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USA Geography

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Largest man made lake in US
Deepest Canyon in US
Biggest Canyon in US
Location of Crater Lake
Location of largest US city named Athens
2nd tallest US mountain
Tallest US mountain outside Alaska
Longest US river NOT including tributaries
2nd longest ^
3rd longest ^
4th longest ^
Cities that cross state borders (2)
The 3 states that #12 and #13 cross
Location of Pensacola
Former name of Brown University
Largest Natural Pond in US
Location of ^
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level 9
Aug 25, 2016
why r there no comments?:(
level 58
Sep 30, 2016
Now there are
level 50
Jan 18, 2017
Kansas City does not cross any state borders. There is a Kansas City, KS and a Kansas City, MO - they are completely different cities and both are in only one state. If you mean to say that the metro area is what's in multiple states, then Providence, RI should be included (the metro area extends into Massachusetts).
level 65
Jan 24, 2017
Same for St. Louis. There's a St. Louis, MO and an East St. Louis, IL but they are separate municipalities.
level 65
Apr 13, 2017
Texarkana is in TX and Arkansas
level 58
Aug 14, 2017
Bristol is in TN and VA the main street is the state line.
level 37
Feb 27, 2018
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