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Physics Equations

Very self-explanatory, just name what these equations show.
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Distance / Time
Change in velocity / Time
Mass x Velocity
Mass / Volume
Force x Distance
0.5 x Mass x Velocity^2 (squared)
Mass x g x Height
Force / Area
Mass x Acceleration
Current x Time
Current x Resistance
Voltage x Current
Wave speed / Frequency
Sin(angle of incidence) / Sin(angle of refraction)
Height x Density x g
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level 15
Jul 6, 2014
Great quiz I got all but 2
level 63
Sep 12, 2015
Great quiz! I would like to see "Index of Refraction" accepted for "Refractive Index", and I found the last one a bit misleading (although I was on the right track, thinking "Bernoulli's pressure") but not sure if it should stay or go. It looks like only 1% got it, so it might be on the "too difficult" side
level 63
Sep 12, 2015
Perhaps accept "Potential energy" for "Gravitational potential energy". I realize it's not entirely correct, and I did get "Gravitational Potential Energy", but I think it could be nice to accept Potential Energy for that one, since a lot of people studying mechanics would probably think of it as just "potential energy" and perhaps not spell it out in detail. Still, great quiz!
level 63
Oct 8, 2015
hydrostatic pressure!!!!
level 47
Jan 14, 2016
Indeed, "pressure difference" is simply wrong for that one.
level 12
Jul 17, 2017
"Index of refraction" should really be accepted as well for "refractive index"
level 51
May 20, 2018
Force x distance is also torque if i remember correctly
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