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1,1402020-05-0815 Groups of 15- Geography
7352021-04-05US Cities by Satellite Picture
6752020-04-1710 Groups of 10- Geography
6532020-04-156 Groups of 6- Geography #1
6512021-05-26Regional Languages
6442020-04-218 Groups of 8- Geography #1
6362020-07-30Modern-day Countries by their Former Colonial Names
5912021-06-2815 Taíno/Arawak Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
5842021-08-27Extreme Capital Cities
5232020-03-02Latin American Flags
4562020-04-197 Groups of 7- Geography #1
4172020-06-08Crops by Country
3702020-04-155 Groups of 5- Geography #2
3692020-04-209 Groups of 9- Geography
3362020-04-155 Groups of 5- Geography #1
3182020-04-218 Groups of 8- Geography #2
3162020-04-176 Groups of 6- Geography #4
2992020-04-197 Groups of 7- Geography #2
2902020-04-174 Groups of 4- Geography #3
2772020-04-175 Groups of 5- Geography #4
2722020-05-20Disputed Territories / Borders
2682020-04-166 Groups of 6- Geography #2
2622020-04-174 Groups of 4- Geography #2
2542021-08-25Países em Inglês
2532020-04-165 Groups of 5- Geography #3
2422020-04-227 Groups of 7- Geography #3
2422021-04-08Similar Flags Challenge- Hard
2402020-04-185 Groups of 5- Geography #5
2392021-06-1415 Hebrew Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
2302020-04-216 Groups of 6- Geography #3
2272020-04-174 Groups of 4- Geography #1
2252021-09-23Flags of Europe's Autonomous Regions
2092020-04-196 Groups of 6- Geography #5
2062021-06-1815 Hindi-Urdu Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
2012020-04-206 Groups of 6- Geography #6
1992021-09-08Countries Mentioned in the Bible and the Quran
1772020-03-18World Cities: Cities by Satellite Images
1592020-03-06World's Famous Volcanoes
1592021-08-11El único país del mundo...
1552021-06-1115 Arabic Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
1512020-03-10World Cities: Largest Citiy by Language
1472021-06-14False Friends: British English vs. American English
1442020-03-05European Monarchs in 1900
1412020-03-03Separatist Flags of Europe
1352020-04-28Continental Categories- Geography
1342020-03-05Former / Historical Country Names
1332021-04-22Flags of Breakaway States
1292021-08-27The Most Linguistically Diverse Countries
1282021-03-16Geography Analogies- World
1252021-09-13Last Rulers of Historical Kingdoms and Empires
1252020-03-03Flags of English-Speaking Countries
1242020-04-07Walking Across Borders: Portugal to Singapore
1182020-04-15Lucky 13- Geography
1142021-09-09Modern-day Countries by their Former Colonial Names #2
1122021-08-12Reyes y Reinas de España
1112020-03-23Most Populous Country by Language
1092021-04-16Countries of Famous Writers
1082020-03-03Similar Flags Challenge- Difficult
1062020-03-14Second Most Common Language by Country
1052021-08-16Animales Salvajes en Inglés
1032020-03-11Prominent Writers by Language
1022020-04-184 Groups of 4- Geography #4
1022021-03-04Metropolitan Core Cities - United States
1012021-08-16Animales Marinos en Inglés
1012021-09-27Countries Larger than Alaska
1002020-03-24UN Languages- Top 3 Cities
982021-06-1415 Ancient Greek Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
972020-03-12World Cities: Bridges
972020-04-09Most Spoken Languages by Continent
932020-03-11World Cities: Largest Non-Coastal Cities
922021-08-30Flags of Former Communist Countries
872021-08-16Animales de Granja en Inglés
872021-04-07A or B: Similar Flags
862020-03-09World Cities: Leading Financial Centers
862020-07-14US Cities with the Most Spanish-Speakers
842021-09-02Countries with Wild Gorillas
832021-09-15German Names of European Cities
832020-02-28Latin American Currencies
822021-04-26Latin Names for European Countries & Regions
792021-08-12Anatomía en Inglés
782020-03-03Cities by their Former Name
782021-05-14Country Emojis
772021-06-16Greatest Cities in History
772020-04-16Countries of the World: Geography Quiz (Tile Select)
742021-08-30European Countries with Colonies in Africa by Flags
742020-03-08First-Level Country Sub-Divisions
732021-08-16Verbología en Inglés- Hard
732021-06-1415 Persian Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
722021-05-14World's Royal Houses
722021-07-07The Only Country...
