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3,7732014-05-31Polska: miejscowości nadmorskie
2,0722014-06-27Polskie miasta ze "zdrojem"
1,6992014-06-20Polskie nazwy włoskich miast
1,5992014-07-11Niemieckie nazwy polskich miast (Polish cities' German names)
1,4162014-06-07Województwa w II Rzeczypospolitej
1,3412014-11-15G20 Member Countries
1,3022014-10-22Ru Paul's Drag Race Contestants' Entrance Lines
1,1152014-06-07Eurovision Song Contest: Rarest Participants
1,0602014-07-02Actresses with Most Academy Awards
9422014-06-14Countries With Crosses on Their Flags
9212014-07-01Actors with Most Academy Awards
8162014-06-04Countries with Writings on Their Flags
7632014-06-30Gay Anthems
6232014-05-17Polskie imiona po włosku
6212014-05-25Warszawa: która dzielnica? (Warsaw: which district?) #1
6192014-06-04Countries with Creatures on Their Flags
5382014-05-20RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants' Real Names
5132014-06-20Countries with Most Academy Nominations for Best Foreign Language Film
5082014-05-22Księgi "Pana Tadeusza"
4632014-06-19Polskie filmy nominowane do Oskara
3942014-07-08Directors with Most Nominations for Academy Awards
3602014-06-12Rihanna' s Duets
3382014-05-22Lady Gaga Quotes
3252014-06-13Biggest Cities in the Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
2532014-07-08Directors with Most Academy Awards
2502014-06-13Madonna' s Billboard Number 1 Hits
2462014-07-05International Swedish Artists
2452014-06-19The Amazing Race: Most Visited Countries
2412014-06-16Eurovision Winning Songs by Lyrics
2192014-06-19Gay Movies
2112014-06-01Countries with Red and White Flags
1812014-10-09Countries that Attributed 12 Points to Conchita Wurst (Eurovision 2014)
1692014-05-20Eurovision Freaks
1612014-06-09Eurovision Song Contest: Entries That Received More Than 200 Points
1432014-05-31Warszawa: która dzielnica? (Warsaw: which district?) #2
1012014-07-03Eurovision Song Contest: Youngest Winners
792014-10-22Famous LGBT Marriages