British History A-Z

A sometimes light-hearted quiz relating to British History.
Quiz by mrnafe
Last updated: February 9, 2019
First submittedNovember 23, 2018
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Harold Godwinson receives one of these to the eye at the Battle of Hastings
Hitler only had one of these, according to a popular song of the time
The Legions of York proclaim this man Roman Emperor
British prime minister of 1874-1880, who thoroughly charmed queen Victoria
Benjamin Disraeli
English trading company which ended up seizing control of vast areas of Asia
East India Company
The most well known member of the gunpowder plotters. Oddly, we still burn
an effigy of him every 5th of November
Guy Fawkes
Site of a disastrous campaign against the Ottomans in WWI
Long series of conflicts with the French, even longer than its name suggests
Hundred Years War
One of Queen Victoria's titles: Empress of _____
Lewis Carroll poem "'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves. Did gyre and
gimble in the wabe"
Land of the Mau Mau uprising, brutally put down by the British
The remains of Richard III were found in a car park in this city in the Midlands
Proprietors of a flying circus. "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy"
Monty Python
The worlds most famous alchemist, did some theorizing on gravity in his spare time
Isaac Newton
William of _____, invaded England during the Glorious Revolution
Unconquerable bunch north of Hadrian's Wall
British Marquess after whom the rules of boxing were named
Explorer and tobacco cheer leader, favourite of Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Raleigh
Beautiful water fowl; through some quirk of history the queen apparently owns them
Brilliant mathematician, code breaker, and computing pioneer
Alan Turing
An 11cm high vessel which contains the ashes of English cricket
HMS _______, admiral Nelsons flagship at Trafalgar
This general did such a good job fighting Napoleon they made him a duke
Duke of Wellington
Coleridge poem: "In ______ did Kubla Khan, A stately pleasure-dome decree"
Mortal enemies of the House of Lancaster
House of York
Country which was formerly the British colony of Southern Rhodesia
Level 62
Nov 23, 2018
good quiz. thanks. maybe accept east india as the word company is in the question anyway...i nearly gave up when that didnt work. thanks again
Level 79
Nov 24, 2018
Thanks man, I always appreciate your input
Level 77
Nov 28, 2018
The B answer might be the raciest thing I have seen on this site. LOL
Level 76
Dec 1, 2018
I kept typing in testicle. Repeatedly. Even though I knew it was an A-Z quiz. And then kept thinking I was spelling it wrong so I tried a bunch of variations. Sigh. If there are any keystroke loggers running on my machine, that'll make them wonder!
Level 75
Nov 28, 2018
Nice quiz. You really distilled the essence of what being British is all about (though, given there aren't any P-people left, I wonder how unconquerable they really were)
Level 78
Nov 29, 2018
Oh, there are still plenty of them. They just all moved to Pittsburgh and changed their name.
Level 79
Nov 28, 2018
Thanks for comments folks, have resubmitted with the amended spellings. This is my first quiz thats eligible for points, I'm rather pleased with that.
Level 71
Nov 30, 2018
Congrats! I hope you write many more featured quizzes in the future. As a clueless Yank though, would you (or someone) mind explaining the "urn" clue? It definitely seems like it touches on a nerve :-)
Level 79
Dec 13, 2018
The urn is essentially a trophy the English and Australians compete for in cricket. I think the Australians beat us once in the 1800s and ceremoniusly burned some of the wicket and declared English cricket dead, putting the ashes in aforementioned urn. Every 2 or 4 years since we contest 'the ashes' to establish whether it's dead or not. It's all very silly and marvellous.

I've probably missed some crucial elements to the tale but that's the basic jist of the story.

Level 78
Feb 7, 2019
Thank you, didn't understand that one, either. And thank you for a very fun (and enlightening) quiz. Hope you have many more featured.
Level 84
Nov 28, 2018
As usual, I step in with picayune corrections. Someone has already pointed out the "Emperor" misspelling; also, "stately" not stateley, 'Twas has an apostrophe, no period after Toves, and "Admiral Nelson's" instead of "admiral Nelsons" (two fixes in one!). Anyhow, congrats on your first point-scored quiz!
Level 70
Dec 12, 2018
Can someone explain the "C" answer? I'm stumped by how I would know it or where it comes from.
Level 79
Dec 13, 2018
Constantine is one of the most famous Roman Emperors and played a significant role in the christianisation of Europe. He commanded the legions of York and was proclaimed emperor by them upon the death of his father.
Level 73
Feb 7, 2019
Another pedantic spelling correction: it should be "formerly" for the Z question
Level 79
Feb 7, 2019
Jetpunk is a society of pedants, and that's how we like it :) thanks for the input I'll see if we can amend it
Level 72
Feb 7, 2019
Hello, the Marquis spelling is Marquess according to the English peerage system. Marquis is the French spelling, although sometimes used in Scotland and Queensbury was Scottish, but still the title is Marquess (for men).
Level 72
Feb 7, 2019
And thank you - enjoyed the quiz!
Level 79
Feb 7, 2019
Also, isn't it Queensberry instead of Queensbury? At least should accept them both.
Level 79
Feb 8, 2019
Please accept Queensbury as an accepted alternate spelling. If I can say it out loud and be correct on a quiz show, it should work here, too.
Level 79
Feb 7, 2019
Clearly I need to work on my spellings! There's a British History A-Z #2 on my page if anyone's interested
Level 44
Feb 7, 2019
it is spelled Queensberry

Level 75
Feb 7, 2019
Too America-focused.
Level 47
Feb 8, 2019
The queen only 'owns' Mute Swans - there are two other species of swans that are found in the UK and she has no title over them! Perhaps accept Mute Swan, as well as just Swan, - as it is actually the fully correct answer!
Level 56
Apr 21, 2020
Great fun quiz, thank you - but in the grand tradition of Jetpunk nitpickery, Wellington hadn't fought Napoleon at the time he was made a Duke. 'The French' might be better.
Level 56
Jul 24, 2020
Excellent quiz. And, thank you very much, jetpunkers, that the comments are useful and indicate some thought! (Not just scores and times.)

I'm trying to determine why the quiz could be interpreted as 'too-American.' Perhaps giving an expalantion for the comment would be helpful. I recently submitted a quiz on Panama (20 questions), and made a sincere effort to ensure that it was not all about the U.S. role there. However, ignoring the significance of that relationship would be akin to leaving England out of the Great Migration story of the 1630s in America, or Spain's role in Mexico, etc... Isolationism is no longer possible, and we are all creatures of our individual experiences after all.

I wish the 'tone' of all the comments on jet punk were more like this one.

Level 20
Apr 19, 2021
I'm American and I don't know most of this but I'm a huge harry potter fan, so my question- why is there no harry potter?!