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20,5762019-01-06 Countries with a AAA Credit Rating
14,4232017-08-13 Canadian Metro Areas over 100,000 People
5,6252015-12-15Top 100 Players NBA History
9292015-03-17NHL 2000's Top Point Scorers
9262015-03-17NHL 1990's Top Point Scorers
8462016-03-12NHL Canada 2014 Olympic Hockey Team
8222015-06-30100 Most Influential People Of The 20th Century
8102015-02-21NHL Maurice "Rocket Richard" Trophy Winners
7872016-06-19Top 25 Most Influential Cities In World History
7202015-03-17NHL 1980's Top Point Scorers
6842015-04-24Top 25 Most Influential Cities Of The Past 100 Years
6162015-02-21NHL Vezina Trophy Winners
5622015-02-20NHL players with 5 or more individual awards
4502015-01-22African countries that have switched their names
4342015-03-29Top 30 NHL Defenceman Of All Time
3382015-04-17NHL Players With Most 30 Goal Seasons
3152015-02-21NHL Defensemen with over 1000 Points
3062015-02-21NHL Hart Trophy Winners
2422015-02-21NHL Players with over 1000 assists
2352015-03-31Top 25 NHL Points Per Game Leaders
2252015-04-17NHL goalies with over 300 wins
2172015-02-03Canadian Olympic Hockey Players NHL era
2162015-02-21NHL Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Team
1912015-02-21NHL Canada 2002 Olympic Hockey Team
1872015-09-01Countries with the Highest Human Development Index
1692015-04-29Biggest Land-Locked Cities In The World
1512016-06-23Busiest Airports in the Americas Excluding the U.S
1242015-02-21NHL Canada 1998 Olympic Hockey Team
1102015-02-21NHL Canada 2006 Olympic Hockey Team
1072015-02-08Art Ross Trophy Winners
1002015-02-21NHL Norris Trophy Winners
962018-05-27Spotify Most Played Songs of the 1980's
922014-12-22Highest quality of life cities according to EIU
912017-01-28NHL Most Goals During the 2000's
872016-06-15UK Territory Capitals
822015-03-22Top 50 NHL Hockey Players Of All Time
812015-09-12U.S Colleges/Universities by Endowment
802016-09-12Newest Countries in the world since 1990
722018-07-06Spotify Most Played Songs of the 2000's
672018-05-30Spotify Most Played Songs of the 1990's
612016-06-15French Territory Capitals
572015-02-21NHL Ted Lindsay Trophy Winners
562018-05-27Spotify Most Played Songs of the 1970's
422016-06-15Antilles Selected Capitals Quiz
262015-02-06United States 2002 Olympic Hockey Team
192016-07-01Founder of Companies
122020-12-04City Subreddits With The Most Subscribers
102020-10-24Country Subreddits With The Most Subscribers
72020-11-15Edmonton Trivia
62020-11-13Calgary Trivia
52020-11-15Vancouver Trivia