Tottenham63's Series

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Series# RatingTakes
Premier League Squad Per Year1504.2027,781
Top 4 by Championship1104.7624,883
NBA Team Leaders Per Year3004.7017,387
Best Scorer By Year – England3504.1416,615
National Football Team2714.2015,193
Top 30 NBA Players By Season404.2013,235
Liga Squad Per Year904.7711,555
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Season3504.7911,355
NBA Playoffs904.609,792
NBA All-Stars Per Team300-9,086
Football Logos904.428,875
Scorers in Premier League By Team By Year340-8,317
NBA 2010's Starters Per Team300-7,915
Football 2010's Starting XI3004.607,586
NBA All-Time Roster Per Team300-7,064
NBA Top 10 Leaders Per Team300-6,890
NBA 2016-17 Rosters300-6,864
Soccer Club in European Cup by Country504.435,702
World Cup Scorers By Country2404.575,608
Best Scorer By Year – Spain2404.535,105
Soccer Games 11's 2015-2016210-4,368
NBA 2017-18 Rosters300-4,222
NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year300-4,083
Top 30 NBA 2018-19 Per Position50-4,083
Best Scorer By Year – Italy2404.703,890
Euro 2016 Squad90-3,565
NBA Top 10 All-Time480-3,402
Opponents in Champions League120-3,393
Top 12 Players Per Team300-3,348
Soccer World Cup National Team Starters220-3,142
Top 10 NBA MVP's Per Decade604.673,138
NBA Awards Winners300-3,032
NBA 2018-19 Rosters300-3,006
National Football Team Scorers 2010s100-2,890
Category Elimination - NBA504.972,831
Soccer Goalkeeper By Year570-2,734
NBA Top 10 Playoffs Leaders Per Team300-2,701
NBA All-Star Starters Per Decade50-2,675
Champions League Finals290-2,621
Best Scorer By Year – Germany2204.672,513
UEFA Euro 2016 Matches500-2,259
Bundesliga Squad Per Year40-2,256
NBA 2000's Starters Per Team300-2,244
Premier League Players by Letter240-2,213
NBA All-Stars by Letter240-2,149
Soccer Players National Goals Opponents50-1,958
40 Point Game Per Team300-1,839
Ligue 1 Squad Per Year140-1,821
NBA Player's Team50-1,696
Soccer by Letter203.801,694
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Team400-1,676
NBA Trophies by Team190-1,666
Soccer 2010's Winners Starting XI70-1,535
Scorers in Liga By Team By Year160-1,366
Soccer Games 11's 2016-201760-1,326
NBA 2017-18 Leaders in Scoring300-1,275
NBA 2010s Top 10 Leaders300-1,256
One Premier League Team Player by Nation290-1,251
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Team300-1,225
Champions League Winners XI by Team220-1,202
NBA Finals Starters By Team240-1,201
NBA Players By Letter250-1,170
NBA Top 5 Players Per Team Per Position300-1,080
All-NBA Players Per Team300-1,078
National Football Teams 201580-1,050
Guess The NBA Player204.491,029
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Starting XI605.001,018
UEFA Euro Finals80-981
Soccer Scorers in their League 2019-20390-959
Top 10 Premier League Scorers by Team290-957
FIFA World Cup Finals140-931
UEFA Euro 2020 Matches500-913
Soccer Champions Goalkeepers90-912
Soccer Top 10 Leaders210-896
Best Scorer By Year – France280-885
Scorers in Bundesliga By Team By Year80-868
NBA 20 Points Per Game By Team300-837
Serie A Squad Per Year40-798
NBA Chain Quiz20-772
National Football Team Best Scorer By Year70-770
Soccer Champions Best Scorer90-741
Soccer Games 11's 2019-2020300-713
NBA Leaders Per Team by Decade70-686
Top 10 Premier League Appearances by Team290-677
Premier League Best Scorer by Year by Nation110-676
Football 2020-21 First XI60-675
One Country By Letter By Continent204.69665
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Nation110-633
NBA Best Team Starters By Decade40-618
Scorers in Serie A By Team By Year110-609
NBA Triple Double Per Team300-606
Champions League Best Scorer by Year by Nation100-603
Conference Finals Starters Per Decade30-579
Football 2020's Starting XI260-574
Top 10 Premier League Assists Players by Team290-566
World Cup 2014 Players By Letter120-556
Soccer Group Stage Leaders40-536
Scorers in Ligue 1 By Team By Year70-506
NBA Tile Select80-504
NBA Champions Starters By Position50-486
Best Starting XI By Team By League50-458
NBA 2018-19 By Month190-442
Greatest XI Of All Time60-435
Top 10 Best Starting XI By Team30-378
Top NBA Players Per Team 2010s30-369
One NBA Player By Season By Team150-346
NBA Champions By Team190-337
2020-21 Football Map Quiz50-307
Best Scorer By Year – Netherlands50-295
Soccer Most Efficient Goalkeeper by Competition70-260
Soccer Tile Select100-256
UEFA Euro Scorers By Country150-254
UEFA Euro 2016 Dream Team by Round60-243
Best Scorer By Year – Turkey40-242
Football 2021-22 First XI70-241
World Cup 2014 Squad20-232
NBA 2018-19 Players By Letter80-211
NBA All Star Teammates By Player40-209
Best Scorer By Year – Portugal30-195
Europa League Finals60-191
Best Scorer By Year – Brazil100-179
Best Scorer By Year – MLS260-137
NBA Top Scorers Per Date50-116
Soccer Games 11's 2020-202120-103
Best Scorer By Year – Argentina40-93
Best Scorer By Year – Russia40-82
Rugby National Teams100-71
Best Scorer By Year – Scotland20-70
Football Games 11's 2021-202240-66
Best Scorer By Year – Greece30-65
Best Scorer By Year – Ukraine20-39
Best Scorer By Year – Belgium20-27
Best Scorer By Year – Serbia20-26
UEFA Nations League Finals20-25
Best Scorer By Year – Austria20-16
Best Scorer By Year – Switzerland20-12
Best Scorer By Year – Mexico30-9