Most Dangerous Countries

Enter an answer into the box. All countries are based off my own opinions and ideas.
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Last updated: September 27, 2014
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Large Islamic-controlled country. No religious independence, women's rights, or police force. Famous for pirating.
War-torn Asian country. Both Soviet Union and America had invaded it at one point. Large Islamic group that holds large provinces under control. No religious freedom or women's rights.
Dynasty-Communist country in Asia. Anti-American and Anti-Japanese. Brainwashing and slavery is not unheard of. No rights to any civilian in this country.
North Korea
Chemical warfare and bombings have increased greatly in this Middle Eastern nation. Civil war has taken toll in this historically-peaceful desert country.
Larger cities in this huge nation are more peaceful, while smaller Southern cities are under threat by Islamic militants, and the Eastern province is full of seperatists.
This quiet European country fell into dissolution when its former country broke apart. Civil war destroyed the capital city and much of the countryside. Politics in this country are still unstable,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Its neighboring country is far more notorious, but this country has faced silent rebellion lately, and it is currently very unsafe in this South American nation. Drug trade and poverty led to the unstability.
This Asian island country suffered an awful civil war, which much of the world ignored. Parts of this country are still unsafe due to rape and crime.
Sri Lanka
Car bombing and suicide bombings are common in this country. Recently, the Islamic militant group ISIS made this Middle Eastern nation their headquarters, and led a war on foreign religions here.
A total switch of name after a civil war makes this Asian country's danger unique. It is one of the few unstable nations in the world friendly to the West and the United States. Forms of communism and slavery make this country notorious in its region.
The countryside of this Asian country may be more dangerous than the coastal cities. Religious independence, democracy, and equal rights are slowly tearing this high-population country apart.
This African country, divided between the Christian South and Islamic North, went into civil war, and ended up giving the south independence.
One of the few African countries where Christians are prosecuting Muslims, many mosques have been torn down, and rape is not uncommon. This country has some of the largest foreign aid coming in to it.
Central African Republic
Islamic terrorist groups have exiled most Jews out of this Middle Eastern country. The government and high-majority of civilians are constantly trying to remove the militants from their country.
Disease and warfare have killed thousands in this Islamic African nation. It has had one of the highest rates of Ebola in the world, and suffered Civil war.
Sierra Leone
Level 41
Sep 28, 2014
I just typed Bosnia, didn't think I would have to type the whole name.
Level 69
Sep 28, 2014
Sorry, but whenever I try to edit the answer column it doesn't save (yes, I do hit the save button)
Level 55
Oct 28, 2015
Sorry but I seriously have a hard time seeing how Congo shouldn't be on this list, especially since it is a known fact around the world that the first and second Congo wars killed more people than any other conflict since WW2.
Level 55
Nov 13, 2018
Myanmar should be a type-in for Burma.