Suggested Quizzes

Based on 100 Simpsons' Characters

0Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lyrics Quiz0-85%4.89440,810
1Simpsons Characters Quiz0-22%4.54104,983
2Simpsons Quotes Quiz0-55%4.2630,477
3Simpsons Decoder0-65%4.3817,297
4Locations on The Simpsons0-50%4.059,215
5Simpsons Parodies0-45%4.067,401
6Simpsons Trivia Quiz #20-55%3.6336,602
7Simpsons Trivia Quiz #30-60%3.5531,933
8The Simpsons - Quote to Character0-53%3.5730,447
9Simpsons Trivia Quiz #10-60%3.6329,087
10Simpsons Trivia Quiz #40-65%3.9628,637
11Simpsons Last Names Quiz0-63%3.9828,526
12Unpossible Simpsons Trivia Quiz0-35%3.6420,092
13Seinfeld Trivia Quiz #10-75%4.4618,517
14Friends Theme Song Lyrics0-78%4.3366,822
15Main Friends Characters and Actors0-91%4.2620,436
16Seinfeld Quotes Quiz0-68%4.1416,504
17Friends A-Z0-73%4.2411,634
18Seinfeld Trivia Quiz #20-70%4.389,880
19All the Pokémon (#001 to #890)0-41%4.9057,683
20Friends Trivia0-70%3.9084,888
21Friends Episodes0-34%3.7921,253
22Fresh Prince of Bel Air Characters0-63%3.364,216
23Characters from The Office0-79%4.4320,595
24Top 1990s TV Shows Quiz0-26%3.2763,914
25Saved by the Bell Characters Quiz0-85%3.4726,710
26Family Guy Trivia #10-72%4.2699,598
27Family Guy Theme Song Lyrics0-83%4.2545,789
28Family Guy Characters0-64%4.1640,738
29Futurama Characters Quiz0-57%4.0413,941
30South Park Trivia0-65%4.0510,332
31The Office Trivia0-85%4.3437,607
32Last Names from The Office (US)0-66%4.2111,197
33Original Pokémon Quiz0-47%4.71442,692
341990s Popular Catch Phrases Quiz0-73%4.03134,050
35Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics0-78%3.8053,409
36SpongeBob Characters0-48%3.9343,675
37SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia0-65%3.8541,091
38South Park Characters0-62%3.8524,230
39Family Guy Quiz #20-60%3.3724,184
40Futurama Trivia0-65%3.927,757
41Breaking Bad Trivia0-73%3.9324,957
42Top 1980s TV Shows Quiz0-43%4.0418,315
43Glee Characters0-76%3.0017,429
44G1 The Transformers Quiz0-38%4.1712,614
45Who Did that Glee Song0-36%3.725,908
46Game of Thrones Last Names0-77%4.5156,309
47Game of Thrones Houses Quiz0-62%4.5948,426
48Game of Thrones Characters by Death0-73%4.4130,130
49Books of "A Song of Ice and Fire"0-71%4.556,872
50Cartoon Villains Quiz0-62%4.31151,175
51Pokémon Types0-83%4.16103,588
52Oscar Best Animated Pictures Quiz0-78%4.5031,427
53Cartoon Characters #10-58%4.4419,798
54Cartoon Characters #20-66%4.4418,003
55Highest Grossing 1990s Movies0-75%4.2961,114
561990s Movie Quotes Quiz0-66%4.3557,536
57#1 Hits of the 1990s Quiz0-35%4.3547,551
58Who Did That 1990s Song #10-54%4.1340,695
59Who Did That 1990s Song #20-54%4.2233,282
60Fads of the 1990s0-55%4.1231,475
611990s Music Trivia #10-55%4.2727,021
621990s Movie Trivia #10-65%4.1922,370
63The Bill Clinton Presidency0-58%4.0719,554
64Top Box Office Stars of the 1990s0-36%4.2817,018
651990s Movie Trivia #20-60%4.3216,438
