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This CBS sitcom about several guys, sort of, ran for 12 seasons.3Two And a Half Men2003Series
After receiving negative publicity for weird behavor, this actor was replaced by [10] as the star of [3].11Charlie Sheen1965Actor
This actor was the star of NBC's The West Wing17Martin Sheen1940Actor
This actor and [11] do not share the same last (stage) name, despite being brothers.12Emilio Estevez1962Actor
This public figure's initials make up the title of movie [6]. He is played by actor [15].19John F Kennedy1917Public Figure
This actor was married to [13] for eight years.10Ashton Kutcher1978Actor
This Fox sitcom about life 20 or so years earlier is set in Milwaukee, just like Happy Days.5That 70's Show1998Series
Her real life first kiss was with [10] in a scene from [5]. They got married in 2015.9Mila Kunis1983Actor
This movie about the shooting of [19], is narrated by [17] and stars [15].6JFK1991Movie
This "brat pack" member got enagaged to, but never married, actor [12], after meeting during the making of [8].13Demi Moore1962Actor
This public figure is the brother of [19], and his first name is the title of movie [2].18Robert Kennedy1925Public Figure
This actor has done about 10 movies related to the same subject, including [7].15Kevin Costner1955Actor
The title of this movie -- about life as young adults -- refers to a weather phenomenon. The theme song of the same name (by John Parr) still gets light airplay on U.S. radio.8St Elmo's Fire1985Movie
In this classic baseball movie, actor [15] plays mentor to actor [14].7Bull Durham1988Movie
You probably didn't see ($14M Box office) this fictional account of the shooting of [18], even though it starred about 15 name actors, including [17], [13], [12], and, [10]. The latter also wrote and directed it.2Bobby2006Movie
In movie [7], this actor has a weird night of romance with [14], but becomes the deeper love interest of [15].16Susan Sarandon1946Actor
This actor was married to [16] for 23 years after meeting on [7].14Tim Robbins1958Actor
Actor [17] played the father of his actual son's [11] character in this FX show that ran for 2+ seasons.1Anger Management2012Series
This (obscure) made-for-TV biopic about brothers in the porn industry stars two real-life brothers: [12] and [11].4Rated X2000TV Movie

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