RWBY- Every Named Character

Enter the full name for any character seen on-screen on RWBY, or referenced in a World of Remnant video. Updated to include 1 character from Grimm Eclipse. Will be updated for each new episode.
AW= After the Great War
BW= Before the Great War
EG= Era of the Gods
Quiz by stockiebasher97
Last updated: February 3, 2019
First submittedMay 28, 2015
Times taken484
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High Leader Adam Taurus (deceased-81AW)
Adrian Cotta-Arc
Amber, the Fall Maiden (deceased- 80AW)
An Ren (deceased- unknown AW)
Arslan Altan
Dr. Arthur Watts
Dr. Bartholomew 'Bartie' Oobleck
Bartleby Brunswick (deceased unknown-AW)
Blake Belladonna
Bolin Hori
Brawnz Ni
Cardin Winchester
Spc Opr. Caroline 'Cordo' Cordoven
Ciel Soleil
Cinder Fall, the Fall Maiden.
Coco Adel
Corsac Albain
Cyril Ian
Dee (deceased-81AW)
Dew Gayl
Dove Bronzewing
Eleanor 'Nora' Valkyrie
Elizabeth 'Lisa' Lavender
Emerald Sustrai
Fennec Albain (deceased- 81AW)
Flynt Coal
Fox Alistair
Mayor Ghira Belladonna
Prof. Glynda Goodwitch
Gwendolyne 'Gwen' Darcy
Hazel Rainart
Hei 'Junior' Xiong
Henry Marigold
Ilia Amitola
Chmn. Jacques Schnee (née Gelée)
Gen. James 'Jimmy' Ironwood
Jaune Arc
Kali Belladonna
Klein Sieben
Prof. Leonardo 'Leo' Lionheart (deceased- 81AW)
Li Ren (deceased- unknown AW)
Lie Ren
Marcus Black (deceased- 79AW)
Maria Calavera/The Grimm Reaper
Matte Skye
May Zedong
Melanie Malachite
Mercury Black
Dr. Merlot
Miltiades 'Miltia' Malachite
Nadir Shiko
Nebula Violette
Neon Katt
Neptune Vasilias
Nicholas Schnee (deceased- unknown AW)
Nolan Porfirio
Octavia Ember
Oscar Pine
Ozma (deceased- unknown EG)
Prof. Ozpin (deceased- 80AW)
Penny Polendina (deceased- 80AW)
Prof. Peter Port
Pyrrha Nikos (deceased- 80AW)
Prof. Qrow Branwen
Raven Branwen, the Spring Maiden
Reese Chloris
Roman Torchwick (deceased- 80AW)
Roy Stallion
Ruby Rose
Russel Thrush
Saber Rodentia
Sage Ayana
Saphron 'Saph' Cotta-Arc
Scarlet David
Shay D. Mann (presumed deceased- 81AW)
High Leader Sienna Khan (deceased- 81AW)
Sky Lark
Summer Rose (deceased- 67AW)
Sun Wukong
Taiyang Xiao-Long
Terra Cotta-Arc
Tock (deceased-unknown AW)
Tukson (deceased- 80AW)
Tyrian Callows
Velvet Scarlatina
Vernal (deceased - 81AW)
Weiss Schnee
Whitley Schnee
Spc. Winter Schnee
Yang Xiao-Long
Yatsuhashi Daichi
Level 3
Nov 27, 2015
it was complex but i liked it how did you come up with a quiz like that
Level 61
Dec 12, 2015
Looked for characters on RWBY Wiki
Level 61
Mar 14, 2017
Should I be surprised that the three authors are the fewest guessed answers?