Tottenham63's Series

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Series# RatingTakes
Premier League Squad Per Year1504.2025,726
Soccer Best Scorer By Year By Team13004.5322,580
Top 4 by Championship1104.6117,709
NBA Team Leaders Per Year300-13,630
Top 30 NBA Players By Season404.1112,430
National Football Team1214.0511,326
Liga Squad Per Year904.7510,538
NBA Playoffs904.009,165
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Season2804.598,124
Scorers in Premier League By Team By Year340-7,703
Football Logos904.007,399
NBA All-Stars Per Team300-6,506
NBA 2016-17 Rosters300-6,382
NBA 2010's Starters Per Team300-6,006
NBA All-Time Roster Per Team300-5,427
NBA Top 10 Leaders Per Team300-5,236
Soccer Club in European Cup by Country504.434,957
Football 2010's Starting XI300-4,476
World Cup Scorers By Country2404.504,466
Soccer Games 11's 2015-2016210-3,987
NBA 2017-18 Rosters300-3,983
Top 30 NBA 2018-19 Per Position50-3,796
Euro 2016 Squad90-3,159
NBA 2018-19 Rosters300-2,765
NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year300-2,697
Opponents in Champions League120-2,630
NBA Top 10 All-Time450-2,515
Top 12 Players Per Team300-2,468
National Football Team Scorers 2010s90-2,272
Bundesliga Squad Per Year40-2,116
Top 10 NBA MVP's Per Decade604.502,045
NBA Awards Winners300-2,024
UEFA Euro 2016 Matches500-2,016
Premier League Players by Letter240-1,983
NBA All-Star Starters Per Decade50-1,929
NBA Top 10 Playoffs Leaders Per Team300-1,890
NBA All-Stars by Letter240-1,875
Ligue 1 Squad Per Year140-1,748
NBA 2000's Starters Per Team300-1,735
Soccer by Letter203.801,582
Champions League Finals280-1,550
Category Elimination - NBA504.951,519
Soccer Players National Goals Opponents50-1,516
Soccer World Cup National Team Starters220-1,507
Soccer Goalkeeper By Year570-1,491
NBA Player's Team50-1,324
40 Point Game Per Team300-1,292
Scorers in Liga By Team By Year160-1,253
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Team400-1,235
Soccer Games 11's 2016-201760-1,196
NBA Players By Letter250-1,134
NBA 2017-18 Leaders in Scoring300-1,115
NBA 2010s Top 10 Leaders300-1,084
NBA Trophies by Team180-1,066
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Team300-941
National Football Teams 201580-930
Soccer 2010's Winners Starting XI80-926
NBA Top 5 Players Per Team Per Position300-872
Scorers in Bundesliga By Team By Year80-809
Soccer Scorers in their League 2019-20390-797
Serie A Squad Per Year40-766
NBA Finals Starters By Team240-751
All-NBA Players Per Team300-747
Champions League Winners XI by Team220-745
Soccer Top 10 Leaders210-669
Guess The NBA Player204.38642
One Premier League Team Player by Nation290-625
Top 10 Premier League Scorers by Team290-625
FIFA World Cup Finals140-615
NBA 20 Points Per Game By Team300-605
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Starting XI605.00591
Soccer Games 11's 2019-2020300-572
One Country By Letter By Continent204.69571
Scorers in Serie A By Team By Year110-561
Soccer Champions Goalkeepers90-556
Premier League Best Scorer by Year by Nation110-533
World Cup 2014 Players By Letter120-509
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Nation110-508
Soccer Champions Best Scorer90-488
NBA Triple Double Per Team300-485
Scorers in Ligue 1 By Team By Year70-482
Top 10 Premier League Appearances by Team290-482
National Football Team Best Scorer By Year70-477
Soccer Group Stage Leaders40-476
Champions League Best Scorer by Year by Nation100-454
NBA Leaders Per Team by Decade70-442
NBA 2018-19 By Month190-429
Top 10 Premier League Assists Players by Team290-419
Football 2020-21 First XI60-409
UEFA Euro Finals60-364
NBA Best Team Starters By Decade40-344
Greatest XI Of All Time60-313
Conference Finals Starters Per Decade30-292
NBA Chain Quiz20-279
Top NBA Players Per Team 2010s30-257
NBA Champions Starters By Position50-256
NBA Tile Select80-252
NBA Champions By Team190-237
Best Starting XI By Team By League50-233
UEFA Euro 2016 Dream Team by Round60-231
Soccer Most Efficient Goalkeeper by Competition70-208
NBA 2018-19 Players By Letter80-204
Soccer Tile Select100-194
World Cup 2014 Squad20-193
2020-21 Football Map Quiz50-187
Top 10 Best Starting XI By Team30-179
NBA All Star Teammates By Player40-144
Europa League Finals50-117
NBA Top Scorers Per Date50-103
Soccer Games 11's 2020-202120-73
One NBA Player By Season By Team40-66
Rugby National Teams100-41