66The George H. W. Bush Presidency0-69%4.3814,434
67Things that Alanis Morissette Finds "Ironic"0-70%4.2511,985
68Girls of Mambo Number 50-71%4.2210,267
691990s American TV Trivia0-60%3.669,204
701990s Albums Quiz #10-47%4.068,146
71Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics Quiz0-78%4.35160,093
72#1 Hits of the 2010s Quiz0-59%4.22127,546
73Who Did That 1980s Song #10-65%4.26102,188
74#1 Hits of the 1980s Quiz0-37%4.6065,772
75#1 Hits of the 1970s Quiz0-31%4.5043,153
76The John F. Kennedy Presidency0-78%4.5024,630
77Who Did That 1960s Song #20-59%4.5022,287
782014 Year in Review0-71%4.4320,686
79#1 Hits of the 1960s Quiz0-24%4.5618,155
80Back to the Future Trivia0-71%4.4916,436
811980s WWF Wrestlers Quiz0-22%3.3615,777
821980s Movie Trivia #10-60%4.4915,017
832000s American TV Trivia0-55%4.0315,001
841970s Albums Quiz0-65%4.5014,229
851960s Movie Trivia0-70%4.5010,848
86Movies by Year, 1950-19690-75%4.469,964
87A Quiz About Elvis Presley0-72%4.429,569
881980s American TV Trivia0-70%4.229,433
891960s American TV Trivia0-70%4.038,805
90Places Mentioned in the Song "Kokomo"0-55%4.427,887
91Woodstock Performers0-28%4.465,888
92Game of Thrones - The Book0-76%4.2969,159
93How I Met Your Mother Quiz0-72%4.1128,367
94Star Trek Quotes Quiz0-75%4.0225,466
95SNL Cast Members Quiz0-31%4.0711,480
96Parks and Recreation Trivia0-80%4.3211,060
97It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quiz0-77%4.098,345
98Star Trek Characters and Actors0-52%4.177,293
99Doctor Who Actors0-69%4.196,353
100House M.D. Trivia0-58%4.395,289
101Gilligan's Island Castaways0-85%4.034,136
102Pokemon Theme Tune Lyrics0-66%4.1656,991
103Pokémon Real-Life Resemblances0-77%4.0746,243
104Pokémon Evolutions - 1st Generation0-87%4.1837,350
105Looney Tunes Characters0-63%4.1922,780
106Generation II Pokémon (Johto)0-51%4.1217,531
107American TV Taglines Quiz0-52%4.4617,299
108Cartoon Characters #30-66%4.2116,070
109Word Puzzles - TV Titles #10-70%4.5014,236
110TV Shows by Opening Narration0-46%4.489,616
111American TV by Clue #20-55%4.458,579
112TV and Movie Character Creators0-45%4.525,636
113Animated Movie Co-Stars0-55%4.275,540
114Newspaper Comic Strips0-56%4.173,666
1151990s One Hit Wonders Quiz0-50%3.8132,578
116Mortal Kombat Characters Quiz0-70%3.8832,061
1171990s Movie Taglines Quiz0-52%3.9731,298
118Ice Ice Baby Lyrics Quiz0-56%3.3231,003
119Who Did That 1990s Song #30-50%3.8429,592
1201990s Movie Co-Stars0-60%4.0026,640
1211990s Decade Quiz0-65%3.9018,076
122Street Fighter 2 Characters Quiz0-66%3.9217,379
1231990s Celebrities0-50%3.8316,969
1241990s Music Trivia #20-55%3.9713,040
1251990s Groups of Things0-41%3.138,615
126Spice Girls Members0-80%3.486,577
1271990s Albums Quiz #20-41%3.956,483
128O.J. Simpson - Trial of the Century0-61%3.655,581
129NBA Jam Rosters (SNES/Genesis)0-31%3.505,391
1302000s Catchphrases Quiz0-50%2.78292,525
