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3152020-05-13History Quiz: Which Came First?
1082020-06-03History Quiz: True or False?
802020-02-12Materials from History
632020-05-06History Quiz: Art
602020-03-14Natural Disasters Multiple Choice
502020-10-13City by Building (Easy Version)
472020-08-15British Comedy Shows #1
462020-11-03Largest Empires in History: Top 20
452020-11-04Historical Figure by Initials, Dates and Clue
452020-03-11Country by Landscape
442020-01-02Rock/Metal Bands with Animals in their Names
412020-04-28History Quiz: True or False #3
402020-05-23Extinct Animals True or False
402020-11-10Rock/Metal Band by Picture
392020-10-29Famous Events in Paintings
392020-10-08Capitals of Historical Nations
362020-02-20History Quiz: Groups of Things #1
342020-10-21Cities in Paintings
342020-04-08Cropped Rock/Metal Band Logos
342020-02-20City by Cathedral
342020-08-26History Quiz: Science
342020-10-01Name a Valid Modern Capital (Based On Its History)
332020-10-21History Quiz: Geography #2
322020-01-22History Quiz: Where...?
322020-11-10Famous Events in Photos
322020-02-14Rock/Metal Vocalist to Band
322020-02-20History Quiz: Groups of Things #2
312020-04-02Hanseatic League by Modern Countries
302020-03-21Longest Mountain Chains
302020-09-08European Geography Multiple Choice #1
302020-03-19Deadliest Modern Wars
292020-10-06First Person To...
292020-10-16Historical Figure by Eye
292020-03-09History Quiz: Ethnicity
282020-01-08Rock/Metal Bands/Artists Who Released the Most Studio Albums
282020-03-24Give a Valid Rock/Metal Answer
272020-03-31History Quiz: True or False? #2
272020-08-10Longest-living Animals
272020-10-13City by Building (Intermediate Version)
272020-10-22Historical Kingdom by Capital and Ruler
262020-03-11Oldest Capital City per Continent
262020-03-15Geography of The Witcher
252020-11-05Piece of Literature to Original Language
252020-02-13Medieval Rulers
252020-02-22UK City by Cathedral
242020-08-06Geographical Records by Country
242020-04-20Country by Landscape #5
242020-11-28Actor Names by Clues #1
232020-11-01History Quiz: Languages
232020-02-15Rock/Metal Guitarist to Band
232020-10-19Disease by Picture
232020-02-22History Quiz: Vikings
232020-01-10History Quiz: What...?
222020-02-28History Quiz: Warfare
222020-02-28History Quiz: Prehistory
222020-01-10History Quiz: Which...?
222020-12-04History Quiz: Groups of Things #3
222020-04-02Country by Landscape #3
212020-03-28Rock/Metal Bands Named After Things
212020-11-27History Quiz: Samurai
212020-03-29Country by Landscape #2
212020-11-01History Quiz: The Silk Road
212020-05-18Name a Valid Leader
192020-01-13History Quiz: When...?
192020-10-19History Quiz: Geography #1
192020-02-15Heavy Rock/Metal Song Antonyms
192020-09-08Shared Surnames #1
192020-10-05Rock/Metal Musician to Instrument #1
182020-10-29History Quiz: Empires
182020-03-09Top Ten Largest Church Buildings: Countries
182020-03-21Metal Subgenres by Bands
182020-07-09Unusual Deaths from History
182020-02-25German City by Cathedral or Church
182020-11-06Modern Cities by History (Tile Select) #1
182020-08-27Birth Name or Nickname? #1
182020-10-05Ancient Symbols Picture Quiz
172020-10-28Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (Top 20)
172020-02-08Name the Weapon
172020-02-20City by Mosque
172020-03-10History Quiz: A, B, C or All of the Above
172020-05-09Empire by Capital and Ruler
162020-02-08Oldest City by Country
162020-03-18Rock/Metal Band by Lyric
162020-10-26Capitals of Historical Nations (Difficult)
162020-12-02Historical City by Picture
162020-10-24British County by Picture
162020-02-25History Quiz: Buildings
162020-02-12Ancient Rulers
162020-02-20City by Buddhist Temple
152020-04-07Ancient Civilisations, Kingdoms and Tribal Confederations
152020-05-23Rock/Metal Vocalist to Band #2
142020-10-05Childhood Homes of Historical Figures (Picture Quiz)
142020-09-28Valid Animal by Ability
142020-11-14History Quiz: Odd One Out #1
142020-05-23Two Facts, One Lie
142020-05-10History Quiz: Why...?
142019-12-22Unusual Prehistoric Creatures
132020-12-01Country by Coast (Picture Quiz) #1
132020-06-08Location: Real or Fictional?