722021-06-30Países más Cercanos a Chile
702020-03-20World Cities: Iconic Churches
702021-09-13First Rulers of Historical Kingdoms and Empires
702021-04-16Countries of Famous Brands
702020-03-11World Cities: Largest Tropical Cities
692020-03-12World Cities: Rivers by City
682020-04-02World Cities: Airports
682020-03-10Languages in their Native Form
682020-03-04Sedes de Gobierno- América Latina
672020-03-08Famous City Squares from around the World
662021-08-18Personajes de El Chavo del 8
662020-03-13World Cities: Homonymous US Cities
652021-08-1610 US Largest Cities- 2020 Census
652020-04-09Cities by Country- Tile Select
652021-09-20Frutas y Vegetales en Inglés- Hard
652021-04-20Cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
642020-05-11Geographic Alphabet Quiz- USA
642021-09-02Countries with Wild Tigers
642021-09-15Italian Names of European Cities
632021-04-09US States by Picture
632020-02-23English Names of Latin American Cities
622021-04-07A or B: Similarly Shaped Countries
622020-03-20Famous Landmarks from Around the World
622021-08-26Países mais próximos de Portugal
612021-02-24Modern-day Cities by their Former/Historical Names
612020-03-09World Cities: Iconic Streets
602020-03-19Etymology of Asian Capital Cities' Names
602021-08-30Countries Which Have Claimed To Be Rome's Successor
602021-08-18Capital Cities with more than One Word
602021-06-1115 Quechua Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
602020-02-22Languages of Latin America
592021-05-18City Emojis
592021-06-1115 Nahuatl Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
592020-04-07Walking Across Borders: Portugal to South Africa
592021-08-23World's Most Powerful Passports
582021-06-01Countries Named After People
582020-03-08US Cities: Iconic Streets
582021-08-23Subdivisiones Territoriales de América Latina
582021-02-25Spanish Names for Cities in the Former Habsburg Netherlands
582020-03-31Cities by Street-Level View
572020-03-24Meaning of Californian City Names
572021-08-26Países mais próximos do Brasil
572021-06-29Largest European Islands by Population
562021-05-12City Names: Named after a Historical Figure
562021-06-16Countries Whose FIFA Membership ≠ Geography
562021-08-16Países más cercanos a Venezuela
562021-08-16Frutas y Vegetales en Inglés- Easy
552021-08-20Países latinoamericanos por longitud de costa
552021-09-15Spanish Names of European Cities
552021-08-17Oficios y Profesiones en Inglés
542021-09-17Countries in Catalan
542020-03-30Coats of Arms from around the World
542021-04-22Flags of Disputed States
542021-07-09Countries Closest to Dubai
542020-03-02Largest Coastal Cities in Latin America
542021-09-02Países de Sobrevuelo ✈️
532021-08-16Química en Inglés
532021-06-1115 Algonquian Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
532020-03-07Largest Non-Capital Cities: Latin America
522021-08-31Top 10 Countries by Clothing Exports
512020-04-06The apple is red (in multiple languages)
512021-09-27Countries Smaller than New York City
512021-09-22Countries in Haitian Creole
502021-07-14Countries Closest to Hong Kong
502021-09-16Countries of the Euro Area by Former Currencies
502021-05-26World Leaders: 1930s-1940s
502021-07-09Countries Closest to Mecca
502020-03-07EU Languages in their Native Form
492020-03-26Famous Seaside Resort Towns / Cities
492020-09-10World Cities: Largest City by Ocean / Sea
492020-03-07Names of Capital Cities in their Native Language
492020-03-09World Cities: Iconic Districts/Neighborhoods
492021-08-11Países más cercanos a México
482020-04-01Famous Islands of the World
482020-03-26US Satellite Cities
482021-09-14Museums by City
482020-04-15Saintly Cities- USA
472020-03-05Names of Countries in their Native Language
472021-06-1115 Tupi-Guaraní Words You Didn’t Realize You Knew
472020-04-07US Geographic Features & Landforms
462020-03-02European Sub-National Flags
462020-03-30Homonymous US & International Names for Places
462021-08-12Países en Inglés
462021-04-16European Country Epithets
462021-04-22Catholic Cities of Europe– in Latin!
