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Wash the poison from off my skin, Show me how to be whole againCastle Of Glass
I remembered each flash, As time began to blur, Like a startling sign, That fate had finally found meNew Divide
All these thoughts: they make no sense, I find bliss in ignoranceOne Step Closer
Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple, Sometimes goodbye's the only wayShadow Of The Day
We are the fortunate ones, Who've never faced oppression's gunRebellion
All the walls that you keep building, All this time that I spent chasing, All the ways that I keep losing youTalking To Myself
Too many things that you've said about me when I'm not around, You think having the upper hand means you gotta keep putting me downHit The Floor
All you've ever wanted, Was someone to truly look up to you, And six feet under water, I doThe Little Things Give You Away
I never been higher than I was that night, I woke up driving my carHalfway Right
I'm not a criminal, not a role model, Not a born leader, I'm a tough act to follow, I am not the fortune and the fame, Or the same person telling you to forfeit the gameWhen They Come For Me
You say the weight of the world, Has kept you from letting go, And you think compassion's a flaw, And you'll never let it showRobot Boy
And pours over the rusted world of pretend, And the eyes ease open and it's dark againForgotten
Can y'all explain what kind of land is this when a man has plans of being rich, But the bosses plans is wealthy? Dirty money scheme, a clean split is nonsenseGuilty All The Same
There was so much more to lose, Than the pain I put you through, In my carelessness I left you in the darkMark The Graves
We swim against the rising waves, And crash against the shoreUntil The Breaks

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