Star Wars Peripheral Characters

Name the following Star Wars Characters who are not within common knowledge, but at least have some lines, and about half of who's names are mentioned on screen. Each character gets more complicated to guess as the list goes down.
Quiz by Okeydokey77
Last updated: July 24, 2014
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Note: none of these characters appeared in the exapnded universe, because...well that would be unfair.
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Went up against two Death Stars, lived, and can claim joint credit for destroying the last one.
Wedge Antilles
The only imperial officer reporitng to Lord Vader to live to see another Star Wars movie.
Admiral Piett
Luke's homie from Tatooine, who would have had a better story arc had a scene not been deleted
Biggs Darklighter
Leia adoptive Dad played by Jimmy Smitts in the prequels
Senator Bail Organa
Commander of the Rebel forces on Hoth; mentioned once by Leia on-screen
General Rieekan
Commander of the Rebel forces on Yavin, gives a powerpoint animation with a 70s microprocessor.
General Dodonna
Why this guy didn't shoot first, is a mystery (sorry, I count the Special Edition)
The guy who should of been general of the gungans after we got a taste of Jar Jar (sigh)
Captain Tarpals
The only jedi in the counsel besides Yoda, Obi-Wan, or Mace that talks
Ki-Adi Mundi
The Leader of the Rebellion, who first mentioned several bothans died to bring us this information
Mon Monthma
Is named on screen by Admiral Ackbar and asks if Han is ready to assume a leadership role
General Madine
First to greet Leia at Yavin Base
Commander Willard
A jedi with a gas mask who gets blown out of the sky in Order 66
Plo Koon
A jedi sporting squid dreads
Kit Fisto
Bounty Hunter who hisses onscreen something indecipherable after his profession is insulted
Has a cool voice; leads a bunch of termite aliens
Poggle The Lesser
Thought he could take on the Empire independent, which proved to be premature
Dak Ratler
Had a good shot, after he downed an AT-AT with a harpoon/toe cable gun
Wes Janson
Led the Empire's Assault on Hoth, and the actor plays a measter on GOT
General Veers
Came out of lightspeed too close to the system -- for the last time
Admiral Ozzel
Lando's unnamed aide with a remote control
The pilot of two of Naboo's ships in TPM
Ric Olie
Armored Bounty Hunter with a head injury
Crustacian head Bounty hunter with a gas mask
Bounty Hunter who has C-3P0's body with a bug's head
Bounty hunter whose head looks like a traffic light.
Claims a death sentence or two, but he also might have been drunk.
Dr. Evazan
Covered Biggs early in the battle of Yavin BEFORE the ties came out.
Jek Porkins
Name never mentioned on screen, but Jabba always had him as a lieutenant at his side.
Bib Fortuna
Acutally had a lot of lines but was usually referred to as "Red Leader" (Challenge))
Garven Dreis
"We don't serve their kind here!" (Challenge)
"Stand by Ion" (Challenge)
Toryn Farr
"Two fighers against a Star Destroyer?" (Challenge) HINT: name is mentioned by Luke during the Battle of Hoth as Rogue Leader's cover.
Hobbie Klivan
Name never mentioned. Looks like a mouse. Substitute for Chewie at the helm.
Nien Numb
Level 42
Aug 4, 2014
Spellings: Mon Mothma, Nien Nunb, Dak Ralter.

Otherwise, cracking quiz

Level 67
Oct 23, 2014
Please fix the spelling errors. Also, "has a cool voice" is way too subjective for Poggle the Lesser. I totally did not understand that clue.
Level 67
May 3, 2016
Yep, Mon Mothma is still spelled badly!
Level 44
Mar 10, 2017
cant spell...