462021-08-23Banderas del Mundo Hispano
462021-04-14Oldest Universities by Country
462020-03-09Former Capital Cities
452020-05-20Geographic Alphabet Quiz- World Capitals
452021-09-17Countries in Romanian
452021-06-30Countries Closest to the former USSR (1991)
442021-06-10Who wrote it?- Challenge
442021-05-12City Names: Named after a Monarch
442020-06-10Countries by Ethnic Group
442021-09-23Countries in Luxembourgish
442021-06-18World's Top 15 Container Ports Outside Asia
432021-09-15Spanish Names for European Places
432020-03-06Names of Countries in Latin
432021-06-30Countries Closest to Costa Rica
432020-02-22Spanish Empire
422021-08-25Monarcas do Brasil
422021-07-30Countries Closest to Athens
422020-03-27World Cities: Iconic Towers
422021-08-16Países más cercanos a Colombia
412020-04-09Geography Quiz- NOT in Europe (Tile Select)
412021-04-27Monarchical Governments around the World
412021-05-14City Names: Contain the Word "New"
412021-07-15Countries Closest to Jakarta
412021-08-12Países en Latín
412021-09-17Countries in Turkish
402021-07-21Countries Closest to Edinburgh
402020-05-11Geographic Alphabet Quiz- Europe
402021-06-03Cities Named after British People
402021-08-30European Countries with Colonies in the Americas by Flags
402021-04-09Historical Figures- by Birth & Death
392020-03-25European Countries with a Coastal Capital Citiy
392021-07-08Countries Closest to Istanbul
392021-08-24Presidential US States
392021-07-22Countries Closest to Helsinki
392021-04-29Prominent Figures of WWII
392021-02-25Walking Across Borders: Alaska to Chile
392021-09-17Countries in French
392021-05-14Liquors from around the World
382020-03-09World Cities: Nicknames
382021-09-02Fly-Over Countries ✈️
382020-03-12World Cities: Famous Arches
382021-07-14Countries Closest to Gibraltar
372020-07-13Remote Islands
372021-09-17Countries in Russian
372020-04-15Saintly World Cities
372021-06-30Countries Closest to Portugal
362021-06-07Former Kingdoms
362021-09-21Countries in Hungarian
362021-05-13City Names: Named after a Landform
362021-08-16Ciudades con más Hispanos en EEUU
362021-06-14False Friends: English vs. French
362021-09-17Countries in Italian
362021-06-30Countries Closest to Russia
362020-04-06Imperial Capital Cities
362021-08-18Letras Revueltas - Países Iberoamericanos
352021-07-14Countries Closest to Puerto Rico
352021-05-27World Leaders: 1950s
352021-03-19Similarly Shaped Countries
352021-04-05Which of these European Cities?
352021-07-22Countries Closest to London
352021-05-27Time Person of the Year- Multiple Recipients 1927-2020
352021-05-11City Names: Contain the Word "City"
352021-09-27Countries Larger than Ontario
352021-09-17Countries in Spanish
352021-05-18Cheeses from around the World
352021-08-24United States of Movies
342021-05-11City Names: Contain the Word "Saint"
342021-04-22Capital European Rivers
342021-07-12Countries Closest to Mumbai
342021-07-15Countries Closest to Sydney
342021-08-31Wheat Exports by Country - Top 10
342021-06-09World Leaders: 1960s
342020-02-20Guess the Latin American City
342020-05-04Border Cities/Towns
342021-06-16World's Top 15 World Container Ports
332021-09-22Countries in Lithuanian
332021-04-09River Borders- USA
332021-04-21Top 15 Wine Producing Countries
332021-04-26EU Special Member State Territories
332020-03-03Flags of Caribbean Countries in 90 seconds
332021-06-30Countries Closest to Guatemala
332020-03-01Cultural Landmarks: Latin America
332021-07-06Countries Closest to San Francisco
332020-06-10Country Endonyms (Romanized)
332021-06-16National Football (Soccer) Team Nicknames
322021-04-21University Towns USA
322021-08-18Monarquías de América Latina
322021-09-16Nuclear Countries
322021-07-13Countries Closest to Berlin
322021-07-06Countries Closest to Rio de Janeiro (City)
322020-02-24Latin American Countries by Satellite Picture
322020-03-04Territories of the United States
312021-08-26Estados Fronteiriços do Brasil
312021-07-12Countries Closest to Madrid
312021-04-21World's Satellite Cities
312021-09-22Countries in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
