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Granted, my JetPunk life is nothing to be admired, nor is it exceptionally interesting. But read about it anyways and see the drastic transitions of my life as a Jetpunker.

Welcome to the real first blog of this series, where we delve into the meat of elections and politics. Today is arguably one of the biggest toss-up elections, and could determine control of the United States Senate in 2022. This is the United States Senate election in Pennsylvania.

Every mistake in Yakko's World by the Animaniacs

Welcome to your updated Quiz Editor! Featuring a sleek, modern appearance and packed with several new features for all quizmakers to enjoy.

In this blog, I will be discussing this series, and what I plan to do with it. This series will discuss elections, and predictions for those elections. The blog will be conducted in as fair a manner as is possible.

This is the third week of the Blog Games, a series or game show that I am hosting with the help of ChineseChen with formatting with HTML and judging the blogs. Every week, I judge all blogs from the week based on formatting, grammar, appeal, creativity/uniqueness, and content/information.

A description of how a casual everyday dispute between two passionate middle school classes turned into something so peculiar, I'm writing a blog about it.

This series has been going on for more than a year!

I have lived in the Philippines, New York and California (current POR). So I will talk about my life in all three of these places.

The second season has arrived of the JetPunk NFL pick em. All records have been reset. Predict the answers to the questions on the blog and the person with the most correct answers wins... well I might come up with a prize later...

I'll be reviewing the basics of Ohio. Everything from the population density, to Ohio's date of statehood.

I have come up with 3 unique facts for every single country in Europe. I will only be including the countries included in this quiz . Also, this is part 1 so I will be going over the first 15 countries. Enjoy! :)

I will write about things I like such as music, film, politics, and geography. Some of my blog articles I wrote in months past for my school newspaper.

Maybe you're on the cliff, oblivious to the steep drop. Maybe you've reached the top and appreciate how far you've come. Wherever you are, we may all be able to find something to learn from the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

You might already know what the quiz is very popular

I have finally reached the milestone of 2000 takes!!

A bunch of updates on what I'll be doing in the future.

Things are getting worse...

Also Introducing:



Since MrBlogger will probably not put any facts about Liverpool I decided to make it myself. Enjoy the facts of Liverpool. GrandOldMan can make Prince Rupert if he wants to.

Hehe... comment if you understand.

Summary is good for someone who wants it.Let me show a text!

Nature is beautiful, and Brazilian one isn't exception. Today, we'll continue the series, showing pictures, and information about the 73 Brazilian National Parks. Of course, I won't show all of them just in this article, but we already can see the beauty that nature can offer. This is part 3...

To cook a bread, you need flour, water, salt... Oh, you want to know more about Iluvbread? So here it is!

At its height in 117AD, the Roman Empire was one of the most powerful and influential powers in the world at the time. Its territory stretched from Hadrian's Wall, in the United Kingdom, all the way to Baghdad, in Iraq, and Sudan, in North Africa. However, over time, it gradually lost its power and land it had once controlled and finally, it lost the siege of Rome to invading Germanic Tribes in the 5th Century AD. But.... What if the Roman Empire Reunited Today? Enjoy! :)

It's earth day! Come celebrate!

Just some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do as a quizmaker, or a JetPunk user in general.

All info about Turkey!

This is a drama filled tale about REAL JETPUNKERS FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE!!!!!!!

3 factions

Each with a dream


How I came to be on JetPunk.

Please read until the end! Thanks!

I'M BACK. I forgot about this series, until one of my friends brought it up. Back up with another part of state fun facts this time with the first state of the United States of America, Delaware.

You guys spoke out about wanting to be in the next GOL, so here you are. New countries: Republic of the Philippines (SirPhilippines), Porto (Portuguese city-state ruled by FaroPor), The Empire of Turnbacktwo (self-explanatory), and Pandoria (C'mon, if you don't get it...). Also, Vatican City was recently annexed by Italy. Malkiboy helped.



We have suggestions :))

It will definitely surprise you...they are very similar!

This is the second week of the Blog Games Season 1, a game in which blogs each week are ranked in put in a leaderboard.

This is a countdown of my five favorite retro games.

Burkina Faso! Sorry Its late!

During this pandemic that we are currently in, we have used our devices way too much. The only two ways to access programs, games, and websites are either to use an app or a web browser. The vast majority of us use web browsers. Today, I will be exploring the different web browsers, covering Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

This is a blog about how I became a jetpunker.

So, it's Friday. I will start this new series called Things I Want To Talk About (TIWTTA), and this issue will be with AFOTWIT series, because AFOTWIT is in here. So yeah, let's begin.

Posting new information about One Piece here.

Something preeetty weird happened

This is important. Please look.

Next episode of Riddle Me This, my new game show! Check it out!

His skills are unmatched.... or are they?

Struggling with my own quiz.

These is no summary.

An arrangement of 6 things together

I'll be reviewing the basics of Georgia. Everything from the population density, to Georgia's date of statehood.

Well, for starters, dinosaurs were a diverse group of "reptiles" that appeared on our planet in the Triassic Period, then mysteriously were wiped out in the Cretaceous. The birds on our planet today are avian dinosaurs, being related to these beasts.

I made a brand new game show! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never really knew how... thank you SirPhilippines for the inspiration.