The Ultimate Shark Quiz

Use the clues to guess the sharks
All sharks are not extinct
Shark varieties (scalloped hammerhead etc.) not included
Some answers are not well known - good luck
Quiz by Sp1r1tFlam3
Last updated: June 4, 2019
First submittedJune 3, 2019
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Curls up to avoid danger
Shy shark
Strangely shaped head
Hammerhead shark
Can survive for 18 hours out of water
Epaulette shark
Liver can weigh 1 tonne
Basking shark
Jaws can propel forwards
Goblin shark
Pulls eyes into sockets when threatened
Blind shark
Has the strongest bite for its body size
Californian horn shark
Often mistaken for above
Port jackson shark
Often mistaken for a ray
Angel shark
Fastest shark
Shortfin mako
Gestation period of three years
Frilled shark
"Garbage can of the sea"
Tiger shark
Can survive two months without food
Blue shark
Camouflaged like coral
Large groups around French Polynesia
Grey reef shark
Largest shark
Whale shark
Can puff up to three times its body size
Swell shark
Can live up to 75 years
Tope shark
..... Whaler
Has large pectoral fins
Oceanic Whitetip
Great white shark
Often swims up rivers
Bull shark
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