312021-04-20Latin Names of European Capitals
312021-05-17City Names: Contain the Suffix "-ton'"
312021-05-27Interstate Junctions
312021-09-17Countries in German
312021-08-16Países más cercanos a Guatemala
302021-04-15City Rivers- World
302020-02-24Spanish-Speaking Countries
302020-03-27World's Rivers & Bodies of Water
302021-08-12Países en Griego
302021-07-08Countries Closest to Cairo
302020-04-08Trans-Boundary Rivers
302020-03-03Union Jack Flags- Expert Level
302021-09-22Countries in Serbo-Croatian
302020-03-01Capital Cities- Latin America
302020-03-30National Animals
302021-08-26Estados Fronterizos de México
302021-04-09US State Nicknames
292021-05-11City Names: Contain the Word "Port"
292020-05-06Geographic Alphabet Quiz- Africa
292021-04-21Beers from around the World
292020-03-04Premios Nobel Latinoamericanos
282021-09-17Countries in Portuguese
282021-07-02Countries Closest to Tokyo
282021-04-27Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)
282021-09-17Countries in Swedish
282021-06-30Countries Closest to California
282021-06-14False Friends: English vs. German
282021-08-16Países más cercanos a Costa Rica
282021-06-08Former Duchies
282021-08-16Países más cercanos a Cuba
282021-07-29Countries Closest to Kolkata
282021-07-02Countries Closest to Moscow
282021-07-19Countries Closest to Anchorage
282021-06-14False Friends: English vs. Spanish #1
272021-07-12Countries Closest to Mexico City
272021-09-16Countries by Currency
272021-08-16Meteorología en Inglés
272021-07-16Countries Closest to Murmansk
272020-03-02Major Ports of Latin America
272021-09-01World's Largest Urban Areas
272021-07-14Countries Closest to Kinshasa
272021-09-02World's Top 10 Military Spenders (2020)
272021-07-09Countries Closest to Jerusalem
272021-04-21Most Populous Country Sub-Divisions
272021-02-26Global Maritime Chokepoints
262021-07-09Countries Closest to Rome
262021-05-26Flagship 50 - US Universities
262021-08-12Países en Ruso
262021-06-17Palabras de Origen Náhuatl que Usamos en Español
262021-04-26Arabisms In Spanish
262021-08-16Geomorfología en Inglés
262021-08-03Countries Closest to Washington DC
252021-07-21Countries Closest to New York City
252021-07-28Countries Closest to Ulaan Baatar
252020-03-27Neighboring Countries by Cardinal Direction
252021-07-14Countries Closest to Beijing
242020-03-02Sub-National Flags of North America
242020-02-25Latin American Coats of Arms
242021-07-21Countries Closest to Nuuk
242021-09-17Countries in Polish
242021-09-02World's Highest Paid Athletes in 2021
242021-10-19Former Flags
242021-05-13City Names: Contain the Word "Town"
242021-07-07Countries Closest to Alaska
242021-09-23Countries in Icelandic
232021-07-26Countries Closest to Shanghai
232021-10-14National Flags with Birds
232021-07-12Countries Closest to Reykjavík
232021-09-03Countries of Europe by Top-Level Domain
232021-07-21Countries Closest to Canada
232021-07-20Countries Closest to Trondheim
232021-07-01Countries Closest to Texas
232021-04-14New Places
232021-04-21Largest Country Sub-Divisions
232021-04-13Burg Places
222021-08-17Top US States by Hydroelectric Power
222020-05-11Geographic Alphabet Quiz- Asia
222021-06-29US States with No Income Tax
222021-02-25Federal Governments around the World
222021-06-30Countries Closest to Colombia
222021-03-01International Borders- Marginal Seas
222021-09-07Countries Never Invaded by Britain
222021-07-28Countries Closest to Volgograd
222021-07-20Countries Closest to Bangkok
222021-07-29Countries Closest to New Delhi
222021-09-17Countries in Japanese: Europe
222021-09-23Countries in Swahili
212020-07-15Countries with 2 Unique Land Neighbors
212021-07-13Countries Closest to Buenos Aires
212021-07-13Countries Closest to Lima
212021-07-14Countries Closest to Novosibirsk
212021-08-17Top US States by Wind Power
212021-06-14False Friends: English vs. Italian
212021-09-17Countries in Danish
212021-04-13Port Cities and Towns
212021-08-17Capitales Hispanoamericanas por Orden de Fundación
212021-07-22Countries Closest to Vienna
212021-07-08Countries Closest to Cape Town
202021-05-13Noun Wars
