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9912016-12-08Teams Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for
6922017-12-13All FIFA members
6762016-03-22London football Clubs
3472016-02-04Flower of Scotland
2782015-01-29Oldest Countries
2692015-08-13State sponsers of terrorism
2552015-12-16English football clubs
1622015-08-1210 most succsessfull Scotland football team managers
1602015-08-13countries involved in the first world war
1482015-03-08CONCACAF Gold Cup top 4 finishes
1482015-01-25African cup of nations winners
1402014-12-18FIFA Ballon d'Or and world player of the year winners since 2000
1372015-08-13Comunist countries
1362014-12-31Countries ending in AN
1302016-12-28Highest football attendences in the UK
1092014-12-17Scotish football league champions since 1890
1062015-03-08Copa America
1032016-12-29English football team endings
1022015-08-04countries with highest murder rates
1012015-01-29Scotland in the world cup
962015-01-04Scotish football teams
942016-12-08Smallest members of FIFA
812014-12-22FIFA world Cup hosting countries
742016-02-01Musicians by country
682014-12-17English football leage champions since 1889
652015-12-13Euro 2016
562015-01-12Poorest countries in the world
532015-01-24New Countries
492015-03-24OFC nations cup
482015-08-13Countries to make a world cup without progressing.
482015-12-30World cup semi-finals
462017-04-11US presidential candidates by Popular Vote
422017-01-26Worst performing World Cup Teams
422015-08-04Lowest murder rates
422014-12-17British winners of the FIFA Ballon d'Or
412014-12-25All time world cup top scorers
392017-02-142016 US Election States
362014-12-16Internation football team nicknames
352016-03-22Premier League winning towns and cities
342016-01-28Worst performing World cup teams
332016-04-20State by Biggest City and Capital
322015-01-29Countries not FIFA members
322016-01-232018 world cup qualifying
312015-03-08Asian cup
282015-08-04Countries that make a profit
282015-01-24European championship
272015-08-23World cup apearances
272015-02-27Non independand football teams
262016-01-2864 team world cup
242015-02-08Rugby world cup
242017-02-14The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.
242015-09-19Rugby World Cup 2015
242015-08-12List of States with limated recognition
232015-03-06Confederations Cup
232015-12-29Countries with wepons of mas destruction
222016-05-05Contests won by Bernie sanders
192015-08-12Female world leaders
192015-12-08Political parties
182016-12-28Sports personality of the year
172014-12-24Football stadium
172015-12-31World cup failures
162015-10-27Champions League
112015-12-17Old Football Teams
52015-02-21Small cities
42016-12-202nd Biggest Cities