Star Trek General Knowledge Quiz #3

Answer these general questions about Star Trek, including all of the TV series and films.
Quiz by kenpo17
Last updated: December 3, 2018
First submittedNovember 13, 2018
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Which holodeck character became sentient?
Professor Moriarty
Which member of the original Enterprise crew appeared in The Next Generation pilot episode, Encounter at Farpoint?
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Who owned the bar on Deep Space Nine?
What being was created when two members of USS Voyager's crew were accidentally fused together into a single being by the transporter?
What small, furry alien creature reproduced at such an alarming rate that they quickly overran the Enterprise?
What class of starship was the Enterprise-D?
What being of godlike power tormented the Enterprise crew until his parents made him stop?
What is the name of Worf's son?
Alexander Rozhenko
Who served as the last Prefect of Bajor during the Cardassian occupation?
Gul Dukat
What actor portrayed Captain Picard?
Patrick Stewart
What is the name of Data's twin brother?
Which Federation starship did Khan Noonien Singh use to escape exile on Ceti Alpha V?
USS Reliant
Who is the captain of the USS Discovery?
Gabriel Lorca
What is the name for the Vulcan time of mating which occurs once every seven years?
Pon farr
Which species lived in fluidic space and proved immune to assimilation by the Borg?
Species 8472
What is Mr. Sulu's first name?
What was the name of the recreational lounge and bar on the Enterprise-D?
Ten Forward
What is the first name of Chief O'Brien's wife?
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