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18,6562020-04-25 Countries that Beat Germany
12,3442020-04-02 Geography Containing the Letter X
11,5712020-06-19 Most Populous U.S. Cities as a Percent of Their State
11,2382020-04-28 Things That Can Fly
10,0962020-09-13 Countries that Beat D.R. Congo
5,2232021-05-20 Every Country of Europe Since 1815 With a Map
3,8342020-05-23 NFL Players by Wikipedia Descriptions
2,9302020-05-22 Mots anglais les plus communs
1,5842020-05-10NCAA College Basketball Teams - One Minute Sprint
6392020-12-02All U.S. Metro Areas by Proximity
4862021-01-16 Concelhos de Portugal
4012020-08-23Countries that Beat Argentina
3482020-11-04Name a Valid Language
3002020-05-17Countries that Beat Portugal
2902020-05-10NCAA College Football Teams - One Minute Sprint
2662020-08-29Quiz Sull’Italia
2572020-08-31Countries of Europe in 1700
2222020-09-21All NCAA Power Five Logos
2122020-06-26Cities that Beat New York
2012020-05-19Category Elimination - Americas Geography
1942020-06-0250 Biggest Cities in the United States - In Order
1902020-09-02Counties of England With An Empty Map
1902020-08-04Russian Geography on a Map
1472020-06-17European Geography Quiz for Dummies
1312020-09-20Pays qui battent l'Allemagne
1242020-04-26Random North American Pro Sports Logos
1232020-09-02Provincias de España con un Mapa Vacío
1202020-06-07Beatles Songs Using Any Word in the Title in 5 Minutes
1072020-06-24Villes de hockey de la LNH - Carte Quiz
1072020-12-17Most Spoken Languages that Don't Use the Latin Script
1062020-04-22NFL 2010s All-Decade Team
962020-04-22NFL Crazy Stats
882020-08-31Quiz sur les Pays-Bas
882020-05-28TV Shows by Wikipedia Descriptions
872020-06-25UEFA Champions League Winners Map Quiz
862020-07-24Bundesrepublik Deutschland WM-Kader 1974
822020-05-26NFL Football Word Chain
792020-06-03Countries Without the Letters A or E
772020-04-19Groups of Things - The Human Body
732020-04-23Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Songs
712020-04-23Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Artists
692020-11-25Asian History A-Z
682020-04-21Did Donald Trump Say That?
672020-05-03100 Places on Earth - Picture Quiz
652020-05-29Geography by Picture - V
642020-04-22Countries by Their Former Name
632021-01-20The Only U.S. President...
632020-05-20Top 10 Countries By Religion Percentage-Wise
612020-04-30Geography Superlatives
572020-06-13European Cities Chain
552020-07-24Bundesrepublik Deutschland WM-Kader 1990
542020-05-1712 kuukautta 15 sekunnissa
532020-09-20Pays qui battent la République démocratique du Congo
522020-05-29Geography by Picture - U
522020-06-05Random Geography by Letter - B
512020-04-14Music Analogies
492020-04-22Capitals of Former Countries Quiz
492020-07-20NFL 2010s Yardage Leaders
492020-05-13Largest Countries by Century
482020-07-16U.S. States with the Longest Total Borders
472020-06-06Random Geography by Letter - C
452020-08-20All Cities in Australia With a Map
452020-06-12Places by Former Name A-Z
442020-04-28Count to 10 in Europe - Extreme
442020-04-27Chinese Dialect Groups
432020-07-15Last 10 European Capitals Alphabetically
432020-06-18European Countries by Wikipedia Descriptions
432020-05-24Country Independence Chains
422020-07-10Geography Ending in the Letter A - A-Z
422020-04-22Top 5 Oldest Cities By Continent
412020-06-10Random Geography by Letter - A
412020-04-13Which Continent Has the Most?