132019-12-24Rock Song to Band
132020-03-19Deadliest Ancient Wars
132020-10-01Ancient City by Clue
132020-04-04Country by Tower
132020-03-26Natural Disaster Records
122020-04-03Country by Landscape #4
122020-02-12Fictional/Mythological Places
122020-08-07Palace, Castle or Mansion to Country
122020-08-07Countries by Tallest Statue
122020-03-05History Quiz: Dates
122019-12-25Type of Building or Structure
122020-03-19Deadliest Medieval Wars
122020-05-11History Quiz: How...?
112019-12-28Fastest Things per Type
112020-10-13City by Building (Hard Version)
112020-09-22Prehistoric Creature by Picture #2
112020-11-27Mythological Figure to Mythology
112019-12-22Metal Song to Band
112020-04-07Capital Cities Multiple Choice
112020-03-18Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Professions
112020-01-13Fictional Religions
112020-07-18Type of Building by Silhouette
112020-01-10History Quiz: Who...?
102020-11-26Famous Natural Landform by Cropped Image
102020-06-06Films to Video Games
102020-11-20History Quiz: Odd One Out #2
102020-10-12Crocodilian by Picture
102019-12-27Type of Warrior to Country or Empire
102020-01-17Medieval Travellers
102020-05-04Guess the Company
102020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 21st to 40th
102020-07-05Religious Locations (Multiple Choice)
102020-01-18Name the Mountain
102020-06-25Skyrim Races
102020-08-04Building Records by Country
102020-01-03Actors in The X-Files Famous for Other Roles
92020-09-21Prehistoric Creature by Picture #1
92020-05-21Country by City #1
92020-06-19Complete the Metal Album Name
92019-12-28Guess the Former Country/Empire from the Building/Structure
92020-08-06Historical Texts
92020-10-06Animal Body Parts
92020-05-02City by Palace or Mansion
92020-02-14Landmark to Country
92020-10-26Wetlands Quiz
92020-12-01Country by Coast (Picture Quiz) #2
92020-11-06Civilisation by Ruin
92020-01-08Fictional Races/Humanoids
92020-03-11Leaders in Paintings
92019-12-27Architectural Styles
82020-11-29Rituals and Traditions Throughout History
82020-11-27History Quiz: Pirates
82020-08-20Religious Site by Clue
82020-10-27Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (Full Version)
82020-02-22City by Government Building
82020-02-18Ruling Dynasty by Symbol
82020-02-16Deity by Picture
82020-02-21City by Synagogue
82020-03-22Deadliest Earthquakes
82020-03-15Cropped Planets
82020-07-17Animal, Plant or Fungus?
82020-02-06Building to Architect
72019-12-23Name the Ruins
72020-02-24Metal Band Members
72020-05-09War by Clue
72020-05-07City by Public Space
72020-02-18Video Game by Protagonist
72019-12-24Name the Animal
72020-02-22City by Miscellaneous Religious Building
72020-02-14Modern Rulers
72020-03-09Name the Animal #3
72020-12-02Legendary Aquatic Creatures (Picture Quiz)
62020-11-02Video Game Characters beginning with M
62020-01-09Types of Watercraft
62020-10-27Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire (1792 Version)
62020-03-11Cropped Buildings
62020-11-24Primates Multiple Choice
62020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 41st to 60th
62019-12-29Name the Creators of these Works
62020-03-07Fantasy Quiz
62020-02-18Musician or Sportsperson
62020-12-04Creatures from English and Scottish Folklore
62020-07-25City by Fortification
52020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 81st to 100th
52020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 121st to 137th
52020-09-15Invertebrates Quiz
52020-11-23Occupations of Historical Figures (Multiple Choice)
52020-01-19Ancient Objects
52020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 61st to 80th
52020-02-24City by Pagoda
52020-11-01Largest Empires in History: 101st to 120th
42020-09-08Video Game Villains
42020-01-08Weird Rock/Metal Song to Band
42020-02-21City by Hindu Temple
42020-05-07City by Frank Lloyd Wright Building
42019-12-25Name the Plant
32020-05-22Country by City #2
32020-04-17Building by Clue
32019-12-28Artwork to Civilisation/Culture
32020-06-19Complete the Metal Album Name #2
32020-05-01City by Library
32019-12-28Forms of Writing
32020-04-06City to Continent
22020-08-26Rulers of Westeros (Full Version)
22020-07-15Famous Fighters
12020-04-04Rock/Metal Band by Song and Year
12020-03-09Name the Animal #2
12019-12-28Name the Building
12020-07-09Members of the Holy Leagues
02020-10-28Order by Picture (Animals)
02020-10-28Order by Picture (Plants)