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Lois and Clark (The New Adventures of Superman) Quotes

Answer the question by filling in the blank.
Quiz by Caroline14
First submittedJuly 13, 2018
Last updatedJuly 13, 2018
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[Vatman]: "I don't know who just flew out that window, but I'll tell you one thing, that was definitely _________" (2 words)
not superman
[Just Say Noah]: "Son you pack a lot of horse sense in them _________" (2 words)
tight britches
[Season's Greedings]: "Lois is in _______, Lois is in _______"
[Pilot]: "I call the shots, I ask the questions. You are low man, I am _________, and that's the way I like it" (2 words)
top banana
[The House of Luthor]: "Lex Luthor will not_____________" (4 words)
live in a cage
[The House of Luthor]: "Okay, that's fine! If that's what you want Lois, then fine, go ahead, get in bed with the _______"
[The Man of Steel Bars]: "They say the man of steel is _______. I don't think so." (1 word)
[Never Ending Battle]: If something looks like a _______, walks like a _____ and talks like a _______, chances are pretty good, it is a _______"
[Just Say Noah]: "It takes two tones for _______" (1 word)
[Ultra Woman]: "These ______ cost seventy-five dollars. Does the superhero's union cover expenses." (1 word)
[Voice From the Past]: "Oh, wouldn't your father be proud. His son turned out to be as _____ and deranged as he was." (1 word)
[Pheromone My Lovely]: "Minute's up Clark., come to _______!" (1 word)
[That Old Gang of Mine]: " Oh, Clark, I don't care if he used _______, you're back!" (2 words)
crazy glue
[Ultra Woman]: "I'm an _______ woman!" (1 word)
[A Bolt from the Blue]: "It was _________: William, Wallace, Webster __________." (name)
[Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark]: "If Bob hadn't been in an industrial accident............if his body weren't a ball of horrific power, if we weren't scientists..........turned paupers, turned international assassins..........if we weren't consumed by bitterness and rage.........we ____________ (3 or 4 words)
might've been friends
[Season's Greedings]: "I never spanked you, I never had to.........but right now, I'd like to drop your britches and tan your hide like _______." (2 words)
cheap leather
[Battleground Earth]: "The entire council joins me in warning you not to resist our.............Jimmy, we're trying to _______." (1 word)'
[The Prankster]: "What, you were gonna stick your foot out and drag it along the street, and stop the car? You've been watching too many _________." (2 words)
Flinstones cartoons
[Green Glow of Home]: "Okay, next time, you __________, and I'll write the story." (4 words)
fight the bad guy
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