Master Kong", was born in China in 551 BC?
What name is commonly given to the alliance between Germany,
Japan, and Italy in World War II?
The Axis
What loincloth-wearing activist is often considered the "Father of the Nation" of India?
Mahatma Gandhi
On what continent did anatomically-modern humans first evolve?
What city did Socrates, Pericles, and Xenophon come from?
What country colonized Vietnam, Algeria, and parts of Canada?
What is the name of the series of wars in which Europeans tried to recapture
the Holy Land for Christianity?
The Crusades
What did Johannes Gutenberg invent in the 1400s that revolutionized the way
information was transmitted?
Printing Press
What style of music was played by Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis?
What empire, founded by Genghis Khan, conquered most of Asia?
Mongol Empire
What massive landmark was built more than 4000 years ago, most likely
as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu?
The Great Pyramid
What queen of France supposedly said "let them eat cake"?
(but really didn't)
Marie Antoinette
In what modern-day country would you find the ruins of Babylon?
Level 80
May 5, 2020
I thought the capital of the Soviet Union was Das Kapital,
Level 68
May 5, 2020
No, the capital of the Soviet Union was rubles.
Level 81
May 5, 2020
We have a couple of regular Yakov Smirnoffs here.
Level 62
May 6, 2020
The capitals are S and U.
Level 70
Jun 12, 2020
......and R, surely?
Level 75
Jul 12, 2020
@someone2018: In Soviet Russia, Capital spends You
Level 83
May 5, 2020
Why suddenly this series of really easy quizzes "for dummies"? Is it "site grade inflation"?
Level ∞
May 5, 2020
People search for it on Google a lot. Also, JetPunk is way too hard for normies so this series will make it slightly more accessible.
Level 73
May 6, 2020
Uh, you could make a "Jetpunk light"-badge!
Level 80
May 10, 2020
In that case you may need to change the answer to the Chinese philosopher question to "Donkey"...
Level 83
May 13, 2020
So Dummies quizzes are the gateway drug, got it. :-)
Level 83
May 13, 2020
"Normies". That's a good one. Like Muggles.
Level 80
Jul 12, 2020
You should do a series of quizzes on naked mole rats. I bet that would get some hits.
Level 78
Jul 12, 2020
I got 100%. Always knew I was a dummie
Level 66
Jul 14, 2020
Level 78
Jul 14, 2020
Level 72
Jul 12, 2020
Master Kong sounds a lot weirder in English than it does in Chinese...
Level 53
Jul 12, 2020
Which one is your master?
Level 31
Jul 12, 2020
When u are not english and dont know how to write nAme of the queen of France in english :/
Level 67
Jul 15, 2020
It's actually the french spelling.
Level 51
Jul 12, 2020
Now this is more my speed
Level 55
Jul 12, 2020
There is actually an interesting theory that humans didn't evolve solely in Africa but that there also was a second location in southeast Asia.
Level 51
Sep 30, 2020
The Pyramids were built by the Goa'uld, a parasitc alien life form that occupies Human bodies to pose as their gods. They were used as landing pads for their space ships. That's like History 101, people!
Level 61
Oct 21, 2020
I got a quiz in a Christmas cracker that was harder than this. Nice one QM.
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