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Quiz by JakeSurewin27
Last updated: September 8, 2017
First submittedJune 9, 2014
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How many evolutions has Eevee had between generations 1-3?
The Transport Pokemon.
Location of Moltres in Generation 1.
Victory Road
Wears the skull of its mother.
Location of Mewtwo in Generation 1.
Cerulean Cave
The 4th Ghost type Pokemon in National Pokedex order.
One of the two Pokemon in the Hoenn region with the letter Q in its name.
Masquerain, Rayquaza
Was the main Pokemon in the famous banned seizure episode.
Has a higher base stat total than Jirachi, Heatran, Mew, and Celebi, but is not legendary or a Mega-Evolution.
Who is the ghost that is identified in Lavender Town after the use of the Silph Scope?
Who is the second dual type Pokemon?
How many Pokemon were there after 2 generations?
What item boosts Defense and Special Defense by 50% if held by a Pokemon that is not fully evolved?
What mode does Darmanitan enter if he is below half HP and has the correct ability?
Who is the first Flying type Pokemon?
What is the signature move of Kling, Klang, and Klinklang?
Gear Grind
After 6 Generations, name a Pokemon with no weaknesses. (Disregarding Mold Breaker)
Who was the first Ground-Flying type?
What is Azumarill's ability that makes him a threat in competitive battle?
Huge Power
Who is the only Poison/Dragon type?
Which Mega Evolution gains the ability Solar Power?
Who has the ability Color Change?
What Pokemon changes form based on the weather conditions?
Where is the initial encounter of the legendary dogs in Johto?
Burnt Tower
Who has the lowest HP stat?
Had to be redesigned after a lawsuit was filed because of racial dispute.
Where can you find Ho-oh in Johto?
Tin Tower
Which Pokemon evolves into a zombified Pokemon?
Based on Pokemon fan theory, Gengar is the shadow of what Pokemon?
Who is the only Normal type Pokemon that can learn Explosion?
Name the move: 40 base power/100 accuracy/priority/Fighting type
Vacuum Wave
Who learns Fly by level up?
Salamence, Rayquaza
Who is the Aura Pokemon?
The Yellow Version Pokedex entry reads as follows: "Born in an active volcano. Its body is always cloaked in flames, so it looks like a big ball of fire."
This Pokemon is based on Santa Claus.
Strongest move with no drawback/secondary effect/recharge.
Who was the first Pokemon to have a gender?
Who is in the Old Amber fossil?
What Pokemon bites onto Slowpoke's tail which causes it to evolve?
Excluding legendaries, who is the fastest Pokemon?
Who is the only Pokemon with the ability Stall?
Commonly held by wild Shuckle, what item restores health by 20HP?
Berry Juice
Hold item that prevents evolution.
What is Miltank's signature move?
Milk Drink
The name of the Pokemon on the cover of Pokemon Y.
Victini is what number in the Unova Pokedex?
What ability doubles speed after using or losing an item?
Who is the first Pokemon with Speed Boost in National Pokedex order?
What Pokemon is a failed attempt at creating Mew?
Level 41
Oct 24, 2014
Good quiz, but many, many errors: 1) Pokémon has an accent on the E. 2) I think you mean 'within the first 3 generations', since /after/ Gen 3, Eevee gets 3 more evolutions. 3) Cubone is not a male-only species. 4) Mewtwo's location was often referred to as the Unknown Dungeon in Gen 1, yet this is not an accepted answer. 5) Two Gen 3 Pokémon have Qs in their names - Rayquaza and Masquerain - and Pokémon from previous generations can be found in Hoenn, such as Quagsire, so this question is invalid. 6) Many non-legendary Mega Pokémon have base stat totals higher than 600. 7) Darmanitan is not a male-only species. 8) The Kling family's signature move is Gear Grind, since Shift Gear can be found on an event Genesect, 9) Tynamo has a weakness to any Pokémon with Mold Breaker or similar, and a Ground-type move. 10) There are more than one Ground/Flying-type Pokémon, so that question should be in the past-tense.
Level 41
Oct 24, 2014
11) An Azumarill with Sap Sipper to negate super-effective Grass-type moves can also be a threat, and so this question is only based on your opinion. 12) Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon-type Pokémon. 13) Houndoom is not a Mega Evolution; Mega Houndoom has Solar Power. 14) Cherrim also changes its form based on the weather. 15) Johto is spelled Johto, not Jhoto. 16) Ho-Oh is written as such. 17) The Tin Tower was renamed the Bell Tower in HGSS, which is set in Johto, and so this should be the correct answer. 18) Vacuum Wave has a base power of 40; it doesn't do 40 damage. Accuracy is written as a percentage. 19) Rayquaza and Salamence learn fly by level-up, and so both should be listed as answers. 20) Focus Punch has a higher base power than Boomburst. Its use is conditional to the move used by the foe, in the same way that Boomburst's use is conditional to the foe not having the Soundproof ability.
Level 41
Oct 24, 2014
21) Victini is a Gen 5 Pokémon and was not in the Gen 4 Sinnoh Pokédex. It is #000 in Gen 5's Unova Pokédex from Black & White. 22) Unburden is also activated if the held item is lost. This quiz needs some serious updates and corrections made.
Level 58
Oct 4, 2017
It was inconsistently referred to as Unknown Dungeon. Quagsire is from Johto, not Hoenn. It can be found in Hoenn but that doesn't mean it's from Hoenn. Thirdly, A signature move is a move or ability that is almost analogous to the person or character that uses it. This may infer that the move is usually a staple of the user's repertoire, and on most occasions was invented by the performer. Almost analogous. Because Klink, Klang and Klinklag were the first Pokemon to have this ability, it is their signature move. Azumarill is never praised for having Sap Sipper on any competitive source, so that argument is invalid. Houndoom has a Mega Evolution which gets the ability Solar Power. Your argument makes no sense. Cherrim may have a different ability while Castform only gets Forecast. Focus Punch has a negative effect in that it has to rely on the opponent not striking with an attacking move. Boomburst's negative effect can be negated with Mold Breaker.
Level 19
Nov 5, 2016
Victimised is #000 in the UNOVA pokédex.
Level 57
Aug 6, 2020
mach punch! mach punch is also 40 base power/100 accuracy/priority/Fighting type