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A god and his half god half giant son travel across the Nordic realm in order to spread the ashes of the the boy's mother at her home place.God of War
After a bank robbery gone wrong, a group of outlaws must flee east as martial law is killing out all outlaws. The group conspires to flee to Tahiti but can not seem to outrun the law. This is because one of them is a mole.Red Dead Redemption II
A man travels to the Middle East to spread his mother's ashes, and finds that he is the son of a man who started a resistance group against the leader of this place in the Middle East. Now he has to fight against this psychotic leader who wears a pink suit.Farcry Four
Narrowly escaping a beheading, the character is put on an epic journey where they must slay the king dragon of their realm in order to save the world from being eaten. The character is the one who must do this as they have the blood of the dragons infused in their blood.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Rainbow astronauts must work to maintain one of three places in space and must weed out the fake astronaut who is killing the others.Among Us
The protagonist must navigate a spaceship stealthily in fear of getting killed by androids, or worse, the thing crawling in the vents.Alien Isolation
A washed up criminal, aspiring gangster, and murdering psychopath joins forces with a creepy old hunchback in order to take scores and become criminal masterminds.GTA V
After attempting to stop an escaped convict, a man absorbs special powers from the convict. Together, he and his brother must travel to Seattle in search of a power that can save his people.Infamous Second Son
Legendary monster hunter known as the White Wolf must search for his adopted daughter.The Witcher III
The royal bodyguard of a queen is framed for her death but is rescued by a group who wishes to maintain the bodyguard's innocence. He is also given otherworldly powers by an outside godly figure. There is also a plague akin to the black death going on in the game.Dishonored
4 ragtag teammates must stop two twins from becoming powerful, over two billion gunsBorderlands 3
The Time God of a universe is hell bent on erasing time to the very beginning to wash away humanities mistakes. It is up to many of Earth's strongest fighters to stop her.Mortal Kombat 11

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