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I made this blog just to thank everyone that has helped me get this far in Jetpunk. Thank you guys so much for helping me reach over 2,000 takes. I really appreciate it.

A very popular theme with blogs is ranking flags, so here are all the ones we could find in one place! As well as Australian territory flags ranked too!

Its time for Bulgaria!

Today I must thank all of you for taking my quizzes. I am now at 4000 takes!

The typical blog. I wanted to try to make it a bit funny

This is just a blog showing the best and coolest cities.

My ranking of the top 10 US state flags

Hello, I've given the top ten countries by many categories and some puzzles similar to SirPhilippines

Now that JetPunkLand has been completely annexed by GrandOldLand, I find it only righteous to adopt their complex Romance-Germanic language. Learn how to greet and have a basic conversation with the Grandese, one of the most advanced cultures in the world.

More, more, more rickrolls!

This blog will give a shoutout to them!

A short and brief summary of what one of the most culturally and historically rich areas of Mexico are and how can you easily find and visit one.

This is a new game about making blogs that I am hoping will work to help with the flow of good blogs on JetPunk and hopefully raise more awareness against blog trolls and spammers.

I'll be reviewing the basics of California. Everything from the population density, to California's date of statehood.

The province of Fryslân in the country of the Netherlands is more commonly known as Friesland (in Holland). Some thoughts.

Make sure to read to the end because there is a bonus!

This is a guide to all the Abbreviations and other info in my National Park quizzes.

Species extinction can be unavoidable, sad, or even very very bad. But it is always interesting and useful to learn about extinction, here are a few examples of particularly intriguing cases of extinction.

Mercury is the smallest and the closest planet to the Sun which is in the Solar System.

A family-friendly challenge... to the death.

Y’a know, for fun!

I have given myself the momentous task of visiting every US National Park. I have noted my experiences along with information about the park. This is park #6: Acadia. (Preview)

Well, well, well! I have continued the story of GrandOldMan's great empire (I liked the last one). Here, Malkiboy and GOM have a duel in which Malkiboy might win...but the Storian feels sympathy. Just note that no one else played a part in this fictional production.

Today I will be ranking my favorite streaming services!

Lots of stuff to cover, stay tuned!

Blogs have been a small part of JetPunk since their inception in June 2019. Now, in the biggest update since last year's SVG Update, we introduce a brand new Blog Editor, and many new features including Blog Languages, Blog Series and Blog Tags!

I have played a fair number of new quizzes this week that I really enjoyed ...

So it's Easter Sunday y'all (unless you live on the other side of the IDL)! I went to church (I am Catholic) and someone I know, their birthday is today. So I will not respond to comments starting from anywhere in between 4:15-4:30 pm PST until next day. But anyways, here is some random stuff, and AFOTWIT Chapter 7! I know, it's been a while. But here it is! And updated rules for GeoStumper! Oh, also, a GeoStumper!

Much more interesting than the first AJS. Pokemon I like and an SRQ.

The Great Fire of London happened at the year of 1666.

Today, is Easter! All the world celebrate it, and Brazil isn’t an exception. Tradition, expectation, culture, and religion: How the Easter is celebrated in Brazil?

Inspiration: @youtubeplayer

Who decided to give these provinces flags?

The Titanic was a gigantic ship that was once the largest in the world. With a capacity of 2,000 passengers and crew, it took more than three years to build. But after all that building, it only took three hours for it to hit an iceberg and sink. That said, there may have been more factors in the Titanic's demise. In this article, I will be exploring the building, voyage, and sinking of the Titanic.

I am also of Italian descent, so why not? Cominciamo a classificare le bandiere!

Today I will be ranking my top 10 Youtubers of all time! This is not the right ranking. It's just mine. I hope you enjoy today's blog!

The first episode of my new series, my favourite foods, and an SRQ.

Kia ora, haere mai, and welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, better known as New Zealand in English. In this blog, I'll try to show as many parts of my favourite country as possible. Be prepared for a long blog to read!

Thumbnail: Mount Taranaki

Facts of Brunei!

The French Colonial Empire was one of the largest empires ever. However, history was cruel to the empire and over time, it gradually lost its might and colonies until all that's left today is just a few scattered overseas territories. But what if it reunited to its exact borders in 1921 today? Also, thanks to RLL for giving me this idea.

There are three puzzles, each with seven clues. Can you connect the clues?

A mix of stuff together

This blog is a bit long because before I was level 30, I had a million billion ideas.

Kia ora, haere mai, and welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, better known as New Zealand in English. In this blog, I'll try to show as many parts of my favourite country as possible. Be prepared for a long blog to read!

Thumbnail: Mount Taranaki

My dreams finally came true!

Facts of the long-anticipated Brazil!

Planning your next holiday, but don't feel like Amsterdam or New York? These four destinations might inspire you, should you wish to avoid the crowds. Just don't be afraid of the journey to get there!

A place to get suggestions on how to improve, review other users, and see how others got better! While some may call this a forum, I think otherwise. Comments will be moderated by me and I will paste respectful reviews.

Today I am ranking my 15 JetPunkers of all (JetPunk) time! (With hyperlinks to all of them) And I hope you enjoy today's blog!

-DarthKnight... And don't ever forget to Laugh Daily!

Facts of Botswanaaaaa

Within the last month or so, the amount of takes I have doubled. What exactly happened to me? How did I get here? Let's unravel this mysterious progress made shall we?