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American RevolutionLed the Continental Army from 1775-1783George Washington
World War IISupreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe, 1943-1945Dwight D. Eisenhower
American RevolutionDefected to the British in 1780, making his name synonymous with treason to AmericansBenedict Arnold
Civil WarTop Confederate general, ended the war by surrendering at AppomattoxRobert E. Lee
World War IIKnown for fast-moving, aggressive tactics and profanity-laden speeches to his troopsGeorge S. Patton
World War IIAccepted the surrender of Japanese forces in 1945Douglas MacArthur
Civil WarRenowned Confederate general who died after being wounded in a friendly fire incidentThomas "Stonewall" Jackson
War of 1812Won the Battle of New Orleans after a peace treaty had been signed, but before word of it reached the United StatesAndrew Jackson
Civil WarUnion general known for accepting only unconditional surrender, and final leader of the Union armyUlysses S. Grant
Civil WarUnion cavalry commander who was later killed along with most of his unit in a battle with Native Americans at the Little Bighorn RiverGeorge Armstrong Custer
World War IIReorganized the US Army for World War II and helped develop a postwar economic recovery plan for EuropeGeorge Marshall
Civil WarUnion general known for capturing Atlanta and engaging in scorched-earth tactics against the ConfederacyWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
American RevolutionFrench aristocrat who joined the Continental Army and served with distinctionMarie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
World War ICommanded Allied Expeditionary Forces, later served as mentor to many prominent generals of World War IIJohn J. Pershing
Mexican-American WarDefeated Santa Anna's forces at Buena Vista despite being outnumbered, and was convinced to run for President after the warZachary Taylor
Civil WarUnion general remembered for being reluctant to commit troops and engage the enemy. Later a failed Presidential candidate in 1864George B. McClellan
Vietnam WarCommander of US forces in Vietnam, 1964-1968William Westmoreland
Vietnam WarCommander of US forces in Vietnam, 1968-1972, has a tank named after himCreighton Abrams
Iraq WarCommanded multinational forces from 2003-2008. Later forced to resign as CIA Director after leaking classified information during an extramarital affairDavid Petraeus
War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Civil WarServed longer as a general than any other person in American historyWinfield Scott

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