202020-03-30World's National Parks
202020-07-14Countries by Crop (Picture)
202021-07-16Countries Closest to Perth
202021-07-21Countries Closest to Magadan
202021-08-27Extreme Capital Cities #2
202021-07-21Countries Closest to Miami
202021-07-20Countries Closest to St John's
202021-07-16Countries Closest to Baku
202021-08-25Monarcas Chilenos
192021-08-17Top US States by Solar Power
192021-07-21Countries Closest to Florida
192020-07-15Country Demonyms Ending in -i
192021-09-21Countries in Finnish
192021-09-21Countries in Hindi
192020-03-03Caribbean Basin Countries
192021-06-09US Cities by Counties
192021-07-19Countries Closest to Antananarivo
192021-07-29Countries Closest to Warsaw
192021-07-12Countries Closest to Lagos
192020-04-01Mountain Ranges within One Country
192021-07-26Countries Closest to Seattle
192021-07-21Countries Closest to Winnipeg
192021-07-21Countries Closest to Ushuaia
182020-04-08Costa Rica Country Quiz
182021-07-23Countries Closest to Los Angeles
182021-06-29Countries Closest to Bermuda
182021-07-21Countries Closest to Cuba
182021-02-23Cold Warriors
182021-10-26Countries in Irish
182021-03-02International Borders- Deserts
182021-10-13National Flags with Birds of Prey
182021-07-12Countries Closest to Paris
182020-02-2219th-Century Latin America
172021-08-19Capital Cities of the Antilles
172020-05-12Geographic Alphabet Quiz- Canada
172021-06-14False Friends: English vs. Spanish #2
172021-08-17Top US States by Geothermal Power
172021-09-17Countries in Dutch
172021-09-21Countries in Korean
172021-07-16Countries Closest to Dakar
162021-06-30Countries Closest to Mexico
162021-04-02Which of these North American Cities?
162020-02-22Closest Spanish-Speaking Capital Cities
162021-06-14False Friends: English vs. Spanish #3
162021-07-23Countries Closest to Houston
152021-07-21Countries Closest to Illinois
152020-04-06US Federal Reserve Districts
152021-09-17Countries in Japanese: Africa
152021-03-02International Borders- Lakes
152021-07-15Countries Closest to Fortaleza
152021-07-21Countries Closest to Auckland
152021-04-09Which of these Asian Cities?
152021-10-14National Flags Depicting the Sun
152021-09-17Countries in Latin
152021-07-22Countries Closest to N'Djamena
152021-09-20Countries in Japanese: Asia & Oceania
152021-06-14False Friends: English vs. Russian
152021-05-26Archipelagic Countries
152021-06-01World Cities: Latitude & Longitude
152020-03-31World's Famous Mountains
142021-08-25Monarcas Argentinos
142021-04-20International Borders- Rivers
142021-08-25P5 Leaders Post-WWII
142021-08-12Países en Alemán
142021-09-21Countries in Arabic
142020-05-01Bordering Capital Cities
142021-07-19Countries Closest to Dar es-Salaam
142021-07-13Countries Closest to Caracas
142021-08-18Monarchs of the USSR
142021-08-25Monarcas Mexicanos
142021-04-02Which of these Latin American Cities?
142021-07-26Countries Closest to Manaus
132021-07-22International Borders- Gulfs / Bays
132021-03-02International Borders- Gulfs / Bays / Bights
132020-05-14Geographic Alphabet Quiz- China
132021-03-02International Borders- Mountains
132021-09-13US Government Agencies
132021-07-21Countries Closest to Ponta Delgada
132020-05-07Geographic Alphabet Quiz- South America
132021-09-17Countries in Greek
122021-09-21Countries in Japanese: The Americas
122021-06-30Countries Closest to Chile
122021-04-08Which of these African Cities?
122021-06-30Countries Closest to Venezuela
122021-07-26Countries Closest to Colombo
122021-04-08Latin American Countries- Tile Quiz
112020-02-27Natural Wonders: South America
112020-05-07Geographic Alphabet Quiz- North America
102021-04-26Which of these Russian Cities?
92021-06-295 Tallest Buildings by Continent
92021-07-27Countries Closest to Baghdad
82020-03-02Highest Peaks of Latin American Countries
82021-07-20Countries Closest to Brazil
72021-09-01US Counties That Border Canada
72021-09-21Countries in Chinese
62021-04-13Southern Villes
62021-09-08IGOs Headquarters
52021-07-22Countries Closest to San José
52021-09-15Mexican Monarchs
52021-08-31US Counties That Border Mexico
32021-08-26Mexican Bordering States