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Dungeons & Dragons trivia

Answer these questions about the world's most popular tabletop role-playing game.
Last updated: December 04, 2018
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What is the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons?
5th edition
Who are the original designers of D&D?
Gary Gygax
Dave Arneson
What year was the first version of D&D published?
The original D&D rules borrowed heavily from what medieval miniature war game?
What was the more complex, rules-heavy version of the game published from 1977 through 1997?
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
The company that originally published D&D was TSR, Inc. What did the letters stand for?
Tactical Studies Rules
What company purchased TSR in 1997?
Wizards of the Coast
What company purchased that company in 1999?
D&D's magic system, in which wizards must memorize spells anew every day, was heavily influenced by the works of which fantasy author?
Jack Vance
Which (in)famous D&D adventure is referenced in the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline?
Tomb of Horrors
What famous D&D adventure features the vampire Strahd von Zarovich?
What D&D world featured a popular series of novels featuring the character Raistlin Majere?
What popular character, created by R.A. Salvatore, is a drow (dark elf) that wields a pair of magical scimitars?
Drizzt Do'Urden
What are the three "core rulebooks" of most editions of D&D?
Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide
Monster Manual
What does the acronym THAC0 from older editions of D&D stand for?
To Hit Armor Class 0
Unfounded moral panic in the 1980's falsely linked the game to which religion?
Which fundamentalist Christian cartoonist created the comic Dark Dungeons, which portayed D&D as a gateway to actual witchcraft?
Jack Chick
Which D&D world was the result of a Fantasy Setting Search contest in 2002?
What public copyright document did D&D publishers release in 2000, granting permission for third-party publishers to publish material compatible with D&D?
Open Game License
What is the largest annual gaming convention in North America for tabletop role-playing games, particularly D&D?
Gen Con
What other role-playing game, first published in 2009, updates and expands upon the rules from the 3.5 edition of D&D?
What Geek & Sundry web series features a group of professional voice actors streaming their D&D games on Twitch and YouTube?
Critical Role
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