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30,5482017-11-24 Countries where the Sea Freezes
26,6342017-10-19 European Capitals with the Least Sunshine
24,5132017-11-07 European Capitals Furthest from the Sea
21,8272018-02-16 Largest Countries without Deserts
18,8822019-08-02 World Capitals Deepest in Country's Territory
13,0712018-01-07 Capital Cities with the Least Precipitation
12,2962021-02-25 Biggest Cities with a Tropical Climate
11,3902018-02-07 U.S. State Capitals Furthest from the Sea
1,8672021-02-16 Hottest U.S. State Capitals
1,7642021-02-16 Coldest U.S. State Capitals
6042019-03-05Balkan Geography A-Z
4852020-03-23World Capitals Furthest from the Sea
3702019-03-05Biggest Cities on the Mississippi River
2342019-03-05Snowiest Major U.S. Cities
1992019-03-05Biggest Cities with a Mediterranean Climate
1972020-10-19Biggest European Coastal Cities
1842019-03-05Airports Connected with the Most Countries
1832019-03-05Biggest World Cities Named After People
1762019-06-27Largest Orthodox Cities
1692019-08-29Islands of Malta
1662019-03-05Biggest World Cities on Lakes
1552019-03-05European Capitals with the Most Sunshine
1482019-03-05World Capitals with the Coldest Winters
1482019-03-05Biggest Cities once in the Persian Empire
1272018-03-10Italian Cities by Picture
1252017-06-23Russian Geography A-Z
1222019-06-27Coldest Major World Cities
1202018-05-29Middle East Geography A-Z
1182019-06-27Biggest Coastal Cities in North America
1172018-03-02Countries with the Most Koreans
1152017-09-26Biggest Asian Cities on Islands
1092019-03-05Biggest One-Syllable Cities
1062017-12-23Biggest European Cities on the Mediterranean
1032021-02-25U.S. States Closest to Russia
1022018-03-05Most Spoken Cyrillic Script Languages
992019-06-27World Capitals with the Biggest Seasonal Temperature Variation
972017-10-26Biggest Cities with Greek Names
962017-10-20Biggest Romance-Speaking Cities in Europe
932017-11-08Largest Cities in the Maghreb
902017-09-19Wettest Major U.S. Cities
882017-09-12European Capitals with the Smallest Seasonal Temperature Variation
872017-09-19Driest Major U.S. Cities
842018-02-11Countries Extending Furthest from their Capitals
842017-09-29Hottest World Capitals by Monthly Temperature
832017-10-02U.S. States Furthest from the Sea
792018-12-13Countries that Produce the Most Sheep Cheese
792019-08-25Major World Cities Closest to the Equator
782017-09-14World's Biggest Non-Coastal Cities on Islands
782017-10-24Biggest Cities with a Continental Climate
772018-09-24'New' Geography
752017-09-17Largest Cities on Mediterranean Islands
752019-03-05Biggest Cities without Skyscrapers
742017-09-07Biggest Cities on the Gulf of Mexico
712017-07-16Biggest U.S. Capitals as a Percentage of their State
712017-08-31Island Countries Closest to the Mainland
702018-02-08Landlocked Countries with a Navy
692021-02-18World's Largest High-Altitude Cities
672017-08-30Biggest Coastal Cities in South America
672017-09-02Biggest World Cities on Major Rivers
662017-08-29Biggest African Coastal Cities
632017-07-16Smallest U.S. Capitals as a Percentage of their State
622019-01-2550 Biggest Cities in Greece
602017-10-01Driest European Capital Cities
592017-10-22Biggest Cities with Native American Names
582017-09-12European Capitals with the Biggest Seasonal Temperature Variation
582017-09-20World Capitals Furthest from Foreign Territory
572017-10-03Countries with the Most Metro Systems
562017-09-27Countries with High-Altitude Cities
562017-10-02Biggest World Cities with Long Names
552018-07-12Countries with the Largest Rural Population
552017-08-29Biggest Cities on the Persian Gulf
542017-09-08Coolest African Capitals
522017-09-15World's Most Densely Populated Major Cities
522017-09-13Famous Mediterranean Islands
512017-09-25Sunniest World Capitals
512017-09-27Countries Closest to the Caspian Sea
502018-01-05Capital Cities with the Most Precipitation
482018-02-08Biggest Cities on the Sea of Japan
442017-09-18Countries with the Highest Cancer Death Rate
442017-08-28Biggest Aegean Sea Cities
432018-02-06Flattest Landlocked Countries
422019-03-05Biggest Adriatic Cities
422017-09-28Biggest Cities on the South China Sea
422017-10-20U.S. States Closest to India
412017-09-25Countries with the Lowest Traffic-Related Death Rate
392017-08-30Biggest Asian Coastal Cities
392017-10-06Most Metro-Rail-Dependent Cities
362017-09-25Gloomiest World Capitals
352017-11-13Capital Cities Closest to Lakes
312018-02-10Biggest Cities in the Mississippi River Basin
302017-10-01Wettest European Capital Cities
302017-09-15World's Most Sparsely Populated Major Cities With Exceptions
292017-07-18Countries with the Biggest Life Expectancy Gender Gap
292017-06-05Biggest Cities in Greece
292017-11-04Closest Country by Capital
282017-11-12Capital Cities Closest to Mountains
272017-08-31Biggest Coastal Cities in Oceania
272017-09-15World's Most Densely Populated Major Cities (no hints)
262017-09-21World Capitals Furthest from Foreign Territory - Continental Version
262017-09-30Chemical Elements with Greek Names
242017-06-06Most Populous Islands of the Aegean Sea
232017-11-07Biggest Cities on the East China Sea
192019-02-13Greek Islands by Description
182017-06-13Biggest Cities on the Volga River
132017-07-18Countries with the Smallest Life Expectancy Gender Gap
112017-09-15World's Most Sparsely Populated Major Cities With Exceptions (no hints)