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1,0812018-11-10Alcoholic Beverages A to Z
8362015-01-3070s/80s Music Groups by members
6812014-08-08Animals in European Soccer Club Logos
6222014-11-14German nouns in English
5602014-06-11Nicknames of World Cup Soccer Teams
4212018-06-19Youngest and oldest squads for the FIFA 2018 World Cup
3662017-06-14Rock Music Band Names by Antonyms and Opposites
3232014-06-19World Cities on Major Rivers
2852015-05-04A to Z Rock Bands by guitarist
2672018-01-12FIFA 2018 World Cup Players
2402014-05-29Prominent Soccer Players from the 1970s
2322014-09-05Famous German landmarks
1712014-05-30Names of famous social scientists and philosophers of social science
1492017-12-15Rhymes with Beer
1302015-06-04Country names in German
1182018-06-30Famous Germans by pictures
1132018-03-02Nicknames of 2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer Teams
1102018-01-12Players of FIFA 2018 World Cup nations who play in their country's domestic league
1032015-01-28Global beers A to Z
982021-03-03Bilder berühmter deutscher Persönlichkeiten
972015-03-04Brothers Grimm Fairytales
912021-03-23Bilder deutscher Städte
802017-04-07Culinary terms A to Z
782018-12-07Famous female writers, artists, scientists, & politicians
772019-02-05Beer and Beer Brewing Multiple Choice
762017-02-21Top 30 Garbage Producing countries
732017-10-13Best World Cup soccer nations by population
732021-03-11Alkoholische Getränke aus aller Welt von A bis Z
722017-04-05European Soccer Analogies
702018-06-07US States with most German-Americans
682017-02-02Breads of the world
672017-02-02Tough female characters in action movies
652018-11-16Famous soccer player pictures
652018-06-15FIFA 2018 World Cup teams average player height
622018-06-20FIFA World Cup surprise results
602019-02-27Countries by FIFA World Cup Appearances
572017-07-08Cities by public rail transit stations
562021-04-07UEFA Champions League Rekordspieler
552018-04-06UEFA Champions League Runners Up
532017-02-01Animal names that are descriptive compound words in German
532018-04-19Rock Band names translated in German
502017-02-24Countries on the Atlantic without blue in their flag
502017-11-02Multiple Miss Universe Winners
492021-03-09Bilder von Fussballspielern des 20. Jahrhunderts
482018-11-23Celebrity artists who died in hotel rooms
482018-06-13FIFA World Cup Goal Scorers by Country
472018-02-07Where is this football club located?
432018-03-16Actresses in action movies
412018-07-14Stars and Stripes Flags
362017-04-10German Colonial Ambition
342021-04-06UEFA Champions League record players
332017-03-15Sport Comebacks
322014-10-03It's Apple Season!
312018-11-05Famous Towers by Picture
312018-03-12Songs inspired by real life tragedy, injustice, violence, and misery
302017-02-03Nick Names of German Soccer Clubs
302017-05-13Flags without blue and red
292017-05-19League of lesser known soccer clubs
292018-12-31Notable Deaths of 2018
282017-03-10Notorious sports stars
272018-11-09Unusual celebrity deaths and funerals
252017-01-31World "Burger" Cities
252017-02-08Team Sports
232019-02-05Statistics and Data Analysis
232018-11-20German cities by picture
222017-04-20Fat things
212017-01-04Holy things
212018-03-13Original authors of Disney cartoons
202017-09-30Movies with twins
202019-01-15Prefixes of adjective antonyms
192018-07-04Creepy Crawler Pictures
192021-03-26Musical Acts with geographic locations in their name
172018-02-27One-club Professional Soccer Players
122017-01-05Prominent Canadian landmarks and places
122019-03-15World River Plastic Pollution
102021-02-05Phonetic Geography
102017-03-09The Arts
92018-03-11One-franchise Major League Sports Athletes
82017-11-24Forward and backward words