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Bible - The Jonah Quiz

Answer all these questions concerning the book of Jonah in the Bible
Quiz based on the King James Version.
Use a Bible if necessary!
Quiz by slugcharger
Last updated: September 5, 2015
First submittedFebruary 21, 2015
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To what city did God tell Jonah to go and cry against?
The City of Nineveh
What city did Jonah instead try to flee too in an attempt to escape from God?
The City of Tarshish
While Jonah was on the boat headed for Tashish, God sent a great storm. What was Jonah doing during the storm?
During the storm, the rest of the crew did something to find out for who the storm was sent. What did they do?
They cast lots
Jonah told the crew what he did and why the storm was there, then convinced the crew to throw him overboard to stop the storm. God then prepared a great fish that swallowed Jonah. How long did Jonah live inside the fish?
Three days and three nights
While in the belly of the fish, what did Jonah do?
He prayed to God
In his prayer, Jonah said he would look again toward thy what?
Thy holy temple
In his prayer, Jonah said the earth with her bars was about him for how long?
For ever
Who was it that spoke to the fish after Jonah's prayer?
The Lord
How did the fish get Jonah on the dry land?
It vomited him out
Once out of the fish, Jonah was told by God to preach to what city?
The City of Nineveh
When preaching, how many days did Jonah say the city had before it was overthrown?
Forty days
The people there belived God, put on sackcloth, and proclaimed a what?
A fast
By word of the king, how many people were ordered to take part in the fast and put on sackcloth?
Every man and every beast
After God saw the peoples' works, did he carry out with his plan and destroy the city?
No, he did not. He spared them.
Jonah was not happy with the Lord's decision and became angry. What did Jonah ask God to take away from him?
His life
Jonah went and sat on the east side of the city to watch it. What did God prepare for Jonah to shade him?
A gourd
Jonah was happy with God's gift, but God prepared something to smite it and make it wither. What was it?
A worm
God then sent a vehement east wind, the sun beat on Jonah's head, causing him to do what?
After all this, what did Jonah wish to do?
level 66
Feb 25, 2015
This is an interesting quiz, but please allow more leeway in the answers. Spit for vomit, for example. Also, i tried prayed, prayed to God, but it wouldn't accept it because I didn't have the word "he" at the beginning.
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