A quiz series by kalbahamut
A collection of my best quizzes that did not fit in my other series
20 Top-Selling Atari 2600 Games--
30 Countries With Largest Active Military Reserve--
Adjacent Capital Pair Superlatives--
Airports Named for People #3--
American Immigrants by Country (2010)--
Attractions of the Smithsonian Institution--
Awesome 80s and 90s Cartoon Theme Songs--
Best and Worst US Presidents--
Body Parts by Cliche Attribute--
Books by Setting, One per State--
Characters by Sound--
City Where Happy Things Happened--
Common Surnames by Country #2--
Countries and Languages #2--
Countries and Languages #3--
Countries by Namesake--
Countries by Priapic Termini Interval--
Countries that Beat Belgium--
Countries that Beat Tuvalu--
Countries With the Largest Air Forces0-
Countries with the Most AIDS--
Countries With the Shortest Women--
Diaspora of the Philippines--
Digits of Pi0-
Even More Google Suggestions--
Famous Mistresses, Masters, Lovers and Cheaters--
Famous Muhammads--
Famous Parents--
Famous People Who Are Randy--
Famous Weapons by Name--
Fastest Animals--
G1 The Transformers Quiz0-
History by Letter - X--
Hottest Capital Cities0-
International Acronyms--
Is It Terrorism?--
Kings of Saudi Arabia--
Last Countries to Abolish Slavery--
Locations by Letter - I0-
Locations by Letter - XQZ--
More Google suggestions--
More Google Suggestions Than You Can ________--
Most Common Surnames by Country--
Most Popular Given Names by Country--
Most Popular Websites of the 1990s--
Most visited cities in the USA--
Nine Inch Nails discography--
North American Pro Sports Teams - With Cities as Hints--
Pop Songs By Synopsis--
Pork Eating Countries0-
Pork Eschewing Countries--
Richest Celebrities--
South Park Voices--
Stuff White People Like--
Superhero Nicknames #2--
The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)--
Things That are Things--
Top Earning Dead Celebrities--
UNESCO World Heritage Sites #2--
U.S. States by Namesake or Name Meaning--
Very Tricky Analogies--
Westworld Season 1 Trivia--
What's In Food--
Words After Cities--
World's 100 Best Airports 2014--
World's 100 Best Airports 2015--
X-Men Mutants0-