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# of Quizzes 45
# Subscribers 3
Times taken 2,290
Quizmaker Rank # 2,663
3602020-06-24Easy Sudoku #1
2132020-06-19The Standard Model of Elementary Particles
1442019-09-04Female Versions of Male Names #1
1162019-11-04Female Versions of Male Names #2
1022020-06-24Easy Sudoku #2
972019-09-07NES Classic Edition games
962020-01-02US Presidents Who Have Been Impeached
882020-06-24Easy Sudoku #3
712020-08-15NBA Basketball 25,000 Point Club
662020-08-31Palette-swapped Mortal Kombat Characters
572019-09-22Sega Genesis Mini games
552017-03-17Types of monarchs
552019-10-12US States Named After Rivers
492020-02-18M&M's Colors
482020-10-08Countries that Don't Recognize Israel
482019-11-30Largest Islands A-Z
472020-06-23Films About Time Travel
402020-08-25Super Street Fighter II Characters Quiz
382020-09-29Names that are English Words #1
322019-04-10Countries that are N, S, E, and W of Another Country
322020-08-15The 50 Words in Green Eggs and Ham
312019-09-02Major League Teams with State Names
312020-04-26OHL Hockey Teams Quiz
292020-11-07Electoral College Brokenness Quiz
292019-09-02Major League Teams with State Names (Big 6)
282020-11-15Names That Are English Words #2
282020-04-25Pac-Man Ghosts and Fruit
282017-02-23Types of monarchies
272020-08-17Major League Teams with Native American Names
262020-04-16Operating System Logos and Mascots
242020-08-13Montreal Word Scramble
212019-06-29Psalm 23
192019-03-10Commands in PC Operating Systems
172020-09-24Famous Left-Handed People
152020-05-21Green Eggs and Ham Quiz
152020-05-14Names That Are Geographical Locations
122019-11-16Festivus Quiz
112019-02-23DOS Commands
92020-09-02NHL Teams that Overcame 3-0 Series Deficits
82020-01-14Top 10 Checkouts at the New York Public Library
72020-09-19Historical Figures Collected in Bill & Ted Films
72020-04-15Peripheral Interfaces Picture Quiz
72020-08-17Star Trek Food
52019-09-07PlayStation Classic games
32020-04-06Peripheral Interfaces