1311980s Catchphrases Quiz0-75%3.65163,092
132#1 Hits of the 2000s Quiz0-43%4.1579,466
133Livin' on a Prayer Lyrics Quiz0-70%4.1866,857
134Who Did That 1970s Song #10-62%4.3952,894
135Recent Movie Taglines Quiz0-57%4.1343,988
136Who Did That 1980s Song #20-50%4.1643,872
1372012 Year in Review0-56%4.0439,249
138Highest Grossing 1980s Movies0-65%4.3635,511
1392000s Movie Trivia #10-55%4.2935,338
1402011 Year in Review0-56%4.0234,804
141Who Did That 1970s Song #20-53%4.1133,438
1422013 Year in Review0-54%4.2231,536
143Fads of the 1980s0-65%4.0531,091
1441980s Decade Quiz0-70%4.2030,852
1451980s Movie Taglines Quiz0-58%4.2430,257
1462000s Movie Co-Stars0-60%4.0529,167
1472010s Music Trivia0-75%4.0927,768
148Who Did That 1960s Song #10-68%4.1827,166
1491910s Decade Quiz0-60%4.1323,872
1501940s Decade Quiz0-65%4.2622,838
151I Will Survive Lyrics0-65%4.1922,452
1522000s Music Trivia #20-65%4.1022,429
1531930s Decade Quiz0-70%4.1922,274
154Hair Band Songs Quiz0-57%4.1722,118
1551960s Decade Quiz #10-55%4.3220,761
1561920s Decade Quiz0-70%4.2820,607
1571970s Decade Quiz0-60%4.0420,606
158Who Did That 1980s Song #30-59%4.3020,582
159100 Best Songs of the 2000s0-34%4.1020,155
1601900s Decade Quiz0-60%4.1520,098
1611860s Decade Quiz0-65%4.1719,705
1621950s Decade Quiz0-60%4.2419,644
1632015 Year in Review0-63%4.0419,609
1641880s Decade Quiz0-63%4.1819,585
1651890s Decade Quiz0-55%4.2019,512
166Fads of the 1970s0-65%4.1719,431
1671970s Music Trivia0-70%4.2518,679
1681980s Albums Quiz0-55%4.2618,632
169Highest Grossing 1970s Movies0-55%4.2218,040
1701870s Decade Quiz0-65%4.1717,100
171The Ronald Reagan Presidency0-59%4.2216,822
1721980s Music Trivia #10-65%4.2116,722
173Music by Year, 1950-19690-70%4.2615,708
174Michael Jackson Songs Quiz0-31%4.3215,221
1751960s Music Trivia0-60%4.3013,496
1761980s Celebrities0-55%4.1113,447
1771960s Decade Quiz #20-60%4.1613,007
178The Jimmy Carter Presidency0-70%4.2812,546
1791980s Music Trivia #20-60%4.1312,442
1801970s Movie Trivia0-65%4.2612,301
1811980s Movie Trivia #20-60%4.2712,038
1821980s Movie Co-Stars0-65%4.0710,356
1831970s American TV Trivia0-75%3.979,274
1842014 Ebola Outbreak Countries0-80%4.037,975
1852000s Oscar Best Actress Nominees0-48%4.207,759
186People Portrayed by Andy Warhol0-70%4.136,860
187Big Bang Theory Trivia0-86%3.8435,619
188Kardashian Family Members Quiz0-68%2.1916,967
189Lost Character Names Quiz0-61%3.8812,950
190SNL Recurring Characters Quiz0-47%3.9512,226
191Dexter Trivia0-61%3.6012,170
192Arrested Development Trivia Quiz0-60%3.829,531
193Star Trek Trivia0-63%3.927,594
194TV / Movie Actors Quiz0-52%4.0993,123
195Memorable American TV Characters #10-54%4.1776,866
196American TV Couples Quiz0-53%4.1470,547
197American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #20-50%4.1653,068
198American TV Theme Songs0-55%4.2349,405
199Longest-Running U.S. Sitcoms Quiz0-21%4.2147,486