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5,6902020-05-06Top 20 languages in the world by total GDP
1,4632020-05-02Most known cities in the 6 big countries of Europe
1,4632020-05-03Top 25 languages by % of websites written in that language
1,3542020-05-0310 highest capital cities in Europe
8252020-05-03Most Global German-speaking cities in the world
7882014-05-09Urban areas in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants / Tettsteder i Norge med mer enn 20,000 innbyggere
7382020-05-03Most global French-speaking cities in the world
6292017-01-21Coldest European capital cities (January mean average temperature)
6122017-01-19Warmest European capital cities in winter (January average mean temperature)
6062014-06-18Largest metropolitan areas in the world north of 45°N
2772014-06-23Northernmost major cities by country
2502014-06-23Southernmost major cities by country
1822014-06-23Capital cities bordering directly to foreign countries
1122014-06-16Geographical records in the USA (elevation, climate and location)
1062017-02-09Northernmost countries without glaciers
742020-05-04Largest countries closer to the North Pole than the Equator
542020-05-02Top 20 Languages in Europe by Area
462020-05-03Top 10 nationally unofficial languages in European countries
382020-05-05European cities with most population within a radius of 30km
342020-05-06Coldest freezing city above 1 million by country in Europe
242020-05-06Coldest cities in the world by language
152020-05-03Top Romance Cities closer to the North Pole than the Equator
142020-05-05Largest European city by latitude