General Geography Knowledge - A

There are 35 questions, all of whose answers are geographically related. You can type the answer in any order. Please nominate my quizzes if you enjoyed the quiz. Thanks!
The picture in the thumbnail is a clue of the answer to the first question.
Hope you enjoy my second quiz!
Quiz by Georockstar
Last updated: November 4, 2020
First submittedNovember 4, 2020
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Easiness Level
1 Easy
Largest country starting with A by area
2 Easy
Largest country starting with A by population
3 Easy
Largest city starting with A by population
4 Easy
Largest US state starting with A by area
5 Easy
Largest US state starting with A by population
6 Easy
The largest country in Africa, it is a large Arab country and exporter of oil.
7 Easy
It’s largest city is Calgary and Banff national park is located in this state
8 Easy
Taj Mahal is the monument that makes this city popular and famous
9 Easy
Helen Keller and Rosa parks are from this state whose largest city is Birmingham.
10 Easy
Capital of south Australia, it is a coastal city known for its festivals, sporting events, food, etc.
11 Medium
The tenth largest river in the world famous for flowing on the border of two giant countries
Amur River
12 Medium
Largest city of the largest state of USA
13 Medium
Lying on the Belgian River Scheldt, it is the second busiest port city in Europe.
14 Medium
Second busiest airport is situated in this city
15 Medium
The name of the hills situated to the right of Rajasthan blocking it from rain winds
16 Medium
Source is the Rockies; mouth is the Mississippi, it flows through kansas and oklahoma and is named after a state
Arkansas River
17 Medium
This large and populated chinese city is an inland prefecture level city is China's iron and steel capital.
18 Medium
Jesus Christ and his disciples mostly spoke in this ancient Middle eastern language
Easiness Level
19 Medium
Tallest mountain in the Americas (North and South America)
20 Medium
It is a major port in the Middle East, after which even a gulf bordering Yemen has been named after.
21 Medium
It was an endorheic lake bordering two major 'stan' countries that isn't larger than UAE.
Aral Sea
22 Medium
The caucuses mountain range are there in this country whose capital has four letters.
23 Medium
It is an Afro-asiatic language, spoken widely in the country of Ethiopia
24 Medium
The capital of Paraguay
25 Medium
Escudo is a major currency of this country
26 Medium
The capital of Samoa
27 Medium
This is the heaviest bird of prey named after the mountain range it is widely found in
Andean condor
28 Medium
It is the largest desert in the world.
29 Medium
Driest place on Earth
Atacama Desert
30 Medium
What is written on the flag of Iraq?
Allahu Akbar
31 Medium
The smallest owner of the Pyrenees mountain range.
32 Hard
It is a small British island whose capital is The valley. It is famous for beaches and bays like Rendezvous bay and Little bay.
33 Hard
It is a scenic and beautiful crater lake located close to Mt. Fuji in the island of Honshu.
34 Hard
A major German spa city situated near the borders of the Benelux.
35 Hard
Eighth largest city in Africa by area and by population. It is the largest in its country
Level 72
Nov 4, 2020
The Pyrenees have been moved?
Level 56
Nov 4, 2020

Here is the link to clarify your doubts.

Level 56
Nov 4, 2020
Just viewed my quiz and realized my mistake . Sorry, the glitch has been clarified.
Level 56
Nov 6, 2020
A big sorry to one and all doing the quiz. The answer for the Pyrenees question is Andorra not Armenia. Due to my carelessness I randomnly made the answer as Armenia while making the quiz and now unable to edit it. Further mistakes will not be made.