412020-05-18Beatles Songs by Antonyms
412020-04-22World Capitals in 1945
402020-07-24Equipo de España a la Copa Mundial del 2010
402020-07-07Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #2
382020-05-02The New Seven Wonders of the World
382020-04-22Random Country in a Random Language
382020-09-01NCAA "Power Five" Cities Map Quiz
382020-07-07Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #1
372020-04-22Most Christian Countries in the World
372020-04-22Inhabited Dependent Territories Quiz
362020-07-03History Containing the Letter Q
352020-05-15History Tile Select Quiz
352020-04-22Most Populous Subdivisions By Country
342021-01-22Canada True or False?
342020-04-22Largest U.S. States By Category
342020-07-012019-20 UEFA Champions League Map Quiz
332020-04-22Countries of the World in 1900
332020-06-23Random General Knowledge - Cities
322020-07-07Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #4
322020-04-22NFL MVPs and Super Bowl Winners Quiz
322020-07-05City Superlatives - Top 2
322020-08-24Oldest North American Teams by Sport
312020-05-16Best Athlete By Number
312020-05-02NCAA Football Original FBS Teams
302020-04-22Flags With Stars
292020-06-21Biggest Cities in North America With Exceptions
292020-05-15North American Sports Never Champions - Tile Select Quiz
292020-05-27Word Chain - Canada
292020-08-01U.S. States With a Cardinal Direction in Their Name
292020-07-28Saint Cities - Map Quiz
272020-06-19Countries by a Two-Letter Portion of Their Name
272020-07-18U.S. State Capitals Borderless Map Quiz
272020-04-22Biggest Cities in Oceania With Exceptions
272020-04-22NFL Highest Drafted Hall of Famer in Each Class
262020-04-22Most Forested Countries
262020-07-07Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #3
262020-05-15Most Recently Independent Countries by Ruling Country
252020-04-22NFL Players in Unfamiliar Jerseys #1
252020-04-23DC Superheroes Quiz
252020-05-01Groups of Things - Video Games
252020-09-18Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #6
242020-06-16Countries by Second Most Populous City
242020-05-15Places With Long One-Word Names
242020-04-22Odd-Looking Animals Picture Quiz
242020-08-02Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #5
242020-06-14Top 5 Most-Guessed JetPunk Answers
232020-07-07Capitals Based on a Portion of Their Name
232020-03-28Continents by Animal Quiz
232020-04-22NCAA Football Newest Teams
222020-04-22Beatles Albums Quiz
222020-06-13Capitals by Consonants
222020-04-22Biggest Cities By Area Quiz
212020-05-15Random European Subdivision to Country
212020-05-05Top Five Countries With the Oldest Median Age by Continent
212020-04-22Animals of Madagascar Picture Quiz
212020-04-22World Capitals With No Hints
212020-04-22Best Selling Nintendo Franchises
212020-04-22NFL Hall of Fame First Round Picks
202020-07-07Random Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name
202020-06-06Random College Football Team to Name
202021-01-04Brazil Multiple Choice
192020-05-30U.S. States in the Eastern Time Zone
192020-05-29Sweet Caroline Lyrics
192020-06-01Last 10 U.S. State Capitals Alphabetically
182020-06-14Countries of Europe Demonyms
172020-05-31U.S. States in the Alaska Time Zone
172020-04-22NFL Players That Went to Small Colleges
172020-05-08Significant Days Celebrated By Catholics
172020-05-30U.S. States in the Pacific Time Zone
172020-05-05Top Five Countries With the Youngest Median Age by Continent
162020-06-14Countries With an "I" Demonym
162020-04-22UEFA Euro Teams Quiz
152020-04-29Greetings From the European Union
152020-07-23Countries With Less Than 50,000 People
152020-05-30U.S. States in the Mountain Time Zone
142020-04-22FIFA Members Quiz
142020-05-30U.S. States in the Central Time Zone
122020-05-17Suurimmat maat väestön mukaan
122020-06-19Country Codes of Asia
122020-07-23Countries With Less Than 100,000 People
102020-05-10NCAA College Basketball Teams - Ten Minute Sprint
102020-04-22NFL Players in Unfamiliar Jerseys #2
102020-07-03JetPunk General Knowledge Quiz
102020-07-03JetPunk Multiple Choice
82020-06-20All Country Codes