The Legend of Zelda Quiz

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Quiz by lonkandzoldo
Last updated: March 23, 2020
First submittedMarch 22, 2020
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Its dangerous to go alone -
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The 3 golden goddesses(in the order Blue, Green, Red)
Nayru, Farore, Din
Ganon's weapon in ALTTP
Who must Link wake up I'm Link's Awakening
The Wind Fish
Where is the Forest Temple in OoT
Sacred Forest Meadow
What is falling in Majora's Mask
The Moon
Who is the Oracle of Seasons
Who is the Oracle of Ages
Who is the Oracle of Secrets
Where do you lose your sword in WW
The Forsaken Fortress
Who was banished to the Twilight Realm
The Interlopers
Which colours does Link turn into in Four Swords(Alphabetical Order)
Where is the Four Sword forged in the Minish Cap
The Elemental Sanctuary
Where is Bellum first fought in PH
The Temple of the Ocean King
How many regions are in ST
Where is the Goddess Sword found
The Statue of the Goddess
Who is the Princess of Lorule
Who is the Princess in Triforce Heroes
How many years ago did Calamity Ganon first attack Hyrule
How many adventures has the Hero of Legend been on
What is the final mask in Majora's Mask
The Fierce Deity Mask
Who is the final boss of A Link Between Worlds
Spin-off game involving the Hero of Twilight
Link's Crossbow Training
Spin off game for the WiiU
Hyrule Warriors
What colour is the energy in the trailer for Breath of the Wild 2
Level 80
Mar 23, 2020
Lots of problems in this quiz.
  • The first question doesn't ask a question. Do something to indicate that you're to finish the quote.
  • For the second question, you should not have to provide three answers in a particular order; the three answers should be separated. Each of the three answers are answers to questions 7-9, so just get rid of #2.
  • For question 5, you access the Sacred Forest Meadow -- and thus the Forest Temple -- through Kokiri Forest. The Sacred Forest Meadow isn't on the overworld map. The most general answer to that question is "Kokiri Forest", so that should be an acceptable type-in.
  • For question 12, again, you shouldn't have to provide four answers in a particular order. Break it into four separate answers.
  • "4" is the answer for questions 15 and 20. You can't answer one without answering the other, so get rid of one of them or combine the hints.