Zoolander Trivia

Can you answer these movies about the 2001 movie "Zoolander"?
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Last updated: December 10, 2019
First submittedSeptember 29, 2013
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Who stars as Derek Zoolander?
Ben Stiller
Who is Zoolander's rival?
What actor plays that character?
Owen Wilson
What can't Derek Zoolander do?
Turn left
Who stars as the evil fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu?
Will Ferrell
What fashion accessory did Mugatu invent?
Piano-key necktie
What is Zoolander's original "look"?
Blue Steel
What is Zoolander's new look?
Where are the files?
In the computer
How do Zoolander's roommates die?
Gasoline-fight accident
What is the profession of Derek's father and brothers?
Coal Miner
What actor plays Derek's father?
Jon Voight
What is the name Mugatu's homeless-inspired fashion line?
What is the term for a duel between male models?
What famous singer judged that event?
David Bowie
What is the essence of wetness?
Who is Zoolander supposed to assassinate?
Prime Minister of Malaysia
What song triggers the assassination attempt?
Fill in the blank...
What is this? A center for ants?
A eugoogalizor, one who speaks at funerals
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
Orange mocha frappuccino!
Level 80
Dec 23, 2013
Zoolander had a lot of looks. I tried "la tigra" and "ferrari" but those didn't work.
Level ∞
Dec 23, 2013
Ferrari? Le Tigra? They're the same face! Doesn't anybody notice this?
Level 80
Dec 23, 2013
well then they ought to be type-ins. :)
Level 49
Dec 23, 2013
The movie is pretty clear that 'blue steel' is his first look, it's covered in the interview scene.
Level 80
Dec 23, 2013
but they're all the same look... and for whatever reason I couldn't remember blue steel. I only missed that and Wilson. Had a mental block where I kept thinking his last name was "Owen" or "Owens."
Level 73
Dec 10, 2019
Then wouldn't the "new look" question be useless? Magnum is also the same look as all the others...
Level 67
Feb 19, 2016
only one I remembered was blue steel. A few others were mentioned but those two were the ones that were sort of part of the story. blue steel was his popular one and magnum the one he was working on but wasn't ready yet, so I think the questions are fair
Level 74
Jan 26, 2015
Dere-lique my balls, the only one I missed...
Level 54
Sep 26, 2016
Christopher Walken should be an accepted type-in for Jon Voight, and vise versa, on all quizzes since they're essentially the same.
Level 48
Sep 20, 2017
BLASHPHEMY! Walken has a very unique style and delivery and yet has incredible range.
Level 81
Apr 22, 2019
Agreed. Walken is Walken. Accept no substitutes.
Level 81
Oct 31, 2019
He just came by to pester Ferrell for more cowbell.
Level 27
Aug 23, 2018
haha not just me then lol
Level 78
Apr 10, 2017
2-of-19. Never seen it. Quite pleased, actually.
Level 20
Jul 16, 2018
Shame on me, I totally forgot that David Bowie was in Zoolander. I have to watch this movie again.
Level 81
Apr 22, 2019
Disappointed you didn't accept "claymation" for the Prime Minister question ;)
Level 68
Oct 30, 2019
You mentioned Orange Mocha Frappuccino... but not the Foamy Latte that Mugatu throws in his assistant's face!! LOL Fun Quiz though!!
Level 81
Oct 31, 2019
Man, I had shut out how absolutely dumb this movie was. The gasoline fight should've included more characters earlier in the movie.
Level 65
Dec 10, 2019
You should ask what you call someone who can read minds.
Level 72
Dec 10, 2019
Level ∞
Dec 10, 2019
Level 73
Dec 10, 2019
isn't stiller's actual dad in the movie too? kept trying him for the role of his dad. stupid off course, cos' stiller had already been accepted for the 1st question. anyway, underrated film afaiac