Ultimate Fairy Tail Characters Quiz

Most of the answers should include the last names, and might contain spoliers.
Quiz by jotx2
Last updated: November 23, 2015
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She is the founder and the very first Guild Master of Fairy Tail.
Mavis Vermillion
He is one of the founding members of Fairy Tail and is hailed as the fourth strongest wizard saint.
Warrod Sequen
He is the second Guild Master of Fairy Tail who turned into a dark mage.
Precht Gaebolg
She is the daughter of Jude and Layla and uses Celestial Spirit Magic.
Lucy Heartfilia
She used to teach Ice Make Magic when she was alive.
Ur Milkovich
He employs Heavenly Body Magic and was once a member of the ten wizard saints.
Jellal Fernandes
He is the third Guild Master of Fairy Tail.
Makarov Dreyar
He has a dragon dad named Igneel who taught him the Dragon Slayer Magic he uses.
Natsu Dragneel
Her magic enables her to summon weapons and armors at will.
Erza Scarlet
He prays that he could be the fastest so nobody would be able to catch him.
He was the guild master of Phantom Lord.
Jose Porla
He uses Ice Make and Ice Devil Slayer Magic.
Gray Fullbuster
He is a second generation dragon slayer who has a pet snake.
She specifically studied a certain lost magic to kill her mother.
Ultear Milkovich
She was the only female member of the Element 4 before they were disbanded.
Juvia Locksar
She likes cat and looks like one.
He is regarded as the strongest human wizard in all of Fiore after time skip.
Jura Neekis
A Celestial Spirit that was previously owned by Count Everlue.
He is a Lamia Scale Wizard that uses Ice Make Magic.
Lyon Vastia
She belonged to a non-existent guild before she joined Fairy Tail.
Wendy Marvel
He was the first one to arrive in Tenrou Island to execute the plan of Grimoire Heart.
She is the strongest wizard of Sabertooth surpassing the Twin Dragons.
Minerva Orland
He pretended to be Mest during the S Class promotion trial of Fairy Tail.
He iwas the only human member of the Nine Demon Gates.
Silver Fullbuster
He is the older brother of Wally Buchanan and like him, he has sharp edges on his face too.
He was the Deputy Commander of Grimoire Heart.
Bluenote Stinger
She is not with Fairy Tail but she always treats their wounded and sick.
He left Fairy Tail to take his father's place as the King of Edolas.
She is the head waitress in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall and is often featured in Sorecerer's Weekly.
Mirajane Strauss
She was adopted by the Time Mage after destroying her town.
He is the King of the Underworld.
Mard Geer
They all thought she was dead until they found her "counterpart" in Edolas.
Lisanna Strauss
He lost some of his limbs fighting Acnologia.
Gildarts Clive
He was the last standing member of Sabertooth during the finals of Grand Magic Games X791.
Sting Eucliffe
He is responsible for blowing up the Magic Council in ERA causing massive deaths.
A Celestial Spirit that Lucy won't be able to summon anymore.
She is the etherious to which Mira took over the Macro ability.
He came from the future with a plan to control dragons that would come out of the Eclipse Gate.
Rogue Cheney
She is 13th Golden Key known as the Serpent Bearer/Snake Charmer.
He is the Dragon Slayer wizard who destroyed the first Fairy Tail Guild Hall.
Gajeel Redfox
She was raised by giants before becoming a member of a dark guild.
Flare Corona
He was corrupted by one of the Seven Kins of Purgatory, making him unable to return to the Celestial Spirit World.
He held the 6th seat when he was in the Magic Council and now owns a restaurant.
She faced Erza in the Tower of Heaven on a one on one sword fight.
She is the younger sister of Simon and a master of the style of the Unsheathed Sword.
Kagura Mikazuchi
One of the Allied forces from Blue Pegasus who uses Archive Magic.
Hibiki Lates
He faced Elfman Strauss during the Grand Magic Games X791 and lost to him despite being stronger.
Bacchus Groh
An S Class wizard of Fairy Tail who launched a game to determine who the strongest in the guild is.
Laxus Dreyar
She was a Blue Pegasus wizard and owned the Keys of Aries and Loke at one point.
Karen Lilica
If you study the beginnings of magic, it would trace back to him.
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