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Played: 2,335,863
Rating: 4.99
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can!
Played: 330,955
Rating: 4.55
Can you name all the countries of the world that have ever been run as a single-party Marxist state?
Played: 311,323
Rating: 4.79
Based on the portrait, name the president.
Played: 282,785
Rating: 4.94
Hey look, there's a new Prime Minister again!
Played: 251,073
Rating: 4.82
Try to guess the first names of all the American Presidents.
Played: 246,649
Rating: 4.86
It's election day and you are representing the Lime Green Party of America. Name any state to grab its electoral votes and defeat the hated Periwinkle party.
Played: 208,656
Rating: 4.35
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in one minute!
Played: 180,698
Rating: 4.99
There are 27 members of the European Union. Can you name them all?
Played: 166,181
Rating: 4.27
Can you identify these former and current world leaders?
Played: 156,646
Rating: 4.96
Much to Vladimir Putin's chagrin, there are 30 members in the NATO military alliance. How many can you name?
Played: 154,899
Rating: 4.85
Can you answer these questions that appear on the test to become a U.S. citizen?
Played: 145,184
Rating: 4.54
We give you the group. You tell us the title given to its leader.
Played: 143,010
Rating: 4.48
We give you the dictator. You give us the country they ruled.
Played: 127,148
Rating: 4.99
Try to guess the countries that were part of the Soviet Union before it dissolved.
Played: 124,136
Rating: 4.97
Name the countries that U.S. presidents have visited the most.
Played: 108,211
Rating: 4.94
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
Played: 89,115
Rating: 4.20
Can you name the nations or empires ruled by these leaders?
Played: 86,171
Rating: 4.34
From non-factors to puppet masters, name all the Vice-Presidents of the USA.
Played: 79,656
Rating: 4.03
A quiz that will reveal our shocking level of ignorance!
Played: 77,438
Rating: 4.51
One President hated broccoli. Another wore sweaters in the White House.
Played: 72,838
Rating: 4.43
You'll have to be a history geek or devout Catholic to get more than a couple.
Played: 72,519
Rating: 4.72
Can you guess the countries which are led by these people?
Played: 72,129
Rating: 4.66
Name the members of OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Played: 64,758
Rating: 4.66
Four U.S. Presidents have been assassinated. Can you name them?
Played: 63,127
Rating: 4.23
Name the First Ladies of the United States.
Played: 63,057
Rating: 4.74
Try to name the modern-day countries in whose territory the popes were born.
Played: 61,643
Rating: 4.33
Try to unscramble the last names of these U.S. Presidents. The answers change every time!
Played: 61,557
Rating: 4.40
All of the answers are a single word ending in either ARCHY or CRACY.
Played: 60,219
Rating: 4.43
Fill the blanks in these acronyms for U.S. federal agencies.
Played: 59,376
Rating: 4.31
Name the countries ruled by these dictators such as Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Julius Caesar.
Played: 59,106
Rating: 4.58
Try to name the candidates who got at least 10% of the vote, but still lost.
Played: 58,442
Rating: 4.34
The Soviet Union had 7 dictators. Can you name them all?
Played: 58,440
Rating: 4.27
Can you name the state where each U.S. president had their political base?
Played: 56,546
Rating: 4.58
Can you name the countries that are home to these political movements, past and present?
Played: 55,539
Rating: 4.38
Name the countries that these people helped to establish.
Played: 54,662
Rating: 4.23
Name the countries that were invaded by the Soviet Union with hostile intent.
Played: 49,858
Rating: 4.82
Workers of the world, unite! Cast off your chains and take this quiz about the USSR!
Played: 46,747
Rating: 5.00
Many presidents are easily recognized from photographs and well-known paintings, but can you identify these presidents made from Play-Doh?
Played: 46,726
Rating: 4.48
Guess the first names of these famous political figures.
Played: 45,813
Rating: 4.55
Try to name the 15 departments represented in the United States cabinet.
Played: 45,155
Rating: 4.30
Name the 10 most Republican states as measured by the Republican margin of victory in the last four Presidential elections.
Played: 44,225
Rating: 4.39
Name the 10 states with the smallest vote differential between Democratic and Republican candidates over the last 4 Presidential elections.
Played: 44,213
Rating: 4.92
Can you name the 25 most populous cities in the Soviet Union in 1989?
Played: 43,196
Rating: 4.45
Name the 10 most Democratic states as measured by the Democratic margin of victory in the last four Presidential elections.
Played: 43,161
Rating: 4.67
Can you name these facts about the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler?
Played: 42,518
Rating: 4.32
Can you guess the middle names of the American presidents?
Played: 40,340
Rating: 4.06
Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Barack Obama.
Played: 38,389
Rating: 4.31
Can you name the U.S. Presidents who are associated with these quotes?
Played: 35,806
Rating: 4.10
Can you identify these people who have been frequently described as dictators?
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